Tuesday, February 18, 2020


I've fostered a lot of blind dogs.  Happy and Stewart (my foster) are two sweet boys.
Happy was adopted last year and his girl adores him.  He can't see and needs eye drops, but he is easy to care for.
He supervises projects with his expert advice.
Stewart curls up in front of the fireplace while they work. 
He "tagged" one of the members of the family.  Their teen-age son is Stewart's boy.  He sleeps with him every night.
Happy and Kota are both seniors, but they are just fine with all the dogs around them. 
Stewart is loved by all, but here's his boy.   Stewart lost his eyes when he was about a year old, but he does great.
Little Bit is in foster care now.   He is blind, too.  Does it get in his way?  Nope!
He knows when his foster dad is close by-- and he wants to get on his lap.
If his lap isn't available, a soft bed will do.
We checked to see if we could do anything to restore his vision, but we couldn't.  It's okay.  Little Bit is a happy boy.
Blind dogs use their other senses more.  Their hearing becomes very important.  If that is a little compromised, their smell really kicks in.  Blind dogs are amazing!   I have one of my own now and he owns my heart (Kai Kai).   Don't hesitate to adopt a blind dog.  They are wonderful!  Little Bit is available for adoption.  Just go to: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt  to fill out an application. 

Monday, February 17, 2020


Reggie turns 10 months old today.   He's just a puppy.
He met his new mom this week-end. He loved his new bed-- he took a flying leap into it.  So funny.
She had adopted another Peke from us (Ally) who had passed away.  She was ready for another.
She had a lot of gifts for him when he arrived. 
Reggie's markings are stunning.  A perfect line down his forehead and around his eye.
He explored the new toys.
Clara went with me, and just watched-- what was happening?  She was glad when I picked her up as we left. LOL
Reggie was not sure what was going on-- we know they have adjustment time, and we assured him that he would be so loved.
He will have new cat friends.
He is very interested in them and we hope he will be nice. :-)
You will, right??
Welcome to your new home, beautiful boy!! 

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Fushi and her brother, Ming, came into rescue last May. 
Their story was a sad one, but when they came to us, their life changed completely.  
Here was their intake blog:
Must Love Pekes: MING AND FUSHI

Ming and Fushi were only 9 and so attached to each other.
I never met them-- I was hoping to meet them at the picnic this year.
They were the sweetest pair.
Fushi had a face I just wanted to kiss-- her mom kissed her for me.
They were adopted in July and brought so much healing and love to their mom and dad.  They had lost their Diva girl, who was the love of their lives.
When new ones come to us, our hearts just expand to love them, too.
Fushi and Ming were just incredible.  They were very pampered.
Some in rescue touch our hearts deeply-- and this pair did it.
Every time her mom posted their pictures, they brought joy to many.
So cute....
They were content and happy in their new home.
They even went on vacation to the beach!
Fushi loved being part of their time off.
They both explored the beach and ran on the sand.
Paula gave them so many kisses-- who wouldn't!
Ming was beautiful, but something about Fushi's face just drew people in. 
She posed often for many pictures.
Fushi began having heavier breathing this week, so she went to the emergency vet.   It was discovered that she had a very aggressive lung cancer.  It happened quickly and without warning. 
With great sadness, Ming, and his mom and dad, let Fushi go-- loved to the very moment she left.  Still loved-- forever.   Our rescue family is so saddened-- she can breathe freely now, and is running with Diva across the Rainbow Bridge.   You are loved, sweet girl.  💜


Willie Wonton has been part of my rescue life since I met his mom, Anna.  We have been friends for years and we have loved each other dogs.  I've followed Willy's story for many years.
Willy, tucked up with his friend, Binks, was their first Peke. 
He was adopted in 2007 in New York City.
His daddy loved him-- I remember a story of him chasing Willy in New York City in his jammies (not Willy, his dad! 😲😃).
Anna adores her Pekes and they have such love with her.  Scotty Butters was a PVPC alumni and was a special one, too.
Willy had one eye, but it never slowed him down.
He moved from a NYC apartment to a house in NJ.   A yard!
He was an older boy, at least 16, when he left last week. 
We wish they could live forever...
Anna's mom loved her boy.
Willy developed health issues and was at the vet a lot.   His parents are phenomenal.
He lost the use of his legs and wore a belly band, but he was still happy and loved.
Willy had a wonderful, long life.   We wish we had them many more years, but the years we have them are the best.
He let his parents know he was done, and ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge.   He joined so many there who were loved like he was.  Run free now, sweet boy.   You are loved.  💙❤️