Sunday, April 9, 2017


 Furby came into rescue with Baby Girl and Rocky.  They are both in other foster home, but right now, Furby is at my house.  He thinks Starlight's bouncy seat is great-- she is a little put out at having to share it, but that's life at my house.  
 He must like kids' things.  He saw Starlight on the little trampoline and he got on it, too!
 You can see that he has on "pants."   He is not completely house trained, but he is already improving.   Belly Bands are great!!   Sometimes, the dogs that come to us have not been given the best care.  Sometimes, they have been left outside, or just never trained.  But, they can learn- and until then, he just has several pairs of pants to choose from.
 He loves to be on the couch with me-- but yesterday, he started playing with one of the pillows.   Then, he managed to push it off the couch.  Then, he grabbed it and shook it!   And then, he just pushed it around the room.  He was having so much fun, I just let him do it.
 He is good with Sugar Bit-- he also likes her blocks, her bottle, her toys.... He was just carrying her bottle around the other day.   It was adorable-- too bad, I did not let him keep it. :-)
 He  likes directing Sugar Bit around the porch.
 Furby is 12 years old (his birthday is Dec, 2004).   He came to us three weeks ago with AWFUL skin, feet, eyes.. But, with special baths, he is improving so quickly.  He couldn't see with his one eye (the other never developed), but he has eye drops now and can see!!  
He is a sweet boy, loving, and happy.  He now has a spring and bounce to his step.  Would you like to give a sweet senior a home?  If so, just email me at    He is worth it!


LadyJicky said...

Yes, Yes , Yes .... Furby is Worth It!!!
What a lovely man he is and he loves kids and games - perfect!
I am doing my Adoption Dance for sweet Furby right now Linda!!!!!

Lost Earring said...

This is a true and beautiful story of what dedicated rescuers do. It's not easy but it sure is inspiration well worth supporting in any way one can do so.

jenny anderson said...

How do I go about adopting. I live in Ohio. My pekingnese just passed away in October. She was 17 years old.

Linda said...

Jenny Anderson-- you can go to our web site and go to on line links to fill out an application. We do home and vet checks.
I'm sorry about the loss of your Peke.