Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Bogie is a happy, silly boy.  He LOVES to play with Sissy.  It's constant, rough and tumble.  He will play with other dogs, too.
They have this dog house.  It had a heated pad in it, but that's gone since Bogie thought it was a chew toy.  Nope.  I don't want him to hurt himself even if it wasn't plugged in.  
Sometimes, they both try to get into it at the same time-- and then all kinds of noise comes out of it.  
"Are you in there, Sissy?"  
He goes in and then he comes out.   It's big enough to turn around, but two dogs in there is a little crowded.
After a play session, he takes a rest on his big banana.   He's such a silly boy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Rascal came into rescue with Zoey.  They lived in the same house, but weren't attached to each other.
Rascal came to visit the other day (we had mask on and were six feet apart) and I brought Zoey out.  
They were not even remotely interested in each other.  
They didn't act like they had ever known each other.  Strange.  
So, my gut instinct was that they didn't have to stay together and I guess I was right.   "Who is that?!"  
Rascal's new sister joined us.  She is so adorable and friendly.  She was saved by Toni and she kept her. 
Rascal had just been groomed and looked wonderful. 
He loves Toni and is doing so well with her.  He totally ignored me.  🤣
It was time to go and little Abigail said good-bye.  She is just adorable. 
I’m so glad you came to visit Rascal!  
And I’m happy you found your forever home!! 

Monday, January 18, 2021


Hugo lives in New York and his family fell on rough times, like so many others have been going through.  
Gus, my friend Susan's dog, had passed away in October of 2019.  I've been looking for a dog for her since then.  We had one, but Susan saw how much his foster family loved him and wanted them to keep him.   
Then, Susan heard of Hugo.  His family needed a new home for him, and Susan adopted him.  
He wasn't what she thought of having-- he was young.  She thought of an older one, but Hugo was just about dropped in her lap-- unplanned but perfect timing.
He is adjusting so well to his new home with her.  He's fitting right in.
He was trying out a pink shirt today. LOL  PINK?   He wanted to wear it proudly.  Men can wear pink!  
No, I'm not making fun of him, well, maybe a little.  He's just so cute!
Sometimes, we think we know what kind of dog we want-- old, young, perfect or not perfect.  But, sometimes, life has another plan for us.  And Hugo was part of the plan for Susan.  I'm so glad for them both! Hugo is now an honorary member of our PVPC family.   Welcome!!

Sunday, January 17, 2021


Dickson has battled skin issues for the year he’s been in rescue.  He’s an older, laid back boy who just wants to be loved.  He is on a special diet now and his skin is so much better.  
His big smile says HAPPY SUNDAY! ❤️  

Saturday, January 16, 2021


Daisy had her first heartworm treatment the end of December. 
She is doing well and is so happy.  
She is relaxed and loves her foster family.  She is absolutely adored. 
When a dog is heartworm positive, they are still on heartworm preventative while going through treatment.  But, it must be a specific one.  Heart guard (Iverheart) is safe. 
Daisy has her own bed and a special blanket.  She is even tucked in every night and she will let them know if they forget. ❤️
Giving monthly heartworm treatment would have meant she didn’t have to go through this.   Her last treatment will be an overnight treatment the end of January.  Then, she has to be kept quiet another month and be rechecked.   She is being catered to and loved.   Its the best life she’s ever had. 💖

Friday, January 15, 2021


Elwood came into rescue in 2014.  He was a little beauty. 
Elwood is the reason I met Moe. 
When I took Elwood to Richmond to be adopted, I was greeted by Moe. 
When I got there, Elwood and Moe immediately began to play. 
It was as if they had known each other forever.  
Elwood was perfect for them. 
He settled right in. 
And then Lizzie joined the pack.  
Moe charmed me from the beginning. I love his face. 
Lizzie joined the boys and was a little tornado of energy. 
She is not big but her personality is.   
She’s usually in motion playing.  
Moe loves her. 
He’s ready for a sneak attack.  It could happen anytime from Lizzie. 
Moe is his dad’s buddy and faithful friend.  
He guards the house and keeps a watch for strange things- like squirrels or UPS trucks. 
He loves his toys. 
But, the most important thing is that he loves his dad.  
I think Moe is awesome. 😀