Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Fall! Part 2

Cranberry (white) and Scooter loves to check out the leaves that are falling EVERYWHERE!
I love the fall!!
The colors of the trees are beautiful as they change. Here in S.E. Va., fall comes late October/November, so we can really enjoy it. Of course, that also means we have a lot of leaves to rake-- but I don't even care. I LOVE IT!!
Here is our back yard. Usually, it has colorful flowers and shady places to sit. Now, you can hardly see the grass!
Here's our deck-- the leaves are coming down!!
There's leaves on the other side of the fence, too!
Look through the trees-- can you see a Peke anywhere? I can't. They must be somewhere!
I love the colors of the trees. Check tomorrow for more Pekes hiding and playing in the leaves!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Coffeetable and Pekes

We have a coffeetable where the top lifts up to make a table-- great if you want to have dinner and sit on the couch.
Scooter wanted to get closer so he crawled on the shelf. We don't give our dogs food from our plates, but they still try. Starlight is also hopeful!
He's looking around to see if he can get a better place.
"Nope, I guess I'll just stay here!"
Scooter is just determined-- he has hopes that one of these days, I'll sneak him a morsel.