Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dog O'Lanterns

People dress up their dogs for Halloween in our country. I know it's not big in Australia as Lady Jicky told me. But, here some pets get all dolled up! I think making a dog wear an alligator is just cruel though. :-)
You almost can't see the dog in this picture! He's there, honest!
Can this little Dachshund really balance all the weight of this costume.
Now I can see the Dachshund in this pumpkin.
I bet there is candy in that basket-- or did the dogs eat it all.
Yes, this beautiful Shepherd must have posed to get his picture carved in the pumpkin.
I see Mr. Beagle in this one. Someone is very talented!
And here's a happy..... um, is this a Weimeraner? I can tell a Pekingese, but some I am just not sure of.
This is a Schnauzer-- I know it!
It's a boxer-- I had one of these as a child. Loved that dog. He was great--
I've never had a poodle, but a friend has one that is a therapy dog to go into hospitals to cheer up patients.
It's a pug-- the Peke cousin! It's like a Peke without hair. Pugs are great dogs, too.
And some of my friends have Chihuahuas. One time, my husband saw one advertised in the classified section of the paper. He said, "It's a Hawaiian dog-- a "Chi-Hua-Hua". I laughed myself silly.
And last, but most important-- the Pekingese! I may have chosen a different costume-- you know, like a Fairy Princess. :-) But, this one sure is cute! I know Amee is dressing her dogs up for Halloween, so maybe we'll get some more pictures. Send them on!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I went to Jeanne's house yesterday to take my daughter's Peke back to her. I'll do a blog on Wicket later-- he was at my house this week to visit the vets in my area. We all met at Jeanne's house-- we had lunch, had fun, and Drill Bit got to meet the puppies!
DiDi and RB were wondering what was going on and tried to peek under the kitchen baby door.
And here are Colby and Carter-- the Bristol 18 puppies.
Drill Bit met them for the first time-- can you see Carter trying to figure out how to get to him?
So, we let the puppies out and Lottie and Wicket (my daughter's Pekes) were there also.
Drill Bit was getting kisses. He's very used to dogs and didn't mind a bit-- he started blowing raspberries at them! Can you see his face? :-)
It didn't phase the puppies-- they just tried another angle.
Is this a leash? Let's see where it goes.
I think it went that way!
Let's go look for it-- yes, Carter, you can go, too.
I think he's over here--
There they go! Baby bottoms and Peke bottoms!
Oh, no, they're trying to give kisses again. Let's pucker up and get ready!
Peke puppies and babies-- sometimes, it's just fun!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Have you visited our new Potomac Valley Pekingese Club/Rescue facebook site? Click here: Facebook Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue We have many members already-- some are from: Beirut, Lebanon; St. John's, Canada; Nottingham, The United Kingdom, Cabestany, France; Aravaca, Spain; Zagreb, Croatia; Ulricehamn, Sweden. WOW, people all over are visiting! Too bad we can't adopt to all those places. :-)
It looks like we'll get a new dog into rescue on Monday. If his owner shows up, we won't get him, but so far, no one has claimed him.
He's a little thing-- only about 10-11 pounds I'm guessing. He has been hiding under his bed at the shelter-- yes, they have Kuranda dog beds for each one there! He came out to meet me though, and we went for a walk.
He was sniffing the air and enjoyed being outside. He's in a big kennel space with a bed and a toy, and he can see outside-- the shelter is a good one. But, it's not like being in a home.
I'm guessing this little man is only about a year old-- he gave me kisses to try to bribe me to take him home. I sure wish I could have, but it will come soon! I'll be there as soon as they let me have him on Monday! Now, what would YOU name him??

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Precious/Bristol 18

Precious was part of the Bristol 18. Honestly, we thought she would have to be put down-- she was in such rough shape, we didn't know if we could save her. She was so severely neglected and had been bred over and over again. She was deaf and blind, and had no life in her when we got her. We thought, "maybe letting her go if a kinder thing to do."
She made it through the first few days and we had a "bath day" for all 18. She got a bath and years of dirt and neglect washed down the drain. She was so good for her bath-- I'm sure it felt good.
Here she is all wrapped up in a towel and ready to be blown dry. She didn't know her new life was beginning.
She can't see, but I'm sure she felt that she was surrounded by love and hope that day.
She is now living with Lori, a rescue worker near Richmond--Lori is like an angel to these dogs. Look how great Precious looks!!! Precious is heartworm positive, and she is on heartguard, which will kill off new heartworms and hopefully, the old ones will die off. She is too old to go through heartworm treatment.
She loves to snuggle up on her blanket. She even sits in front of the kitchen counter every day for her canned food!! (She didn't end up with any teeth after her dental-- they were all rotten.) She still does not like to be touched, and that's fine. She seems very content. Precious is deaf and blind, but she has learned to use the doggy door to go outside. She'll wander around the yard and then come back to the doggy door to come back inside. It's amazing what she can do!
Precious has a new name (not that she can hear it, but it is said with much love)-- it is Merri. It describes her-- a soft joy that she has now that she never knew before. Her foster mom is still trying to regulate her seizure meds,but she's doing well. She PLAYS with Floyd and Kelli/Mittens (two of the other dogs from the Bristol 18)!! Anita, who was instrumental in helping us get the Bristol 18 said that Precious was like a poster child for this entire group. Precious went through a life of sadness, but that's over for her! We all have tears of happiness to know Precious Merri is loved so much and doing so well! This is rescue. "SAVING ONE PET DOES NOT CHANGE THE WORLD, BUT IT CHANGES THE WORLD FOR THAT ONE PET."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Jeanne is my co-director in rescue. She has made a HUGE difference in our group with all the new ideas she has come up with. Jeanne organized the big garage sale we did this summer to raise money for the Pekes. We now have a facebook for our rescue friends and she has also set up an ebay account to raise money for the Pekes we foster.
Her husband, Bill, is holding Ruby, one of her former foster dogs. What a difference they make in the lives of the dogs who are lucky to be fostered in their home.
RB (Rose Bud) is one of those dogs-- she was one of the Bristol 18. Just look at her now.
Jeanne has time to take care of her beautiful garden-- she's a master gardener and I've done blogs on her back yard-- with its trees and flowers and ponds. Amazing!
Jeanne also set up the quilt art show at a coffee shop she visits each morning. All the pieces weren't sold, so we'll be posting pictures on them for people to continue to buy.
Jill Lee is one of Jeanne's dogs. I can't find the pictures of all of them, but I know each one wants to wish her a happy birthday. I'm sure they'll all be extra good today!
George and Carter look like they're singing to her!
Yep, I'm sure Colby is singing! (This is Colby, isn't it?) :-)
Jeanne, thank you for all you do-- for all the love you give to these precious dogs-- I know you love DiDi best :-) (getting a kiss from Jeanne), but you have love to share with so many and it shows. I am blessed to have you as a friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is Wylie's house. Of course, it's Missy's house and Lily's house, too. It's all dressed up for Halloween! They are letting Ju Li and Katrina also stay there for fostering. I love her porch-- it's so pretty with all the flowers and pumkins.
Wylie and Ju Li are in front of the rest (Missy, Lily and Katrina). Don't you love their Halloween outfits! They are all so cute!
Yes, Wylie, you are a handsome boy! You have come so far-- I'll never forget the day you came into rescue in such bad shape. Your new mom and dad fell in love right away and you have become such a beautiful boy!
Okay, Wylie, now all the girls are where they should be-- behind you. You got them in line. Now, how do you think they'll do when all the children come for treats? Will they try to trick them, or just give them some candy. :-)