Saturday, September 21, 2019


Ming and his sister Fushi had quite a history before they came into rescue. 
Their owner had died, a relative took them and then dumped them out on a highway.   But, somehow, miraculously, they came to us. 
Ming and his sister are the sweetest pair!
How could you just not love this face.
They were adopted to an incredible home in Maryland.
They are living the wonderful life there.  They helped heal their new momma's heart.
Her beautiful girl, Diva, passed away in February from kidney disease. 
Ming and Fushi are spoiled and loved there.
And that's just what we want for every foster dog we have.   I know we have pretty high standards for who gets to adopt our fosters.  Stories like Ming and Fushi's make it all worth while!  They are going on vacation today with their mom and dad.  I can't wait to see pictures of them at the beach!! 

Friday, September 20, 2019


Furby came into rescue with his son and mate, BG (Baby Girl aka Bad Girl...).  BG had health issues and went to live as a forever foster in one of our great foster homes.
We were told that Rocky was the son of both Furby and BG, but I'm not sure how that could be true.  He has a totally different look.  He's ADORABLE!! 
Furby was in more serious condition, but was glad to reunited with his son after time with me, healing. 
Furby was about 12 when he came into rescue, and he's now 14+.
Rocky is 11 now, I think. 
They were both adopted and then returned-- the new owner said they marked all over, but we haven't seen that since they were returned.  Sometimes, it's just not the right fit.
Furby was diagnosed with cancer on his leg, so we know his time is limited.  But, if he's like my Max, "limited" means nothing.
He does really well.
He had some issues this past week, but with some extra meds, he is doing well again.   He gets around, but does sometimes favor that leg.
Furby is "medical hold" but his foster parents decided that Rocky would need to remain with them, even after Furby passes on.   Rocky loves it there, and he loves all his doggy friends.  Rocky is one of the sweetest dogs I've met.
We don't know how long Furby has.  The vets said once the cancer begins to spread, it will be fast.  But, like with my Max, it's "NOT TODAY."   He's a sweet dog and we are glad they all ended up in rescue where they could be cared for.  Thank you to all of you who help us to make this care possible!! 

Thursday, September 19, 2019


 Little Bit aka Bitty came to Virginia Beach to see the ophthalmologist here. 
 He has very dense cataracts.
 He wasn't sure where he was and not too sure who was near him.
 The vet tech held him securely so Dr. Nadelstein could check his eyes.  Dr. Nadelstein is amazing.  Not only does he do amazing eye surgery on dogs-- but he also writes comedy!
(see his bio below)
 Dr. Nadelstein and his associates have done surgery on or treated quite a few of our foster dogs  (and some of my own dogs).
 Bitty had to be sedated lightly so he wouldn't be afraid-- or nippy. 
 He relaxed right into his foster mom's shoulder as we waited for the tests.
 He had to have an electroretinogram to show the level of retina function.   After doing this, Dr. Nadelstein told us that Bitty's retinas are "functioning significantly below normal, and vision would not be improved after cataract surgery."  It was not the news we were hoping for. 
 Bitty will have eye drops to reduce inflammation which is secondary to cataracts.
 Since he was so calm (LOL), his foster dad was able to finish getting the knots off his feet and ears.  And the tech even trimmed his nails for us.   We have to take advantage of calm moments!!  😃
He was pretty drowsy, but they stopped at my house on the way back to Richmond and I loaned them a halo for Bitty to wear to help him get around easier.   I hope it works.   Bitty may not be able to see, but he has great capacity to be loved.   We are looking for a forever home for him.   He deserves it.
Here is his bio from his Office Site:  

Brad Nadelstein DVM, DACVO   (Chesapeake, Virginia Beach)
Dr. Brad Nadelstein graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993.  After participating in a one year rotating internship at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, he returned to North Carolina State and completed his residency training in ophthalmology.  After several years of practicing in Florida, Dr. Nadelstein moved to Hampton Roads and opened Animal Eye Care in 1997.  For the last 20 years he has enthusiastically provided specialty ophthalmology care to the pets of southeastern Virginia.  In his effort to provide the best in ophthalmic care, he underwent post-residency training in vitreoretinal surgery, and is currently one of approximately 5 veterinary ophthalmologists in the country performing pars plana vitrectomy and retinal reattachment surgery.  Along with practicing ophthalmology, he has served as the primary mentor for the highly successful Animal Eye Care Associates veterinary ophthalmology residency program, training multiple successful residents over the past 15 years. Dr. Nadelstein’s professional society memberships include the ACVO and ACVO Vitreous Society, as well as the Vision for Animals Foundation, for which he has served as the foundation’s president for 9 years. He loves making animals see again and relieving their eye pain. In his time away from work, Dr. Nadelstein enjoys sailing, tennis, fishing, camping and running.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Little Bit came into rescue after his owner died.  He was in a shelter on the eastern shore of Maryland. 
He is so sweet.  He loves to be held or to be near you.
Did you say tummy rubs?
Little Bit aka Bitty has dense cataracts.   
We want to know if there is a possibility of him seeing again.
Giving sight is an awesome thing.   
It hasn't effected his personality.  He is fine, but wouldn't it be great if we could help him.
The Richmond ophthalmologist couldn't fit him in for two months. 
But, the ones in my area (two hours away from his foster home) can fit him in TODAY.
So, he is coming to my area so that Dr. Nadelstein can evaluate him.   Dr. Nadelstein is amazing.  People bring their dogs to him from all over the country.   I was there one day when a dog had flown in with his owner from Puerto Rico to see Dr. Nadelstein.
I'll let you know what happens.   If we can't help Little Bit, at least we tried, but if we can, I'll let you know!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


 Snuffy was turned into a shelter near me.  They always call if they get a Peke-- and I'm so grateful! 
 Snuffy is about ten years old, and SO SWEET.   
 He was very good at the vet and is about 17 pounds-- not small, but not huge either.   He loved EVERYONE at the vet and had to greet each person and dog he saw.  He wore a belly band at first, but now seems to be housetrained.
 He is being fostered with Tinsley-- Tinsley came into rescue in 2012 as a young dog who was chained outside in Roanoke, VA all year long.   He had some trust issues, but his foster mom kept him.  He's a beauty!
 Tinsley isn't know for getting along with new dogs -- but...
Sweet, not-alpha Snuffy was welcomed by Tinsley-- so much so that when Snuffy curled up with Tinsley, he didn't mind a bit.  Snuffy won't last long in rescue!!   Welcome, sweet boy!

Monday, September 16, 2019


 Mojo, with his beautiful color belly band, is visiting Fiona and Magnolia and Scout.  His foster mom was out of town. 
 Wyatt sent me his picture to show me how well he is doing.    Look at his skin-- and that sweet face! 
 My Kai Kai was keeping me company as I pondered the season of life we are in right now.   It's busy.
 Along with being part of our rescue and our board that makes the decisions, I have a granddaughter with a lot of health issues.   Some days are spent going non-stop and I will always be available for that sweet child and my daughter as they walk this journey to find health for Sugar Bit.   She has had seizures and stopped breathing, so it's a critical time for us.   She is only four years old. 
I share this to let you know that some days, I may be late (or absent) on a blog.   I may not post as many pictures on facebook.  I may not respond as quickly as I usually do.   But, I'm here, and will do what I can to help the Pekes who need us.  Thank you for your patience as we go along this path.   You are all so supportive and I appreciate you so much!