Friday, April 21, 2017


 Mazie came into rescue in July, 2012.  She was in a Maryland shelter and needed help.
 She settled in so well that her foster mom, Dee, decided to become her forever mom.
 Mazie showed a real talent for gardening!
 She really wanted to please her mom.
 She knew her mom had worked hard on the "Mazie" garden.
 Her mommy wanted the other garden to look good, too.
 There was already a garden for Pooh and for Girl-Girl, her Pekes that went to the Rainbow Bridge.
 Mazie and her mom worked together and look at what they did.
 Look how beautiful this one is!  Mazie was very proud of her work.
 I love the flowers.
 "Mazie's Garden"-- so special.
 What she did not like is that her mommy decided she needed to be cleaned up.  Off she went to the groomer.
Mazie is a lot cooler now with all that extra hair gone.
Gardening was fun-- even if she did have to have a bath after.  Great Job, Mazie!!

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LadyJicky said...

"Oh Mazie ... girlfriend.... I did garden today but....... I had a huge bath ( I heard the word "smelly") so do not think a day in the garden is a Bath!!"

Love .... Coco .

*I see some tulips ... that means "Spring" but we are having "falling leaves" ..... winter on the way in Australia :(