Monday, April 17, 2017


 Mimi and her baby Mandy (later Mika) came to me in May of 2006.   We thought she was about 3 at the time, but it's always a guess.
 Mimi was calm and sweet-- her puppy wanted to be into everything!  :-)
 I wondered if I should keep them together, but I had a phone call from a friend's friend.  She really wanted to adopt Mimi.   We talked a lot.  I still remember that phone call.
 Abby had always had huge dogs-- you know, BIG dogs like Mastiffs and Ridgebacks.  
 No problem for tiny  Mimi!  She moved right in, never looking back.   She had her new dad wrapped around her paws!
 She loved her new home and family-- and kids came along and she loved them, too.
 Mimi was pampered and loved.  She was such  a little beauty.
 One day, the groomer gave her special highlights!
 Mimi ruled the house and all those big dogs listened to her.  She was the size of their heads, but they just knew she was the boss.  Here were some of her buddies-- can you see who was queen!   Mimi!
Mimi went over the Rainbow Bridge today-- she had battled dimentia for awhile, and her mom and dad did all they could for her, but it was time.   She was loved immensely.   She had the perfect home  and she had a wonderful life.  Run free now, sweet girl.


Tdog said...

She'll be missed! She won our hearts and opened the door for Ginny in our home, another Peke rescue!

Kay Seaton said...

We are so sorry. We always remember her pink highlights as they represented the pampered life you provided her.

LadyJicky said...

I remember that photo of Mimi on the dog bed with all those HUGE dogs making sure they do not get in HER WAY!!!

Its a "classic" photo Linda - makes me laugh for that is PURE Pekingese there!!! LOL

I was so sad to read this when I turned on the computer this morning.

Coco and I are sending prayers to her family for she will be so missed.