Saturday, April 22, 2017


(This isn't about Pekes, today.  It my youngest granddaughter's birthday, so I am sharing a story.)  
 It has been two years since Sugar Bit came into our lives.  
 Her brother was so excited!!   He was four years old.
 Some people may wonder-- "why does she post so many pictures of Sugar Bit?"
 I'll tell you a little story--
 Sugar Bit's Mama is my youngest daughter, Molly.  
 When Molly was five weeks ago (and my older daughter, Meghann was 3 1/2), my first husband was killed in a plane crash.
 Molly's first year was spent with a mom who was very sad most of the time.  
 I always wanted to get that first year back-- to give her more joy than she had.
 But, life doesn't usually give us that ability to have a "do-over."  
 Life moved on and I married again four years later-- to Matt.  
 He was totally Dad to our girls.  
 And we grew as a family and the girls had so much love.
 I still wished I could get that first year back to give Molly joy instead of tears.
 We had weddings of our daughters.
 Grandchildren showed up.
 We thought Beach Bit would be the last one since it did not look like any more would be arriving.
 And the, SURPRISE-- we found out another one was coming.
 Sugar Bit arrived two years ago today.
 And in Sugar Bit-- I got that "first year" back.
 I got to give all the love, every day to her.
 I was able to give her the laughter and joy that I was not able to give to Molly her first year.
 And now I've been able to do it for two years-- they live across the street, so I see them almost daily.
 It was as if, when God gave Sugar Bit to our family, He knew we were getting a chance to have that happy year-- and I was giving it to Molly's baby.
 The joy and laughter continue-- with Sugar Bit getting into adventures all the time.
 She is the most joyful child and everyone in our family adores her.   She was unexpected, a wonderful gift.
 She keeps us all entertained and loves us back immensely.
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sugar Bit!   You are a gift to all of us-- and we love you!!


LadyJicky said...

Happy Birthday to Ms Sugar Bit!!!

Kisses from your Aussie friends :) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Lost Earring said...

What a beautiful story beginning with a very tragic event in your life. Happy Birthday Sugar Bit, you are so dear and I love your stories.