Sunday, March 27, 2011


Meet Mr. Mozzie. He is in Maryland and he was dumped over someone's fence. He "landed" well because the person who lives there has four Japanese Chins and loves the Chinese breeds. Mozzie was matted and dirty, so she gave him a bath. She contacted animal control just to let them know in case someone had lost him. (But, since he was dumped over the fence, it was doubtful that anyone was looking for him.) He's a beautiful white and cream color and very young, maybe 1-2 years old at the most.
I was contacted via another rescue person-- and the lady who found him, Bonnie, is delightful to talk to. She sent me pictures and talked about this little boy so lovingly. She couldn't keep him and wanted us to take him into rescue. So, I began to work on it.
She called again the end of the week. She was in love. She couldn't give him up. I just smiled! A Pekingese can do that to you. Could you give up these sweet face? I would have kept him, too. Thanks, Bonnie, for giving him a loving home!!


lady jicky said...

How can anyone just throw a dog over a fence and run off!

Bonnie - I am so glad it was YOUR fence! If it was my fence that boy would have to stay too!!!!!! LOL

Pekiegirl said...

So glad she decided to keep him! He's adorable! Some people are so despicable! How could someone dump this little guy?

Karin said...

Mozzie has the sweetest face! Thank-you Bonnie for falling in love with him ~ he really is adorable. I fell in love with his pictures and I feel better knowing that he has a loving home!

emilyp said...

He is beautiful! I'm so glad that he has a safe and happy home now:)