Thursday, April 27, 2017


 Heroes come in furry packages, too.  Our group can take in a needy dog, but the Pekes can be so amazing as they struggle to get better-- and they don't give up!
 Furby came in with Baby Girl and Rocky.  (I still have hopes that someone will adopt Rocky with Furby-- they were such good friends.)
 Furby enjoys being with other dogs and sometimes will lay next to them or near them.
 There he is again with my Kai Kai.
 Rocky was afraid of the kids, especially Sugar Bit, but Furby takes it all in stride.
 In fact, he likes them so much, he goes to the playroom to play with their toys.
 This soft ball is one of his favorites.
 Sugar Bit does not mind if he shares with her.
 It is so much fun.
 Rolling it around, pushing it here and there.
 There are a lot of toys in my office that used to be the formal living room-- it's really used now!  It's the playroom/office!  I have a tiny bit of the room where my desk is haha.
 Furby hangs out with Sugar Bit.  Watching out the door is fun.
 Laying down, and getting...
 snuggles with Furby.
Furby even gets on her little picnic table to give her a kiss.   Furby has come so far.  He gets around so much better now.  His skin continues to heal amazingly.   He is 12 years old, and about 17 pounds (solid, but not a big dog).  He will need eye drops the rest of his life, but he can see now!   He is a little hero who was neglected, but he is determined to live a good life.   And he is doing it!

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LadyJicky said...

I am saying a little Peke Prayer that Furby gets adopted with Rocky. It should be :)

Yes ... pekingese do not give up!
Coco has many health issues but she just Rocks On ... she has Girl Power .... or I should say .... Peke Power !!!