Monday, April 3, 2017


 Laurie and Lyn are friends of mine who used to live in Northern Virginia and fostered for us.  They adopted, too!!   They decided to move home to Colorado.  All their Pekes had passed away and they were hoping to adopt another before they left, but none were the right fit.   They just did not know who was waiting for them in Colorado!!
Prince was owned by a hoarder-- when the hoarder could no longer "care" for the pets, they were left in the yard.   The dogs were all terrified.  They was rescued and given medical care.  Prince was afraid of people and would not let anyone touch him.   He now lives with Laurie and Lyn and Prince is a cool, snuggle bunny dog!   He has decided the new couch top is his perfect spot and he has an incredible life where he is loved and cared for as never before.   I'm so glad he has a forever home!

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LadyJicky said...

What a lovely story .... another Peke was waiting for them :)