Tuesday, October 31, 2017


 I had a computer crash, but am back up, so I'm just posting pictures of CUTE  CUTE Pekes.
 They all belong to Gayle (because my computer lost lots of drafts I had of Halloween Pekes).
 Remember, that Halloween and all the scary things can terrify your dogs. 
 SO--- please keep them inside. 
 And if you are giving out candy, block your front door, or put your dog on a leash, so they can't bolt if they are afraid.  (Or even if they decide they'd like to go trick or treating.)
 It's better not to take your dog out trick or treating, because they may find candy dropped (chocolate! ugh) and all that stuff would be harmful to them.
 So, enjoy Halloween.
 Have fun.
 Keep your eyes open.
 Put on a hat.
 Or antennae.
 Stick out your tongue if you don't like the costumes.
 Or gang up so people see double.
 ROAR if you want to.
 And cuddle up to your favorite toy.
Above all, be safe.  Happy Halloween! 

Monday, October 30, 2017


 Princess Kent came into rescue in September.  She was a senior, but we love the seniors.
 Her foster parents love to celebrate their birthdays, so they decided she needed to have a party.
 They have nine Pekingese there, so there were eight hats and a little crown for Princess.  She was 16 years old!
 She loved her party and special treats.
 Most of the gang kept on their hats.  They are all such good sports.
 Furby (in the pink hat) and Rocky (blue hat) were all for the festivities!
 Princess may be older, but she still loves to make new friends.   This is Babykins, a little, beautiful kitten who was found near the house and has been adopted by them-- or maybe by Princess.
Happy Birthday, Princess Kent!!     She says HAPPY SUNDAY!

Sunday, October 29, 2017


 Mowgli was adopted from us last December and they later added a puppy to the mix.  Mo, at first, was not a bit happy about it.  Puppies are busy, annoying and THERE. haha
 But, Lilly Poo has gotten bigger and plays better and has learned her place.  Now they are friends.
Mo is still the sweetest boy and he loves going in the truck with his dad.   They both say, HAPPY SUNDAY!

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Furby and Rocky came back to rescue.   It just wasn't a good fit and we'd rather have them back to find them a home that is better for them.
 Rocky was thrilled to see all his friends again! 
 He loves his foster home and when they returned, they immediately raced out the door to play with their friends.   It was as if they never left. 
 They remembered where they ate and went right to their spots when meals were ready.
 Rocky is a super love bug and he was so happy to snuggle with Bill.
 Furby snuggled right up on Jackie's lap.   Furby had some medical issues that we are working on again.   But, I know he's in the best place he can be.
 Rocky curled up with his buddy Gizzy, who loves to wear one-sies. 
Welcome back, sweet boys!   We will look for another forever home for you!

Friday, October 27, 2017


 I have known Jeanne for almost ten years!   She applied to foster for our group and we became good friends almost immediately.  Her love for Pekingese was so apparent.    She has fostered so many, and has a gift for helping those who have such great need.  If we have had puppies, we always hoped she would foster them.  :-) 
 Jeanne was diagnosed with cancer last year and her twin sister was diagnosed this year, so we have been praying for both of them. 
 They have a bond that only twins can have. 
 We want to wish them both a very happy birthday.  We hope they know how special they are and how much we hope they will beat this enemy!
We send Jeanne and Janice much love-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Thursday, October 26, 2017


 We were asked to take in this dog from a Maryland shelter.   He is an Albino Peke.   There are some dogs (and people) who have no pigmentation, there are degrees of this.  But, with the Albino Pekes we have taken into rescue (not many), they've all shared the traits of pink skin, very light eyes, and pink mouth and nose.   Click here: The Difference Between Albino Dogs and White Dogs
Butters was one of our foster dogs.   He had a wonderful life until he passed away in June, 2015.  
Rosie is another one, who is now one of our forever fosters.   They are so sweet and we hope to give a wonderful life to the  new one.  But, we need a name for him.   Here are some suggestions: 

 Chauncey, Flake, Cotton,Snowy/Snow/Snowball, Frosty, Boo,  Caspar, Macaroon/Roony, Winston, White Star, Luna, Marshmallow Fluff, Cupcake, Ghost, Cotton, Dudley, Winters, Arthur, Artic, BamBam, Neve (snow in Italian), Falkor, Iceburg, Lance, Pinky, Vanilla Ice, Cloudy, Alaska , Nimbus, Noir, Coal, Sven, Polar Bear, Jack, Snowball, Pickles, Gandalf  


Wednesday, October 25, 2017


 Starlight's dream of moving to Australia got Coco and Melinda's attention. 
 So, Melinda sent me a lot of pictures of her recent vacation to Cairns, Australia. 
 It's beautiful there. 
 Rail cars up the mountain.
 Oh, the best!  Melinda and a Koala bear!  Let's go!
 A long train over a deep ravine.
 Beaches.   Wait, does that say stingrays??
 Starlight lives near a beach here, but she doesn't go.   The sand would mean an extra bath. 
 Starlight would bark at the fish seen from a glass-bottom boat.
 It's beautiful.  This looks like fun.
 And the koalas again-- those might be worth the trip.
 They are just so cute!
 Is this a wombat?
 The kangaroos are great.  Starlight might climb in their pouch for a ride.
 And back to the beach.  Melinda had a wonderful vacation!
 It's beautiful.
 More wildlife...
 No No No-- it's a crocodile!
 That's it!
 Starlight is not going.
 No matter how many pretty things there are...
 Even though the koalas are adorable....
Starlight decided to just stay home.   Whew-- I was worried!!