Thursday, February 27, 2014


 I received a plea to help this little 12 pounder who came to a shelter with a broken chain attached to his collar.      He is thin, and scared at the shelter.
He is sweet though, and enjoyed being held-- it calmed him down.   I need a name for him, so I'm trying to think of a name before I get him on Saturday-- you know I love your name suggestions, so send them on!   (I have received some male name suggestions from a friend.   Here are some of them:   Everly, Guinness, Phineas,  Finn, Gordy.    I'm not sure any of these will fit, so send on your ideas!)


 Desi's mom sent me snow pictures-- they received 22 inches of snow!    Alastor here has his sweater on and is ready to brave the cold!
 Cassidy has a coat on to stay warm.   I love the doggy bones!
 Dawson is full of himself!
 He is jumping and leaping and all snuggly in his green plaid jacket.
 Oh, my goodness, you are just full of joy!   Dawson is available for adoption.  He loves other dogs and is such a sweet boy.
 Desi, of course, has a vast selection of outfits to wear.  
 She looks very stunning in her pink leopard print.   She wants you to know that no pink leopards were hurt in the making of her coat-- it's faux!
 I knew she had more than one-- here's another!   I'm sure she shares her outfits with others.
 Piglet posed with her-- he was in yesterday's blog.
 What are you looking for?  Spring?   I think it's coming soon-- I know a lot of people HOPE it is coming soon!
 Dollar, I love your purple and red jacket.    I bet you are easy to spot on the snow!
 Sweet Fiona has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but her mom wanted to include her picture, too.   She was such a cherished member of the family.
 Dawson and Dollar are having a blast!  Oh my, they are enjoying every bit of this snow and staying warm by running, too.
 Madge is one of their seniors-- she has heart problems, but it doesn't stop her from getting dressed up to go outside with the rest of them.
 Is this how you really feel about the cold and snow?
 I think you want to go inside.
 Oh, you have more than one coat, too!    Did Desi loan you some?
 Onslow is stunning in his black and white jacket-- he has fully recovered from his back surgery and is doing so well!
Go find the rest of the gang-- I know you want to run with them!    I hope the snow melts soon for you.  I'm sure you prefer the grass.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 Teddy came into rescue almost 3 years ago-- yet, he stayed in rescue and wasn't adopted.  Look at that face.   Can you figure out why he wasn't adopted?   I can't.
 Here he is getting a tummy rub.    He loves his foster mom and dad and his Peke siblings.    He's 11 now and I think he decided he was there to stay a long time ago.   Some of the Pekes do that!
His foster parents decided Teddy was right-- he was there to stay.    So glad they have adopted you, Teddy!


 This little one was put on craigslist after his owner died.  No one in the family wanted him.    I just hate that-- my girls know if something happens to us, they get our dogs.    No dogs, no inheritance haha.   Really, they are both dog people and would take care of my pets.   They know how much I love my Pekes!
 Piglet didn't know why he had been abandoned.
 But, he is SO sweet!!!    He was saved off craiglist by a caring person who then contacted us.    She had Pekes and didn't want to see this one get into the wrong hands.
 He is a little one at only 11 pounds.
 He's about 8 years old which means he has many years left to give a family of his own.
 What are you sticking your tongue out for?   ;-)
 I love your ties!   That shows me you must be visiting Desi's house.
 Oh, there she is!   You ARE visiting Desi's house!
 Piglet had a cyst on his head, so Dr. Hodges removed it.    Once his hair grows back, you won't even know he had surgery.
You're still a very handsome boy!!!  Welcome to rescue!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Our family seems to have the ability to find dogs-- well, my daughter has that ability.   She has had dogs jump through her car window to get to safety on a busy road (yes, a pit bull did that and put his head on her lap).    

 Last week, she found a brown puppy in a ditch by the interstate.   She was driving along and saw it and thought "it's a groundhog" and then realized it was a puppy!   We checked craigslist, called vets and shelters-- no one has reported it missing.   It had no microchip, no collar, no tags,  nothing to help find its home.    They have bathed her and fed her...
 And she curls up in blankets and takes a snooze.
 She is making herself perfectly at home-- they may just have another dog.   :-)
 Sunday morning, a  neighbor knocked on my door with this one in her arms.   They found her in my neighborhood, so I knew she just got out somehow.    We gave her toys to play with and set up an xpen for her so she could rest after playing and eating some breakfast.
 Two of the grandbits are here, so they were having a blast.
 Look at that face!    She's an 8 pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  
 She thought Drill bit was wonderful.
We did find her owner and her name is Bella.     Bella did have a microchip, but it wasn't registered, so I helped her owner sign her up.    (I also volunteered to keep her when they went  on a trip (oh my, I am crazy-- I don't need a puppy haha).     Her mom is a new pet owner, so I gave her my number if she had questions.    All in a day's adventures at Camp Runamuck!!

Monday, February 24, 2014


 Elwood met his new family on Saturday near Richmond.
 He and Moe immediately began playing!
 My Kai Kai  was with me and tried to get in on the activity.  
 They won't let me play!
 Moe is a 4 year old rescue and he was so happy for Elwood to be there.  They were playing so hard, and I'm sure they slept really well!
 I'll miss your sweet face in the morning.  I'll miss your kisses!
 Beach Bit will miss playing with you!
 You two had so much fun together.
Rescue means loving and it means letting go-- thank you for being my foster boy, Elwood!
 Oh, you sweet thing!    I'm so glad you had some time here with us.   You were a joy!
 Enjoy your new home, sweet boy!!