Sunday, July 3, 2016


Please keep your pets safe during the Fourth Of July week-end. The fireworks are the leading cause of pets running-- just out of pure terror. It is the day many pets are lost. Please make sure all your animals are secure inside where they are safe when the fireworks begin.   And even if you think they are secure, PLEASE keep their collar and identification on.   Have the TV on to keep out firework noise, hold them close if they are nervous-- thundershirts help a lot.   Do not let them outside during firework noise.

 Here are some tips:

1. Make sure you pet has a name tag on. ALL THE TIME. Some people remove collars when the dogs are inside.   Dogs can get out unexpectedly-- and with no name tag, no one knows how to help get them home. Keep a collar and name tag on your pet all the time.

2. All my pets are microchipped-- this is in addition to the collar, it's not a replacement for a collar/name tag. There are pets whose owners get them back because of microchipping. Sometimes, a collar can come off, and a microchip helps. But, it only helps if someone will have the dog checked for one. Some people put up signs in their neighborhood and if no one claims the dog, it might never go home (it could stay in the new place or just be put outside, or taken to a shelter). You want your precious pet back if it's lost.

3. When the fireworks begin, make sure your pets are INSIDE. Do not leave them unattended in the yard, because they can just be so afraid that they somehow get out of your fence. Dogs that are afraid of fireworks (thunder,too) are not "thinking" and just want to get away from the sound.

4. Some of my dogs have to be sedated before a thunderstorm. That means they will be sedated before the fireworks begin. I get medication from my vet.

5. Use "white noise" to block the sound of fireworks. I have a mega-fan and it makes some big white noise. This helps keep them calm. You can also have a TV or radio on louder than normal to block outisde noise.  

 Abner is celebrating, but he's safe.   He is visiting people in the hospital this week-end.  No time off for encouraging those who need him to visit.
 Diva Pearl loves to celebrate!  What a beauty she is!

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LadyJicky said...

Happy Fourth of July to all my and Coco's USA friends!!!!!!!!

* If Diva Pearl ever goes missing ...... she will be in Australia! God she is a beauty!!!