Saturday, April 15, 2017


 Joshua came to me as a foster dog in June 2008.   He was the happiest boy.
 He and my Scooterbug (in back of him) were the best friends.  They were both good sized Pekes and they had a blast running around the house together.
 Joshua was adopted by an incredible couple and he was cherished the rest of his life.   They stayed in touch with me, and I loved knowing how Joshua was doing.
 My Scooter passed away in September of 2014, and I'm sure his happy smile welcomed Joshua to the Rainbow Bridge today.
 Joshua was like a big clown.
 He loved everyone and everything.  Well, except for this sweater.  He was not too thrilled about that his dad told me.  
Joshua was about 3-4 when I had him (but we are always guessing), so he could have been older.  HIs mom and dad gave him June 14 as his birthday.  They said they chose Flag Dag in honor of my family's military service-- I was so honored.    Today, Joshua had a heart attack and died immediately.   His parents are heartbroken, and I am aching for them.   I know my Scooterbug and my Cranberry welcomed him, and they can all run and play now.   Run sweet, sweet Joshua.  

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LadyJicky said...

I am so sad to read this.
Coco and I are thinking of you with the loss of sweet Joshua!!
What a happy boy he looks in the photo's.