Saturday, April 8, 2017


 Kacey came into rescue last April-- can it be a year already?
 He was a sweet, BIG boy at 19 pounds.   More to love!
 He went to his foster home at Barbara and Ty's.
 He had not been well cared for, but he struck gold at his foster home.
 He was loved and cared for.
 Most of all, though, he loved his foster daddy.  I mean, he ADORED his foster daddy!!  He loved him so much that his foster mom and dad decided he needed to stay -- so they adopted him!
 When Ty was out of town, Kacey was down-- where was his daddy?   He really missed him!
When his daddy came home, he was overjoyed!!  It's amazing how these little ones can be so attached to one person-- a person of their choosing!   That is how it is with Kacey and his dad--and that's wonderful!!

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LadyJicky said...

Well .... that Kacey is just a DADDY'S BOY!!!! LOL

So happy for him :)