Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Rosie Too has settled into her foster home-- she was in several before she found a place to stay.   She had been through a lot before rescue-- and she was used to being abandoned.   So, she just didn't know how to belong.  
 But, Barbara remembered her eyes from the few days she had been with her-- she remembered the trust that Rosie had there.  And she wanted to give her another chance.
 These smiles show she belongs.
 She is younger than the rest of the Pekes there and she wants to play.
 She is still learning how to be comfortable-- but oh those eyes. 
 Rosie has a few issues, but she has come a long way from the timid four year old in the shelter. 
She is a happy girl now-- she won't have to move again.  She has found her forever home. 

Monday, January 20, 2020


 Granger is such a help.  A box arrives and he empties it out right away—and then he climbs in.
 A big box arrived.  JOY!
 To keep him busy while my son in law put a new bed together, they opened it up so Granger could inspect it. He was so willing to do that.
Now he’s holding everything in place for his dad.  Pekes are such great helpers!!

Sunday, January 19, 2020


 The board members for Potomac Valley Pekingese Club met yesterday in Richmond. We went to Scout’s house.
 We had lunch—we all bring things and of course, there were sweet treats.
 Cookies took center stage.
 Scout let everyone hold her.
Bridget belongs to board member, Elaine.  Mojo was there too- I somehow missed his picture.  He has. One so far since he came into rescue.  Walking and playing and having fun.
 Of course, Clara was helping take notes—
 “Anymore chicken?”
We got a lot done and we have plans going on for our annual picnic on April 25– so save the date!
Then, Clara curled up for the drive home.  It was a good day!

Saturday, January 18, 2020


 Newman belongs to one of my friends, Emily.
 He is 14 years old. 
 But, he is still active -- don't step in the mud, Newman!
 He's so happy-- look at that smile. 
 Naps are critical to good health, so he makes sure he gets plenty.
 He loves car rides.   And he has a seat belt on, too.   That's so important!
 Tummy rubs?   He's ready!  When his parents are at work, he has his own dog walker come.  He loves Greta and she adores him.  And it keeps him active during the day, so he doesn't just lay around.    Having his friend come visit and take him out is great fun. 
He's willing to help with his mom's computer work, but I think paws are a little less agile than fingers.  Thanks for trying anyway.  You are just so cute!   Give him a hug for me, Emily!  ❤️

Friday, January 17, 2020


 Do you have days where you wake up behind schedule?
 Yep, today is one of them.  So I will just take a few moments to sit. And read.  And watch Paddingtons face.
That will start my day off right!  

Thursday, January 16, 2020


It's winter in Virginia.  Oshie, Taz and Allie Marie had a dusting of snow.
 It's that time of year that this might happen-- this was last year.
 It's beautiful.
 But, it's cold!
 How fast can your Pekingese go to the bathroom..
 before they race for the door!
 Kai Kai can't race-- he has no eyes, and he's almost 15.   Nope, no running for him.  I'm the one who is his transporter. 
 Magnolia watched the squirrels in the snow.  I know she wanted to chat with them-- face to face!
 Schmoo and Snuffles and Pudgie are ready if it snows.  They want to catch snowflakes on their tongues. 
 Ricky said, "PFFFF!" 
 Snuffles loved it!  Look at him go.
Thurston lives further north-- so he will get much more cold and snow that us.   But, it's fun to watch-- as I sit in a rocker with a hot cup of tea or coffee.   So, bring on the snow!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


 Oliver was adopted from an SPCA in 2012.  We don’t know where he was. 
 Somehow, he ended up on the streets.  He was matted and had not been cared for in a long time.
 But, he was still sweet.   Dogs amaze me with their forgiving spirits.
 We were able to get him and he spent a few days in the vet.  He was giving a soothing bath, and lab tests.   His tests came back pretty good.  That make us happy!
He came to my house for a few hours until his foster parents came to get him.  He roamed the yard and checked things out.  The other dogs didn't bother him a bit. 
He settled into a soft bed, and he had an afternoon meal.  He weighs 13 pounds and could gain a little.    He has meds for his skin and will begin Dasuquin.  He's not a young one, so this will help his joints.  (My 3 year old Paddington is on Dasuquin because his knees aren't great, but older ones benefit from Dasuquin or cosequin.  ) 
His skin will heal and he will have a dental and then be ready to go!   What a difference a few days make.  Welcome Oliver!! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


 Yogi is a six year old Peke.
He came to us seriously ill with pneumonia.   His foster parents weren't sure he was going to make it, but he did, thanks to their incredible care.
He began to feel better, eat better and gain a little weight.
He wasn't too sure about humans.  I wish he could tell us his story.
He must have gone through a lot before we got him, because he wasn't too sure about trusting people.
He wants to trust.   He wants to feel safe.  It just takes time.
He does have opinions LOL.
He had a bath and then thought the towel would be great for a tug of war.  You go, Yogi!
Yogi is an excellent walker on a leash, but he's still trying to get the hang of house training-- did he live outside before we got him?  We don't know.  He didn't seem to know what being inside was all about.  (Belly bands a great to help with his inside accidents.)
When it's time to get up, he is just not ready.  He is not a morning dog.  He would rather scoot further into the blankets for a few extra winks. 
He is a little growly at first, but once he knows someone, he does better.   He is learning that people are okay, but we would not put him where there are children.   It might overwhelm him.  
He does want human attention-- it's just new for him.  
He likes other dogs-- here he is with Andy/Mr. Rooney.   Yes, I think Yogi is learning to relax.   If you are interested in him, just fill out an application.  Yogi is a special one, who needs someone with patience and love.   He's a beautiful boy.