Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Do you want to know how your dog food rates?   Here's one study that lists many of the foods, and rates them on a five star basis.  
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Click here: Help us help Mona Lee our foster Pekingese | Medical Expenses -

Mona Lee had a lot of surgery-- she had to have her spleen removed and bladder stones taken out.  She is doing so well we are amazed, but her surgery costs were a lot.  If you want to help, just click on the link above.


 Puggy came into rescue last November with her sister, Bessie.     Their owner was in the hospital and could no longer care for them.
 We did everything we knew to do-- bloodwork, etc. and it was all fine.   But, we didn't know there was a hidden toxin in her system-- lots of coins.  These coins just stayed in her stomach for months. The metal in coins is very dangerous for dogs.    These coins, over time, caused a high level of toxins in her bloodstream.    There were no visible signs of this, she just seemed to be a laid back girl.
Over the week-end, she became very sick and had emergency surgery.    Unfortunately, there was too much damage.    She passed away while recovering from surgery.   Her mom and dad are devastated.    Puggy was always happy with her family and her doggy friends.    She loved to be held and loved on and there was no indication that she was becoming so sick.    Her mom and dad say their home is so empty now without her.   We are so sorry-- we know this hurts so much.    Rest in peace, sweet girl.


 I want you to meet Linus.   We received a request from a rural shelter asking for help.   The picture they sent me showed me a Peke.
 But, when we got him, he had a little something else in there--
 We couldn't leave him though-- the shelter was a bad one-- but had great volunteers trying to help the dogs.
 Linus is about 3 years old and one of the sweetest dogs his foster moms have had.  
 He has caught on to being housetrained and just wants to be loved.    He weighs about 20 pounds
 Linus is a lover and doesn't know a stranger.    He does a cute little flip when you are getting his food ready.
He was in the shelter for 2 months and is so happy to be out-- he is an adorably sweet boy!    Let us know if you would like to adopt him-- he's ready!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


 Remember the little Shih Tzu we posted on facebook.  
 She was picked up by one of our volunteers who couldn't stand by and do nothing.  (I love our helpers!)
 They named her Daisy.    She's not a Peke, and not in our program, but we are doing what we can to find her a home.
 In the shelter, her hair was matted to the skin and her eyes were in bad shape.
 Her foster mom gently cut away the mats and Daisy has three eye drops that she gets several times a day.
 Her eyes are doing so well!    Can you see how bright they look?
 She is a tiny thing, at 9.5 pounds.    She is very sweet!
 Look at her fancy harness!   I'll have to find out where they got it.
Thank you to all who sent donations to the vet caring for her.    Daisy says THANK YOU!!! (you know who you are)    If you are interested in adopting her, just email me at  

Monday, July 29, 2013


Jeanne's twin sister and brother in law, Janis and Eddie, and their son and daughter in law, Chris and Donna, had to say goodbye to their sweet boy, Forrest, today.    They decided on his name when they passed a street sign and liked how it sounded.   Forrest was almost 14 years old and was a cherished companion his whole life.    I know they are devastated by his passing.  
He had a life full of love and was so lucky to have such a wonderful family.    We're so sorry-- rest in peace, sweet boy.


 Abner is doing great in his home in New York-- just look how much energy he has there.   Oh, whoops, he's resting.  
 His brother,  Brody, is vegging, too.  (or is this Lily-- )
 They have a foster dog named Monkey-- looks like they are all tired.  
 Resting here, too?
 They love going on adventures.
 Monkey is ready!    Are you looking for the water?   It's close.
 There it is!
 Some other dog must have been here.   There's a scent!
 Swim time!
 These four are great friends-- they hope to find Monkey a home, but for now, he's doing wonderful there.
 I was so excited on Saturday.    Abner sent me a present!  His picture, and Brody and Lily are on a coffee mug.   It will make me smile when I use it.
 He also sent me a bone plaque-- my grandson, Beach Bit, saw it and said it was a bone.  Smart boy!
 Thank you, sweet Abner!   I love my presents. :-)

Sunday, July 28, 2013


 I went to Richmond on Thursday to take Cami-Bear to meet his new mom.   (It's always hard to let them go!)    But, I was able to see the puppies, too.  
 One of the little females has mastered climbing out of the blue pool.
 My daughter and her kids were able to come, too, and after having puppy time, we all went to lunch.
 My "granddaughter for a month" loved the puppies!   She is a host child from Latvia.   She is so sweet.
 She just adored holding the little girl.    Lil Bit was holding Bandit and Drill Bit was just being charming!
 The puppies are always curling up on each other.  
 Bandit had his leg over one of his siblings-- and none of them mind.
 Daddy Miki-Harley can't wait for his girl, CiCi to come home!    
In the meantime, their blue pool has been upgraded to try to keep them in for awhile longer.   It won't be long until they are off to their new homes!     (And for Melinda and others who don't have facebook, here are some videos: CiCi and Babies July 11 2013 Video 002.AVI

Saturday, July 27, 2013


 Chloe came to us from a shelter in Maryland.    She was a little testy there-- she was terrified.  But, something about her made the lady there feel she was a loving girl.   (Chloe stayed in her office instead of in the kennel, and she did great.)  
 She was fostered without other dogs because she wanted to be an only dog.    Homes for those dogs are hard to find because most applicants already have a dog.    But, Valerie, her foster mom, wasn't giving up!
 And one day, that special application came.    A wonderful couple wanted a Peke after their dog died.   She would be the only dog, the cherished family member, a "POSH POOCH."  
She is dressed up (and loves it), sleeps in the bed, included in family photos, and goes on adventures with her new mom and dad.   This just makes our day!   It's why we continue on even with those who might be a little "testy" at times.   We are so happy for Chloe!