Thursday, December 8, 2022


Pogie is a beautiful 5 year old Peke.  He just had a birthday-- on Halloween!  πŸŽ‚
His owner contacted us to see if we could take him into rescue.   She couldn't take care of him anymore.
We picked him up and he wasn't too sure about everything.
He rode well in the car.  
Change is stressful, but he realized he was safe.
He's just a sweetheart.   
He has fit right into his foster home.   He used to wear diapers because his owner wasn't able to take him out a lot.   But, he's doing great on housetraining and going outside.   He's a very good boy.
His vet check was great.   He's in really good health.    Welcome to rescue, Pogie!!  

Wednesday, December 7, 2022


I repost this each year.  Zoey decided to check to see if I had out snow on the tree πŸŽ„❄️
I did. 

Each year I post a blog on the Christmas snow I make-- my mom made it, my grandmother made it, sometimes, my daughters make it.    

 I hang all the ornaments on the tree-- old ones, new ones.  Most have a memory with them.  I love that.
 First, I shave Ivory soap (it has to be Ivory-- others just don't work) with a cheese grater.  (And don't use liquid ivory-- it will look great, but then in the morning, it will be gone.  Trust me, I tried this one year.)
 Add a little very hot water and beat it with a hand mixer.  When I was a child, we used a hand beater-- and we took turns over and over until it was the right meringue like consistency.
 The limbs of the tree become transformed as the snow is added.
 At night, with just the tree lights on, it looks like snow has fallen on the tree.
 It's easier to use a small spatula to spread it.   If you have a live tree, the branches can be prickly.
 The spatula can also go further into the branches.
 If a little snow gets on the ornaments, no problem.
 They kept working.
 I will probably add a few more layers.
And then, the fence goes up since   I love the snow on the tree.  If you try this, share your pictures with me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Susie and Nicky went to see Santa-- but what did they get?
The GRINCH!   Oh, No!   Schmoo joined them.  What are you looking for?
I guess Nicky took off.   I would, too!
Schmoo is checking out the Grinch.   He has on Santa's hat.  But, he has a green body.  I bet he smells funny, too.
Maybe it's time they both left.
Good plan!  Out into the snow.   Is that better Susie?   Looks more normal than a green Grinch!
Schmoo-- you look calmer, too.   Good exit!  

Monday, December 5, 2022


Tuk Tuk is all about helping his mom get ready for Christmas. 
He and Granger keep thinking of ways they can help. 
Granger watches her carefully.  What does she need? 
He goes to his box to think. Boxes must have magic power. 
Meanwhile, Tuk Tuk gets busy. 
He’s loading the dishwasher. 
Are you vacuuming now?  
I think you’ve done enough.  You can go lay down. 

What’s better than a box under the tree. 
Granger obviously had the same idea.  Double box nap time.  Perfect! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Sunday, December 4, 2022


Diamond was one of our special need’s fosters. 
She was in tough shape when she came into rescue.  But, with incredible care by her vet and foster parents, she came so far.   
Her blind eyes had to be removed and there was no more pain. 
She now lives w a previous adopter who has a huge heart for the special ones.  And I’m lucky to call her a friend.   Welcome to your new life, Diamond. πŸ’Ž❤️

Saturday, December 3, 2022


In December, it's good to take time to remember special ones, special memories, special Pekingese.  Starlight was one of them.  
I have some special blog memory pictures.   Starlight was always a favorite of yours and especially mine.
One of my treasured pictures was this one.   Max, Kai Kai, Floyd, Starlight and Chumley.  
Our Christmas Pekes.  πŸŽ„
Another favorite was Jay Jay under the tree.  A PVPC alumni.   
His brother, Cosmo-- I love this picture.  Phyllis shared it with me years ago, and there's just something about it that touched my heart.
Lafite was another one.   This beautiful picture, of him looking out at Christmas time.   I want you to share your favorite Christmas pictures.   Post them in the comments and make sure you put their name.  Christmas is a time to remember those special ones who have blessed our lives.   And a time to enjoy those who are part of our lives now.   I can't wait to see your pictures.   I will be sharing them all month long.  

Friday, December 2, 2022


Holly Bell is a sweetheart.   She posed with the snowman for me.
And then, she slid over to see St. Nick.  
Most of all, she wanted to see Zoey.   
I think she has a crush.    
Zoey wasn't a fan, so she left.
To the laundry room and back-- Holly followed her.
Out in the yard, it continued.   
Two little pink Peke ladies just wandering around together.
Holly was just mesmerized by Zoey.  It was so cute-- but Zoey just fussed and kept moving.
"Why doesn't she like me?"    It's okay, Holly, Zoey can be a grumpy girl if you get in her face.  It's not just you.  LOL
I guess she heard me, and she went in and claimed Zoey's bed again.  Poor Zoey!  πŸ’—πŸ˜