Thursday, November 14, 2019


Can you handle another Stewart blog?
I hope so.  Last night, he decided he did NOT want to be in the dining room by himself.  He let me know!
So, I put Paddington in a different area-- because, you know, BAD PAD. LOL
Stewart found Kai Kai and rolled around in the bed with him for awhile. 
Then, he ventured on-- to the gate that Paddington was BEHIND.   Paddington let Stewart know he wasn't happy.   Stewart didn't see him, so he wasn't phased.  😆
Then, I thought, there he is, next to Max.  Whoops, that's Minnie.
We went outside and then back inside.
And he rolled around with Kai Kai again.
...and again.
...and again... And then he wandered off.  And I could NOT find him!  I looked all over downstairs once.  Then, I did it again.  I called my husband-- I can't find Stewart.  I knew he was in the house, but I began to panic.  Where was he??!!    We looked behind doors, under furniture, and we looked in the bathrooms.  NO STEWART.   
I had let Paddington upstairs and closed the gate, but I went up the steps anyway. 
And there he was.  He had gone all the way up the stairs, and didn't fall back down.  And he found a bed, and was curled up-- sound asleep.  My heart quit beating so fast.  He was safe.  But, I was a mess.   Stewart is just amazing.  He surprises me every day.  His blindness-- and mostly deafness-- doesn't get in his way a bit!  He is truly a Peke with a zest for life.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Bugsy came into rescue last year when his owner had serious life issues.   He needed help with his old Peke and we said yes. 
Bugsy had so many health issues.  His eyes were a mess, but with care and meds, his eyes healed.  Treating dry eye is SO important.
He was matted when he came in, so one of our vet tech had "too much fun" trimming him down.  LOL  He was so good with all of it.
He had arthritis, had trouble getting around, but he loved his foster family.  Nikki took incredible care of him.
He was good at the vet and we did all he needed.
He loved his fireplace.   It made his bones feel good.
He could sit up for treats if he was determined.
He was able to celebrate Christmas last year with lots of love and doggy brothers.
Bugsy began to have more issues and we knew his time was getting short.    It's never easy to admit that -- because even if "they are foster dogs" we love them like our own.  And Nikki and Greg did that.
Bugsy was happy with them, but he began to decline.  They took him to the vet hoping there was more that could be done, but an xray showed a lot going on-- he probably had liver cancer, and there was just nothing that could be done.   He was let go with them there, loving him to the end.
So, Bugsy, you run free now-- your foster family misses you so much.  But, in your honor, they will foster another.  It's the legacy you left-- and their hearts can just grow to love another.   You were loved.  💙


 Little Stewart has been here almost a week.  He is special.
You can see he has no eyes.   We don't know how long he's been blind. 
His horrible belly is healing.   I'm putting drops in his ears for an infection.  And he is doing better.   He loves his Salmon and Potato diet.  He loves to be held and turns his head a little when I clap or talk loud.  You see, he's also mostly deaf. 
But, he's happy.   So, there is no chance of putting him down just because "he's special."   Piper is intrigued by him.   Piper is such a good boy.
Stewart has realized a little that he is safe now.  He's clean, fed, loved.... And he's rolling around in his bed.  He's blurry here because he was happy and moving.
So, roll away sweet little man.   Stewart is 9 years old (we have his birthday, July, 2010).   He likes to walk on a leash, and he will wander all over my fenced yard.  He's a good boy-- 💙❤️

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Prince came into rescue in 2016.  He was in rough shape when we got him, but Kim was wonderful.
He was terrified when we got him-- we wish they could talk to us and tell us what happened. 
With Kim's love, he began to heal and recover emotionally.
The day he drank water on his own was cause for celebration!   He began to eat a little.  As foster moms, we often get those who are so critical.  Moment by moment, we monitor their care and hope they rally.   Prince did.
Prince began to be more comfortable, but his recovery took a long time.  Kim was diligent. 
After a long time having medical care, Kim decided Prince should stay with her and she adopted him.    It was the best day for Prince.
He was loved for over three years with her.   He left her recently and took part of her heart with him-- he left loved, cared for and protected.  Run free now, little one.  💙


Precious Pop came into rescue in 2012 with her brother, Beau-Bob. 
They both went to Kay and Claretta's for fostering, and they ended up staying there.   Who wouldn't fall in love with them.
Pop was formerly Lolli-Pop, but it changed since she popped all over the place.  She was so happy.
Beau-Bob and Pop were found wandering down the street and taken to a shelter near me.  Look at his face!   Could you resist it?
They were both sweet and I was so glad to get them. 
They were bonded-- I love this picture.
We weren't sure how old they were, but they were given a "birthday" and they celebrated every year.
Here are Pop, Beau Bob and Domino.   All three are now together again, where they can run and play and have joy. 
I know Pop was glad to see her brothers. 
Pop had skin issues, seizures, and other trauma that she had been through, but she was cherished the rest of her life.  She was doing great, and had recently had bloodwork that was perfect.   She had played that day, but all of a sudden, she began to hemorrhage and was gone in less than an hour.  The vet could not find what had happened.  Sometimes, we just never know.  That's hard, but it can happen.
I know Beau-Bob was there to meet Pop when she crossed the bridge.  I'm sure they barked and jumped and played as they saw each other.   
Pop is so missed-- but what a life of love she had.  She could not have had a better or more loving home.   She was a very special girl.  We miss you, sweet one. 💜 

Monday, November 11, 2019


 My first blog was November 26, 2008.   Starlight and Scooterbug were begging for a treat.  I didn't do them daily for a long time, but here was the beginning blog.
 Must Love Pekes: The Coffeetable and Pekes
 My Cranberry and Scooterbug were my Pekes when I began rescue, but our home soon welcomed so many.   I quit counting.
 Some came and stayed-- like Starlight, for the rest of her life.  She just refused to leave us.  She chose us.  We were so lucky.
 I've had blind ones and deaf ones.  Benjamin was blind, but he learned his way around my house.   He even remembered the lay out when he came back to visit.  Oh, he was so loved-- and so missed now.
 Buffy was a special one who came from our of state for her safety.  What a ride-- and now she is cherished in N. Virginia. 
 I've also had grandchildren.  My first grandchild was born the month I began rescue-- May of 2003.   Can it be that long!?  You've all followed the Bits in my blogs.
 I have acquired so many things that I use in rescue.  These playpens are awesome for recovering dogs.  And time out zones, and eating areas....  Paddington has used them when he's bad. 😆
 We sometimes get dogs who don't make it-- but they leave their mark on our hearts and we gently let them go while being held if their condition is too severe.  Thank goodness, this is rare.
 Some rescues come and stay-- like Paddington.  Bad Pad. 
 His brother, Piper, stayed too.  My whole family voted to keep them.  (And yes, I paid their full adoption fee.   I don't ever want anyone to think I get "dogs for free" because I'm their foster mom.") 
 Sophie was a little blind girl I had who lives in Richmond with her mom.  Blind dogs just see with their hearts-- and make such loving pets.💜
 Little Stewart has no eyes-- we don't know what happened.  He is underweight and has an ear infection.  But, he is getting the care he needs.   This face!!
Yogi is one of our newest--  He was so critical that we weren't sure he was going to make it.  Pneumonia can take them fast.  His foster dad hand fed him, carried him, help him take medicine until after six days, he began to heal.   Yes, he has turned a corner and we're so glad. 

If you have fostered for us, please post a picture of one or more of your fosters in the comments.  We can't do this work without you.   Foster homes are the heart of rescue.  People willing to take a Peke in need, love them, care for them--you are the reason we can save them.  And for those who donate to us, you are also the reason we can do this.   We can spend thousands in a month on medical care.  Rescue is a family-- and so many of you are part of it.  So, THANK YOU!!!   And on to saving more!!!