Tuesday, April 4, 2017


 Some areas of the country had a lot of snow.  My area in Virginia had a pretty mild winter, except for a few bits here and there.  Snuffles, Schmoo and Pudgie showed they were ready to sled during one of our snowstorms on the east coast.
 Snuffles kept a weather watch.
 They know winter has a limited time frame, so they are looking for the temperatures to rise.
 Schmoo is so silly-- he can watch weather changes upside down!
 This is what they want-- green grass, warm breezes.
 So, they are saying, "Good-bye winter!"   (A little peanut butter gave their dad a photo opportunity haha.)
 Schmoo and Snuffles are both pretty young and I know they love their outdoor adventures.
 Snuffles wants walks in the country, and ...
 Schmoo is ready for a walk by the water.
Pudgie says, "Go away winter!"  And we are all agreeing with him!

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LadyJicky said...

Autumn is here full time now! So winter is on its way for us. :(

What a sweet family of snowy Pekes!!!!!!