Friday, April 12, 2024


Snow Pea had antibiotic eye meds from the shelter.  Her eyes were still goopy (scientific term 😁) so we had them checked.  The ophthalmologist fit us in.  Her eyes are doing better and we’ll use a lubricating eye gel that I use on Cinnamon. 
While we were there, I noticed a few boards were covering the full length window.  Was it broken?  
Nope. A mama goose had built her nest right next to the window.  It was driving the dog patients crazy.  And mama was pecking the window in irritation.  She wasn’t pleased that I was taking pictures of her either.  
Snow Pea is so sweet.  She decided she would give Matt an adoring look to try to get his food. 
“It’s not working!”  😫. I had to trim her bangs.  I can’t get those tiny rubber bands in to hold her hair back.  
She is so smart too. 
She watched the others and learned to go in the doggy flap to the porch.  

We think she is 12-13.  She’s still limping a little.  She more active and probably needs to let her leg rest.  She will be spayed and have a dental and be ready to enchant a new family.  She’s a love. 😍
PS- she’s house-trained too! 

Thursday, April 11, 2024


When Cinnamon came to our home from the shelter, I had no idea how Paddington would feel about it. 
You all know about Paddington. 
His nickname is Bad Pad.  
He can be a “bit” ornery at times. 
But for some reason, he took Cinnamon under his wing. 
He wasn’t thrilled when Snow Pea arrived.  And she’s extremely docile.  But w Cinnamon, he’s amazing. 
He seems to know she needs a dog to guide her around and he’s become her seeing eye dog. 
I’m so surprised!  
They are often like this—together!  
If she’s outside w out him, she will just sit.  
I’m astonished by his behavior.  I may have to change his nickname to Good Pad!  🥰

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


Peppermint “Pepper” was adopted by her foster parents. 

But we know she’s a daddy’s girl.  
She had her own sling. 
Snuggling w daddy is the best. 
Does her mom get equal time?   Um….
I think she definitely has her daddy wrapped around her paws. 
Yes Pepper loves her home. 🥰

Tuesday, April 9, 2024



Ren was all ready for the solar eclipse. 
Her sister Mei Mei joined her, hoping to see something spectacular. 
In Richmond, he had his glasses on, too. All set!
Northern Virginia had a better view.  It wasn’t cloudy and there was more coverage. 
This in West Virginia where the WV6 were found, they were closer to the path of totality.  They had a lot covered. 

Retha said, “We only got a partial eclipse here in central Florida. But we got a pretty good photo of it!“.  lol
Ohio was in the path of totality.  
Here in coastal Virginia, there was a lot of cloud covering. 
So it was kind of a bust.  Pretty but not much eclipse. 
Apparently Piper in Ohio was not impressed by a total eclipse!😆. Piper is a PVPC alumni.  He’s getting a new PVPC sister tomorrow. Ember is being adopted. 🥰. His mom and dad have adopted PVPC Pekes for many years. 

Snow Pea wasn’t excited about any of it.  We’ll enjoy other people’s pictures. ☀️🌞

Monday, April 8, 2024


I got Snow Pea out of the vet yesterday.   She has a cone on as her skin heals.  
I brought her home and everyone had to welcome her.  
Even Paddington got face to face.  Wow.  
Snow Pea's harness is too big.   I'll have to try another one.  
She explored the house.  
And then she decided she would watch me.  
She tried out some beds.
She liked this one and settled right down for a nap.  
She was sound asleep.   I think she felt safe.   She will be spayed and have a dental next.   For now, she knows she has a loving place to be.  Welcome to your foster home Snow Pea.  

Sunday, April 7, 2024


 Tolstoy heard there's a solar eclipse coming.   He doesn't seem to be too concerned.  

There are many opinions on dogs and the eclipse.   Some say dogs should be kept inside.  Especially albino dogs.  Some say it won't affect dogs at all.   Some say dogs will be nervous.   If you react to the eclipse, your dog will pick up on your emotions and react to THOSE.    I am personally going to keep my dogs inside.  I'm not going to risk them being out when the eclipse is happening.    Paddington might just attempt to figure out what's going on.  LOL   

 I saw this poster, so I will share this. 

Ultimately, you know your dog.   I would keep mine indoors.  We just need to watch out dogs, keep them safe and help them stay calm if you notice signs of stress.    And don't look at the sun yourself.  It's good to stay safe.  

Saturday, April 6, 2024


I received a text from a shelter near me.  There was an inured “Pekingese” there. Could we help? 
When they sent the picture, I saw it wasn’t a Peke.  But it was a close relative. (I’ll keep telling myself that.) . So I messaged some of the board members.  There were no other groups who could take her.   This little 12 pounder had a serious leg injury and the shelter vet was doing all she could.  
I had texted my vet and she said to bring her as soon as I got her. After an exam, they bathed and shaved all the awful mats off her.  Then a bath.  (That’s not dirt- it’s just stain in the sink,)
Flea dirt and months or years of dirt were gone.  Then I drove her to the main clinic for medical boarding.) 
Snow Pea is receiving laser wound treatment.  Here she is.  All ready!  They all wear doggles to protect eyes during the treatment.  She was so good. 
I’ll be picking her up soon. She’s healing nicely. 
I’ll have more information soon.  She’s going to continue getting care and then will be available.   Welcome to a new life Snow Pea. 🩷