Saturday, May 28, 2022


Bridget came into rescue 4 1/2 years ago.  
She was in Baltimore.  (I remind transporters to bring water along.  Dogs are stressed and thirsty.)
Alisa picked her up. 
Then Sharon met Alisa.  Chip met Sharon and Rita met Chip to bring her to me.   I love our volunteers! 
Bridget was a big girl at 21 pounds. 
She was adopted and is 18 years old now.  She’s definitely a senior but so many of us adore these older ones!  
Bridget’s mom Elaine is one of them.  
Bridget is so well cared for.  She’s a perfect fit.  
I think Bridget will take it easy this weekend.  A nap sounds perfect! 

Friday, May 27, 2022


I told you we had two of our grandkids full time while our daughter was teaching near Cape Town, S Africa. 
She loves it there.   But, we’re glad she arrived home safely.  It took a few extra days but she’s home. 
So what did I do last night.   I sat on the porch w Zoey.  
I had to share a few pictures.  My grandson ran to see her after school.  He was so excited!!
And Sugar Bit was close behind!  
After they left, it was so quiet.  Callie was back out in the yard. The rain finally stopped. 
Sissy was zonked out on the porch. 
Piper was making sure no intruders were close by. 
And I just sat on the porch to read and have some tea.   I love all five grandkids so much   They are my heart   But, a little quiet will be okay too ❤️


Thursday, May 26, 2022


I loved the pictures you shared of Joy Givers in your lives.  My Scooterbug and Cranberry were part of our lives when we began rescue.  Scooterbug loved the fosters but Cranberry just wanted them to leave. 
Kai Kai was my beautiful best Joy Giver. ❤️
Of course, my grandchildren give me tremendous joy.  
They are so much fun! 
My daughters were my original Joy Givers. 
All grown up and still give so much love and joy. 

Lizzie and.. 
And Elwood give Chip and Robin and lot of joy.  Lizzie and Elwood are PVPC alumni. 
Willie was one of Susanna’s Pekes.  He went to the Rainbow Bridge. 
And then she adopted Applesauce.  Such a sweet boy.  
Fu-Yang was another Joy Giver to Susanna. 
Catherine joined Tricia’s family after Sophie passed away.  She fills a big hole that was there after Sophie left. 
The Yodi gang.  Wait— who is missing? 🤣
Mollie and Nana are part of Amee’s sweet group.  
Jules and Pearl were both from PVPC.  Their joyful presence is very missed.  
Joy Givers are wonderful to have in our lives.  Just running my hand through their hair can be so calming.  And waking at night w one beside me is so seeet.  What would we do without them. 🥰


Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Do you have a Joy Giver in your life?   Is it a person? Is it a dog?   
Or both?  
Ginger Snap and Lucy Lu are Joy Givers to their mom and dad. 
Biscuit gives so much joy to his family.  He especially loves his girl.   
Gidget is a Joy Giver.  Even when she’s screaming.   How can one 12 pound dog make so much noise. 
Some people loves places— I do, too.  And some give great joy.  
But there’s something about a small, living, breathing pup that gives incredible joy. 
And some of us have more then one… or two… or more.  
The Joy Givers come in many colors. 
Some are loners and some love a companion.   
These Joy Givers sometimes live 14 years or more. 
Some Joy Givers aren’t even Pekingese.   Imagine!  
Some joy Givers remain in our hearts even when they are gone.  We remember their antics and funny personalities.  
Some Joy Givers look to us to help them.  
Some learn to trust us. 
Some look alike.  
Some Joy Givers hog the bed and make us laugh. 
Some play hide and seek. 
Do you have a Joy Giver in your life now or in the past?  Share their pictures.  Bring joy to us by sharing YOUR joy w us.