Saturday, April 8, 2017


Skipper came into rescue in 2013.   He was from a Virginia shelter and was so scared.  He had been found on the side of the highway with a name tag on that said "Skipper" but the phone number was no longer connected.  
We were told her was about 5-6, but he was probably older.   He loved his foster mom, Tiffany, and she decided to adopt him.
We foster moms can sometimes tell a dog just needs to stay and Skipper let them know he did not want to go anywhere else.   He was known to give gentle kisses to his mom and he loved her
Skipper developed eye issues and saw the specialist, but his eye did not clear up.  In preparation for possible surgery, he saw another specialist, and they found he had elevated kidney values and possible tumors.   He was not doing well, no matter how much was done to help him.
He declined further and Tiffany and Mike knew it was time.  No one could have loved this little one more.   He joins his other buddies, including his foster brother, Pete, who died a few weeks ago.  Run free now, Skipper!

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LadyJicky said...

I am so sorry to hear this Tiffany and Mike .... I remember this little one that was found on the side of the highway.
Just so sad but...... Skipper had a wonderful life in the end and I know Tiffany and Mike will be heartbroken . Hugs to you all.

*What a beautiful golden red Peke he was... so handsome!