Friday, April 14, 2017


 Rocky came into rescue with Furby and Baby Girl-- he is their son.  He's a sweet 8 year old Peke.
 Rocky is a big boy at 21 pounds!  He is not fat either.  He's just big!
 He is being fostered with a lot of Peke friends.  His foster parents are wonderful!  And busy haha.
 Look at that underbite-- oh my.
 Margaret the cat is used to all these flat-faced dogs!
 Rocky is not as flat-faced as the rest.  We took his family in, and even though his owner said he had papers and was a pure Peke, we know there's something else there.  
 Whatever it is, it's all pure sweetness!
 Rocky is very timid and needs a lot of attention-- when he first got to his foster home, he had to be held a lot-- even while his foster mom was exercising.
 He loves toys-- if they squeak, it's even better.
 Rocky has met a lot of animals at his foster home!
 Timmy says, "HELLO!!"
 Hannah says, "Welcome!"
 At the end of the day, Rocky is tired.  He loves to play with other dogs.  He loves toys.  He loves people (he's timid at first, but then he just wants to be close to you or in your lap).   He is not aggressive.  He wears a belly band since he's still being housetrained.   He's making progress!   It's no problem to put on a belly band, and most dogs learn quickly.
He's ready for sleep now-- and curled up with his person makes him feel safe and secure.  He's an adorable boy-- he would do best in a home where he has a playmate and people to love him.  He's afraid of little people (Sugar Bit terrified him), so older kids would be fine.  If you are interested in him, just email me at   You can also fill out an application at:  Click here: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt  (We require vet checks and home checks prior to meeting a pet or adopting.)

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Rocky is such a big beautiful boy!