Wednesday, April 12, 2017


 Marian, Timothy's foster mom sent me more pictures and they were so cute, I HAD to share them!
 We had no idea what his name was, so we named him Timothy-- but he wasn't responding to it.  Usually a dog will learn his new name in a few weeks-- we have no choice but to give them a name when they come to us since we rarely know what they were called.
 Well, Marian's daughter was there and she said, "He looks like a Mugsie."  Timothy started dancing on his back legs -- he seemed to recognize the name!  So, they are calling him Mugsie-- we aim to please! :-)
 Timothy/Mugsie is eating great now and getting a lot of exercise.   Marian takes him on walks in her neighborhood and he loves it.  He loves his tennis ball and takes it on walks with him.  How cute is that!   He gets along with other dogs, but we don't know about children since he is not around any in his foster home.
He is having his nasal (eye) fold surgery May 10 and then he will be ready for adoption.  If you are interested in him, please fill out our application at:  Click here: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt  This is one sweet boy!

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LadyJicky said...

He really is a beautiful pekingese Linda!!!