Sunday, July 31, 2016


 My Kai Kai, with eyes, could be considered handicapped.   Technically, he is.
 Gatsby is "handicapped," too.  He lost his leg after we took him into rescue.
 I'll be doing some blogs on handicapped dogs.   Just don't tell Kai Kai-- he doesn't know he is handicapped.
 Rudy could also be considered handicapped- he had cancer, had his ear canal removed, but now is doing great.
And Joyful-- oh, we all love Joyful.   She has all kinds of health issues.   Handicapped?  Maybe.   Let's explore that this week!

Saturday, July 30, 2016


 Gus had a friend come to New York to visit with him.   Toni really wanted to see him.
 Cosi is one of Gus' best friends.    They are sharing a secret here.   Cosi is his girlfriend and she is only 2 years old.
 Cynthia lives up there, too and she has her Peke, Sigmund.
 Toni went up to visit and they all had a get-together. Toni, Sigmund, Cynthia, Gus and Susan...
 Sigmund is a beautiful boy!
 And so is our Gus!!!   Since he is a PVPC alumni, we are very fond of him. :-)  (Of course, we love them all!)
 They all posed for a picture.    I know Toni loved visiting them.
 It was a fun time!!
These are some good-looking Pekes and people!

Friday, July 29, 2016


I had to add this beautiful comment that Chris made:  I like to think Fluffy carried her last days into her transition, knowing that her best life had finally been within her reach, however briefly. What a comfort to her little soul that must have been. Her rescue and foster families gave her the peace she needed at the end. That is a gift beyond compare. Thank you.
 Fluffy came to us from a Maryland shelter.   She was a stray and she had been found walking in circles.   She was matted and dirty.  
 We knew she was blind, but found out she had probably never had sight.  Her eyes were not fully formed.   But, she was also deaf, and even though it seems she is smiling here, she was not comfortable.    She had a neurological issue and it was so sad to see.
She was cleaned, and shaved down, and we hoped she would show some sign of having a quality life.    It wasn't to be.   She must have had some kind of brain issue, and had no bladder or bowel control.    She was cared for and hand-fed, hand led to water, but it became clear that there was not going to be a good life in front of her.   With much sadness and while being held and petted, she was let go.   I wish rescue could fix everything-- but we can't.   We don't know how long she was like this, but she was loved at the end, and sometimes, that is all we can do.   We are so sorry, little Fluffy.   Run free now, sweet one.  We loved you.


 While we are trying desperately to stay cool here, autumn has passed and it's now winter in Australia.
 The leaves have fallen, and Coco's coat has grown in thick and warm.
 She doesn't worry about the sun being too hot this time of year.   It's in the 40s and 50s there.   Maybe they can send some of that cool weather our way.   It's been over 100 with heat indexes here on the east coast and it's SO HOT!!  
 So, look at these pictures and just try to cool down.
I think we could all use it!

Thursday, July 28, 2016


 I took a trip to a family reunion.    
 We drove a long way!   Away from the beach, toward the mountains, and over them.
 Past Kentucky horse farms...
 We drove through the mid-west, stunning in its beauty.   The farms and clouds were beautiful.
 We usually had three Bits in the car-- we went in tandem with one of our daughters.  We watched a lot of Dinosaur movies!!  They made lego things.
 This was the view from our room.   It was stunning.    We were in the Ozarks of Missouri.
 Swimming, walking, and time with family.
 I met family that I only knew through facebook.   I was amazed at their faith, their friendliness, their grace.    I have a renewed love for FAMILY.
 This was on the grounds of where we stayed.   I'm sure many weddings have taken place here.
 We were on the third floor up-- the top floor must have had even more amazing views.   It was HOT though.  The last day cooled down to 82-- lovely!!
 So the pools were used a lot.
 Our daughters were there and we had wonderful time with them and their families.   We are so blessed!
 Beach Bit was there-- he rode out with us and Sugar Bit and her mom flew.   Sugar Bit is NOT a fan of long car rides.
 This was going to the airport-- that's about all she could handle.
 Going back home-- through more rural areas and gorgeous skies.
And home!    I was so glad to see my dogs!!   Eight days is just too long to be gone.   Nothing like home!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


 We've been traveling.   I have not left the dogs for any period of time, but this time I did.   Floyd probably wondered where I was.
 Max probably slept a lot.   We traveled through at least five states, and saw horses, mountains, and most of all, FAMILY.
 We saw waterfalls...
 beautiful landscape, and a lot of relatives.
 Covered bridges...
 Sugar Bit had a blast climbing into cabinets and disappearing.
 She met so many people.
But, I'm glad it's time to be home.   I know Kai Kai is glad!!    More Peke blogs tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


(If anyone sees a photo they like of their Peke better than what they already bought at the picnic, we would be happy to send them one for a donation to PVPC.   This only applies to picnic pictures taken at Desi's Photo Booth.)
Roger and Lucinda)
Marco Polo/Marco is a beautiful boy.   He came into rescue in 2009.  
He was in horrific shape with collar embedded in his neck.   He had to be sedated for it to be removed.  He was fairly young and went right to an adoptive home that wanted to cherish him the rest of his life.
He was a perfect angel when he joined his family and he has continued to shower them with love.   
He was another abused, "second hand dog" who made a first class pet!!   I love rescue!   

Monday, July 25, 2016


Monk (love his underbite!) came into rescue with Nippy (the red one), his litter mate.   They were three years old when we got them in 2011.   It's hard to remember that it's been five years!!  
Nippy, Polly, and Monk posed for pictures.   Polly came into rescue in 2013.
Nippy wore a jaunty hat.   They all look so great!   The boys were eating Beneful when they came into rescue.   (Don't get me started on how bad that food is!   All those "wonderful colors" are artificial and they is really nothing good I can say about this food except they have a great selling campaign.)  
Monk and Nippy are 8 years old now-- and their foster mom adopted them both.   She fostered another that was adopted and then Miss Polly came to her as a foster.
It was LOVE!  So, she stayed, too.
They all had a post-bath picture.   Yes, I recognize this wet look.   In the summer, sometimes, they can air dry a bit before brushing.   It tires them out-- and their mom!
So, they all took a nap!    It's Pekingese bunk beds!    I bet Georgia had a nap, too!