Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is Mei Li, one of our newest foster dogs. She really is precious. She's only about 5 to 6 years old.
Her foster mom said you couldn't find a sweeter dog. She is a sweet-tempered and gentle teddy bear who loves to snuggle! She is pretty comfortable with anyone who comes to the house and has tried to climb up on the laps of people after just meeting them. She also loves to play ball, loves her toys.
I don't think she has any modesty-- can we say RELAXED?!
Her foster mom says she's seen MEI Li arrange pillows and she is good at it. She knows that she is not supposed to be in this chair, she got up there to sleep and had moved the pillows to her liking. I can't imagine anyone not wanting her as part of their family. She's a gentle, loving girl who asks only for snuggles and caresses!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Do you remember Colby and his brother Carter when they came into rescue.
They were in critical shape, and Jeanne kept them at her house to take care of them. (And she kept Carter!)
Colby was adopted by Tracey's family and has turned into a beautiful Pekingese! Colby's human brother is cleaning the mirror. Did he just put it up? Or has it been there a long time--it doesn't matter. Colby is excited!
I mean, can you find a more handsome boy!?
Colby doesn't think so.
He is just mesmerized with his handsome self.
Is that someone taking pictures behind me? That's okay, as long as it doesn't interfere with me gazing at my beautiful face.
Okay, I'll get down-- but the mirror is here to stay so I can come in anytime and look at myself. I've come a long way from that tiny puppy who came into rescue! Don't you think so?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Maxwell and Tyler were two Pekes adopted from us. They have the best mom and dad! They used to live near Blacksburg, VA, but they've moved to Hollywood, CA and so now they are our west coast/Hollywood Pekes. These picture was taken over four years ago.
Maxwell is getting to be an old man now. He was adopted in 2006, and I'm not sure how old he was then-- Robin was his foster mom, maybe she remembers. He looks pretty good for an old man!
I think this is Tyler-- it's hard to tell from the back. :-) And you know Pekes share their dog beds, so that doesn't mean anything!
I know this is Maxwell-- older Pekes sleep a lot. Hey, younger Pekes sleep a lot. Maybe they're bored. Should we entertain them more?

I don't think they'd pay attention if we did-- they look totally relaxed! Especially Tyler! Yep, that's a Peke for you-- What a life!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Mei-Li wants to tell everyone that we need help on our newsletter that we try to send out several times a year. Anna (who adopted Butters from us) loves to work on it. But, she needs help!
Beach Bit and Starlight are discussing if they have the time to do it-- but alas, neither one of them can write yet, so I guess they can't volunteer.
Tippy, a new foster (look for her blog tomorrow), would love to help, too. She likes the stories that are in the newsletter. We want to do another issue soon (so if you have stories you'd like to submit with pictures, now is the time).
Drill Bit thinks he could do it, too. I think you're cute enough, but not old enough. You have to be out of a high chair before you can take on the job.
Caleb has contributed to the blog-- I'm sure he'd make a great assistant for Anna. What do you think Caleb?
Cranberry hopes a lot of people will want to help. She helps by just being IN some of the newsletter stories.
I'm sure Elvis will be the topic for one of the stories. Look at that cute face! (He's doing great since his surgery!)
This is Pollyanna-- she was adopted from us by Tracey (who also adopted Colby...)-- Tracey and her family love Pekingese!
If you want to help on the newsletter, please contact Anna at or me at We really need help in getting issues out and with stories to put in it. THANKS!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Meet Mr. Mozzie. He is in Maryland and he was dumped over someone's fence. He "landed" well because the person who lives there has four Japanese Chins and loves the Chinese breeds. Mozzie was matted and dirty, so she gave him a bath. She contacted animal control just to let them know in case someone had lost him. (But, since he was dumped over the fence, it was doubtful that anyone was looking for him.) He's a beautiful white and cream color and very young, maybe 1-2 years old at the most.
I was contacted via another rescue person-- and the lady who found him, Bonnie, is delightful to talk to. She sent me pictures and talked about this little boy so lovingly. She couldn't keep him and wanted us to take him into rescue. So, I began to work on it.
She called again the end of the week. She was in love. She couldn't give him up. I just smiled! A Pekingese can do that to you. Could you give up these sweet face? I would have kept him, too. Thanks, Bonnie, for giving him a loving home!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


This is Spud, a Jack Russell Terrier. His dad used to own Pekingese, but right now he just has 15-year-old Spud. When his dad plays the guitar, Spud thinks it's fun to get into his guitar case. :-)
The rest of the pictures are Tracey's Pekes. You may have seen some of these on our facebook account, but I had to share anyway. Her dogs are so cute!
Whoever said 'LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE" didn't sleep with dogs. The first thing you discover when you bring a dog onto your bed is the striking difference in weight between an alert, awake dog and a dog at rest.
Rule Number One: The deeper the sleep the heavier the dog. Most people who sleep with dogs develop spinal deformities rather than rent the heavy equipment necessary to move their snoring canines to a more appropriate part of the bed. Cunning canines steal precious space in tiny increments until they have achieved the center position on the bed- with all covers carefully tucked under them for safekeeping. The stretch and roll method is very effective in gaining territory. Less subtle tactics are sometimes preferred. A jealous dog can worm his way between a sleeping couple and, with the proper spring action from all four legs, shove a sleeping human to the floor.
Rule Number Two: Dogs possess superhuman strength while on a bed. As you cling to the edge of the bed, wishing you had covers, your sweet pup begins to snore at a volume you would not have thought possible. Once that quiets down, the dog dreams begin. Yipping, growling, running, kicking. Your bed becomes a battlefield and playground of canine fantasy. It starts out with a bit of "sleep running", lots of eye movement and then, suddenly, a shrieking howl blasted through the night.
Rule Number Three: The deeper the sleep, the louder the dog. The night creeps on and you fall asleep in the 3 inches of bed not claimed by a dog. Then, too soon, it's dawn and the dog stirs. Each dog has a distinctive and unpleasant method of waking the pack.
One may position itself inches from a face and stare until you wake. The clever dog obtains excellent results by simply sneezing on your face, or they could romp all over your sleeping bodies.
Rule Number Four: When the dog wakes - you wake.So, why do we put up with this? There's no sane reason.
Perhaps it's just that we're a pack and a pack sleeps together at night - safe, contented, heavy and loud.
What can we do-- just curl up and smile. :-)

Friday, March 25, 2011


Chubs was one of the Bristol 18 dogs. Barbara took him into foster care and he never left. He joined Shadow, one of my previous foster dogs who was adopted in 2005.
When we first got the Bristol 18, I called Romeo (now Romey) and Chubs (now Pablo), the "clowns" because they seemed to be so happy, in spite of all they had been through. They were just waiting, side by side, for someone to come love on them.
Pablo is a beauty-- he definitely has parti-color heritage in him. And his coat is beautiful.
His mom says he becomes cuter and sassier everyday. He loves spring and going on walks. She says she thinks he's trying to hurt her, though, darting under her legs and attempting to be obedient. :-)
Here he is with Shadow-- they are so funny together. Their mom laughs at their antics all day long, as they try to figure out who will be the alpha dog. Neither one wins-- the "crazy terrier" who lives with them wins, as he prances and dances around them causing confusion and excitement.
His furry friends there have embraced him and are teaching him how to behave. Who could get mad at this face, even when he is mischievous!! Not me! :-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is Woogie. His mom and dad just volunteered to foster for us. I know a Peke will come in soon that needs help. Woogie is from Turkey!! His mom was working there and this little Peke came in to the vet. His dad was used to German Shepherds-- and Pekes aren't even close to a Shepherd!!
But, who could resist this face? His mom was enthralled with him, and her voice changed as she told her husband about him. She shared funny things he had done, new friends he made, how he had a hard time climbing up the curb.
As time went on, they both began reading about Pekingese. They read that Pekingese like to survey a large area from up high. So, his mom began to hold him up over a six foot fence to see what was on the other side. He enjoyed it tremendously! So, it became a daily occurance to observe "his dominion."
(Oh, this is the look where you give them anything they want!!) Woogie can be a rascal-- he loves to bound up to dogs who are much bigger and he can be very intimidating, snarling and carrying on. (Can't you just see this-- it's "so Pekingese!") He also is a wonderful guard dog, alerting his parents that a stranger is at the door. He likes to take walks and will perform a special 'move' that his mom and dad call the "Bronco-Snook" where he behaves like a wild horse broncoing around in circles and kicking his back legs. I think I've seen this in other Pekingese.
This is just the cutes face! Get ready, Woogie. I'm going to find a nice foster dog for you to play with. I think you'll have a lot of fun!