Saturday, May 27, 2023


Our neighborhood puts out flags each holiday.  Sissy helped.  
We have a certain area in our neighborhood that we are responsible for. 
Every house has a flag. 
Sissy isn’t used to going for rides in the stroller.  
“I’d  rather you carried me.”   Pushing an empty stroller and carrying a dog while putting out flags.  Not our original plan.  🤣
She is a homebody and going places isn’t really her thing.  
Back home, she was back to being the mama dog.  A piece of salad fell on the floor.  She didn’t want it but no one else was going to get it. 🤣.  Strong, confident Sissy is back in charge. 


Friday, May 26, 2023


Penelope is in her foster home.  One of her caregivers at the vet took this picture.  She looks like she is looking right at her.   She can’t see though but her other senses work fine. Everyone at the vet loved her. .  
She’s so small she can fit right under your arm.  All 7.8 pounds of her. 

She has beautiful coloring.  We had to shave her down but her hair will grow back.  
Her eyes are feeling better with the trio of eye drops she is getting now.  One is just for a few weeks.  Then, like many Pekes, she will continue to get drops for dry eye. 
She was looking around at sounds as Lisa held her.  
Her hearing is fine.  
Her foster mom has many little shirts that fit her and look so cute. 
She will have a dental soon and she will feel more and more secure.  
I’m so glad she came into rescue. 💕


Thursday, May 25, 2023


Sunny was one of our foster dogs several years ago.   Bonnie fostered him and I finally met her this week!!
Sunny loves all dogs.   He had eyes when we got him, but he was blind.   He had lived outside in a pen with big dogs, and his life is very different now.
He was such a sweet boy and his foster mom adopted him.
They live on a farm with sheep and cows, and dogs.....  
Meeting Sunny just brought joy to me!  I was probably grinning ear to ear.   His mom offered to foster Mo Mo.   Mo Mo is a special one and he needed a special foster home.  
I thought it would be a four hour round trip to meet Bonnie, but due to a massive truck fire, it took me six hours.  That wasn't fun-- but no one was injured in the fire, so that's a good thing.

Mo Mo is now in his foster home, healing and decompressing.  He even rolled around and let his foster mom rub his tummy.    WOW!   He must feel so safe there.   Bonnie has a magic touch and I look forward to more updates.   I'm so excited for Mo Mo to be there.   😃

Tuesday, May 23, 2023


Who are the ones I don't usually write about?  The scared ones who can't be adopted right away.  
Mo Mo is one of those dogs.   He came into rescue with Penelope, Joey and Zoey.  
When he was younger (he's 7 now), his tail was seriously injured and had to be amputated.   He still has a tail but it is about 2 inches long.
He's at my house, but today, we are driving to meet his new foster mom.   He is going to a place to decompress and heal.  (He was just neutered.)   All dogs who come into foster care need time, but Mo Mo needs more time than most.  And we are going to give him that.   
A friend in rescue has a special farm, and has such a way with animals who hurt.  Mo Mo will have friends there if he wants them.  He can ignore them if he wants.   Mo Mo is blind, so he will need even more time.  Paddington is even being nice to him-- he must know Mo Mo is a special one.  
Welcome to rescue, Mo Mo.   We will do all we can to help you.  

Monday, May 22, 2023


 Twenty years ago, I received my first call to foster.   I had filled out a foster application, had my home and vet check, and I was asked to foster Cosmo.   I think you always remember your first foster.   When he was adopted a month later, I cried half the way home.  But, his new mom and dad became my friends, and we are still in touch.  

Yesterday, I did another transport which seemed an appropriate way to celebrate 20 years of rescue.   We took in four Pekes last week and they had been in the vet for treatment and tests.  Joey, above, was one of them.  Look at that sweet face.  

Zoey on the left is 9.  Her litter mate, Joey is on the right.  And their mama, Penelope, is in the middle.  She is 12 years old.   The twins had a puppy, MoMo.  He's still at the vet and I'll transport him to his foster home on Tuesday.   We don't like to separate dogs who have been together, but we don't expect anyone to adopt four of them.   We do want to keep Zoey and Joey together.   They need to stay together.
Zoey and Joey shared a big crate and Penelope was in one next to them.  
I took Sissy with me, since I didn't want to leave her alone with the seizures she's been having.   Look at all those sweet dogs.  
Zoey and the rest had a little walk and then continued on to their foster home.  

Penelope (formerly Pig) is blind.  She is on 3 eye drops to try to help her eyes, but we don't know if any sight will return.  Dry eye is very serious and scarring can occur if it's not treated.   It can lead to blindness, so it's very important to have your Peke's eyes checked regularly.   Penelope is less than 8 pounds.  A tiny girl.   
Zoey got a new harness with frills-- thank you Joy for donating so many.   
We finished the trip by visiting Tuk Tuk.  My daughter lived close and we had a great day.   One of my vet techs said I had the best job ever.  It's been quiet an adventure.  I've met so many wonderful dogs-- and so many wonderful people.   It's been a great 20 years! 💞

Sunday, May 21, 2023


Chairs can really get in the way!  Sissy didn’t want to be at the vet so she hid.  Not for long, since she wanted my lap more.  
Jojo is a senior with little sight.  Are you stuck??   It’s hard but someone usually comes to the rescue. 
I hope you’re “stuck” today doing something fun.   😄

Saturday, May 20, 2023


I finally met Muffie today.  Alisa loves this little tiny girl.  She helped transport her and it began a wonderful new life for her. 
Muffie came into rescue after not being cared for.   
It didn’t change her incredibly sweet personality.  
She’s had several surgeries and may need one more to open her nares so she can breathe better.  
She’s 11 years old we think.  We’re never sure since we don’t have birthdays on many.  
Everyday is wonderful for this precious girl.   Her foster mom will be adopting her.  Life is good. 🥰