Monday, February 3, 2020


Clara watched the Super Bowl with me.   She didn't care who won-- I did.  I know that shocks my friends because I'm NOT a sports person. 
The Parks Pups were watching intently--- not.
Arya tried to keep her eyes open.
Hannah, my former foster puppy (now 14 pounds!) cheered on her team-- but I'm not sure who it was.
Dickson was just glad to be near his foster mom. 
Oscar was like the rest-- he just slept, but kept his mom company.
Sam aka The Caterpillar  just couldn't keep his eyes open.   It was a pretty exciting game, so I'm not sure why.
Newman was all for the Chiefs winning because that's who his mom loves. 
Daphne said, "what game?"
Clara was not impressed with the half time show-- so much noise!  LOL
China Doll tried, but finally gave up.  She slept through the game and missed how it ended.  But, it did end-- the Kansas City Chiefs won and we were excited.  I went to college in Kansas and my husband's family is in Missouri, so we had to cheer them on.   It was a good game. 

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