Monday, September 27, 2021


Maxine was a beautiful little girl when we got her into rescue in 2015.  
She was about 3 years old, we think.  Here is one of her friends.  
She was so loving and sweet.   
She had a stroke and didn't recover from it.  Strokes are not common in dogs, but my Kai Kai had one, too.   The results can be so difficult.
Maxine was loved deeply and her mom misses her so much.   
Run free, sweet Maxine.  💜



Precious Bogie came into rescue last October with Sissy and four others.   I had them all at my house temporarily and then they went to foster homes.    Bogie and Sissy stayed here.
Sissy and Bogie were adopted together and returned two weeks later.   I wasn't sure why-- it just wasn't a good fit.   (They said Sissy looked out the window for me to return-- for the entire time she was there.)
They had been part of a large group of dogs living inside a home and the owner died.  They had not been outside.  They were medical, needing care.  (Sissy is still dealing with ear issues.)
People told me Bogie had a "sad face."  But, all of that group had that look-- a sad face, but they were happy!  
Sad eyes-- but happy boy!  I kissed his face so often-- and he let me.  (I don't recommend this with all dogs-- some aren't a fan.)
Bogie was here for 11 months total.    He was the most joyful dog I've ever had here.  
He loved everyone!!  
It was his job to help with virtual school last year.  
The other kids loved it!
He played and played and played.
So, don't let the sad eyes fool you.   It's not his personality.  
There's that happy look!
Sissy and Bogie played a lot.  But, over time, she was getting tired of it.  They were attached, but I wondered if they would be okay apart.
Yes, they sometimes slept together.  
But, they both curled up with other dogs, too.
Bogie was often part of this trio.
Watching out doors....
and windows.
It was a job he could do himself.  
Or with a friend.
He loved sharing beds.
He even started to get along with Paddington-- both are more bossy with other males.   
Bogie is so young.  I'm not.  I thought he deserved a younger family.  A family he could grown old with.   
So, silly Bogie did a trial visit to see how he would do-- and how Sissy would do.   
And guess what-- they both did fine.   Sissy has eyes for me.  She is older and sleeps by my head and now Bogie sleeps with his new mom and dad.   
I made a cup so I still can have my morning coffee with both of them.   Letting Bogie go was not easy.  I thought about it and ached over it and hurt over making a decision about him.   If any dog could be happy in another home, it's Bogie.  He LOVES people.   When he got there, he was running around greeting them-- "You're my new best friend."   If Bogie had not had a wonderful trial visit, he would have come back to me.   I have a lot of dogs here-- my goal is for them to be adopted if they can.  And Bogie was a perfect candidate for a new home-- happy, loving, easy.   They are going to work on his housetraining.   He came a long way here, and they will continue that process.   
Bogie is doing great (forget the sad eyes!).   They are so in love with him.  They are the family I could have let him go to because of so many things.  They've adopted before and have been incredible.   They were wiling to continue to work with him, knowing his "faults."   They had Sugar, a PVPC alumni that he hoped to become friends with-- and little by little, they are.  Bogie will win her over, I'm sure.  

Was it hard to let him go?  You bet.  I kissed him 1000 times before he left.  Just ask his new mom.  But, it what we do in rescue.  We try to find them forever homes.  And don't worry about Sissy.  You'll see more of her story later.  She will be just fine!
(Please refrain from making any comments that show you may not agree with my decision here. 
 It was not easy-- and made only with love for Bogie.)

Sunday, September 26, 2021


See this precious face.  Agnes got lost two months ago. She was microchipped with all her current information.  She was found by someone.  But, instead the finder just kept her.  They didn’t try to find where she belonged.   Two months later, they took her to the shelter.  We were called to help her.  Of course we would.   But, when they checked her microchip, it did not match the name of the person who found her.   Her owner was contacted, and overjoyed.   They came to get her.  Joy!!

If you find a dog, call the shelter   Have the dog scanned for a microchip   Just because a dog is lost does not mean their owner isn’t looking for them so, be kind and be considerate   Do what is right to find the owner   Little Agnes could have been home two months ago    I know she will have a HAPPY SUNDAY!  

Please keep a name tag on your dog all the time.  Mine have harnesses on w all their information. (If Agnes needs us later, we are ready to help her.)  

Saturday, September 25, 2021


Tuk Tuk is so cute and full of himself.  But, at 7 months old, it was time to be neutered.  Bummer.
I took him to the vet on Thursday.  He needed stenotic nares surgery, he had a hernia and he needed to be neutered.  Yes, it was all done.  
Oh, the drama.  He was so itchy.  Darn cone.   He can't get at his stitches.  
He is still energetic so he's walked on a leash.   He wants to run and play.  But, that's not a good idea right now.   He just needs healing time.
And now Tuk Tuk, you are officially a PVPC alumni.  It's a great group!!  💙

Friday, September 24, 2021


Trixie was in the vet for 21/2 days. 
She was sick— throwing up and diarrhea.   She was a sick little girl. 
She also had a temperature.  She had an IV and meds to help her. 
I got daily reports.  Her blood levels were off and we were very concerned.  But, yesterday, thet were great!  They dressed her up to celebrate!   Thanks, Alexis and Dr. Meador who took such good care of her.  
Others were helping her, too, and I want to thank them all.  You’re the best. 
She went back to her foster home today.  Princeton (a PVPC alumni) was there, too.  
We hope things continue to improve for precious Trixie.   Thank you to all of you who cheered her on!  

Thursday, September 23, 2021


Most people are done with beach vacations, but not Murphy and Ming.    
Their mom and dad took them to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with them and they've been there this week.  
They traveled there like pros.  
They saw the signs and were almost there!!  (The Outer Banks isn't that far from me, but I rarely go.  That's because the beach here is only about 20 minutes from me.) 
They saw a beautiful full moon there.  There's something so soothing about beach waves and sand.  And once Labor Day is past, the crowds are not there and the beach is yours.  It's awesome.
Murphy and Ming are loving their beach vacation.  More pictures coming!