Friday, April 28, 2017


Sometimes, we take a dog into rescue who just needs a place to spend the rest of his life.  
Rudy was one of those.   He was immediately taken to the vet for care.
Rudy was brought to a shelter by his owners.  They said he was 15 and old, and he did not "do anything."
He has been an extremely loving boy with his foster mom Sherry (who also fostered Joyful Grace).   Sherry is so good with the older ones who need special care.
He still looks so good, even though he is going on 17 years old.
He can't hear at all-- we did ear oblation surgery on him and people were generous to help.  He recovered so well!
He met his new "brother" Lucky a few weeks ago and he welcomed him to their home.
Rudy had a ramp to get in and out of the house, but he was falling down more and more.
He has arthritis so it became increasingly hard to be comfortable.
He was still so beautiful-- but his body was 17 and we can't change that.  He also was on several heart medications and everything was done to help him.
His foster mom decided, after months of hoping he would improve, that it was time.  We both took him to his favorite vet, Dr. Courtney, and she gently let him go.  He is in no more pain now and running free with Joyful Grace and all the others Sherry has fostered as hospice dogs.  Run free now, sweet man.


LadyJicky said...

I remember dear Rudy .... the Peke that "did nothing" ..... I am so glad he found a home that loved him and cared for him.
So sad to read this today Linda.

Kam Hitchcock said...

Handsome Rudy had lovely golden years. He looks like a happy Peke in the pictures. I think he was also Lucky Rudy. Farewell.