Friday, March 11, 2011


Starlight hurt her back the other day. I put it on facebook, but didn't do a blog on it, so I'm catching you all up on her. She's our "baby cujo" but she adores us and adores our grandkids. It's the "big people" in the world she doesn't trust from being abused before we got her. We don't know how she hurt her back, but she has a ruptured disc and we saw the specialist. We were able to "wait and see" since her injury didn't leave her totally paralyzed. She is on meds and making progress-- she tried to scratch her neck today!! YIPPEE. She tried to walk a bit when I took her out to go to the bathroom-- another good sign. AND she wagged her tail! She has to be in the playpen for two weeks at least. That's not her favorite place, but it may help her to avoid surgery. Thanks to all of you for your concern and support! We are praying she will be fine soon. And get to play with her baby, Beach Bit, too.


emilyp said...

That is wonderful news Linda!! That sounds very much like what Newman had. Continued thoughts for her speedy recovery:)

lady jicky said...

I am wishing Starlight a speedy recovery and time out of the jail :)

Nicky said...

look at that little sweetheart! wonderful to hear she is making progress. that is a very good sign. keep it up, starlight! you're doing great!!! (nicky here. i didn't like big ppl either...because of my abuse. mostly men because they kicked me. i am doing good now though. if i am afraid i will growl at first and that usually is sufficient. woof! sorry anyone abused you, starlight.:() keep getting better, starlight!!

Karin said...

Thanks for the update, Linda!
I'm happy to see Starlight is on the mend. I bet she'll heal even more quickly because she surely doesn't want to miss out on playing with the Little Bits.