Monday, February 29, 2016


 Shelby came to our rescue in 2012 after being found on the streets.   She was a tiny one.
 Her owner was found, and we passed on all the eye meds and food that we had started her on.   She was in much better shape when we returned her.
 16 months later, we were asked to take her back.   The owner did not feel she could care for her.  
 We received her eye meds back-- the same bottle.   Her eyes had not been cared for, not had the rest of her.  
 Shelby was in rough shape when she came back to us and Jeanne is fostering her.
 We are giving Shelby all the care she can have.  She has a lot of allergies and needs eye meds.
 She received some adorable outfits, and I love this dress.
Shelby is a little senior and Jeanne is doing all she can to make her life comfortable.   That's what rescue is.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


 We were asked by a shelter in the western part of Virginia to help with Poppy.
 Her owner had turned her in.   We received the first picture and we said YES!
 Then, Roger picked her up-- and whoops-- she was a mix.  She may be part Peke and part Tibetan Spaniel.
 That's okay-- we were already committed to her.
She dressed up for a photo shoot.  I think Desi loaned her some of her accessories.
Look at her with her pink bows in.
I think she is looking for a treat.
Poppy is almost 8 years old.   I think she has a birthday coming up soon.
She weighs about 16 pounds.
She acts like she has modeled before-- what a good job she is doing.
Do you like toys?
I think so!  
She is ready to go out!
Poppy is ready for a forever home!   Her adoption fee is $300 and she has had all her medical updated.  She appears to be housetrained and she is great with other dogs.   She is a little timid at first, and would prefer a home where someone is there most of the time.   She is a sweet girl with no medical issues.   Welcome to rescue, sweet one!

Saturday, February 27, 2016


My friend, Susan, lost her little old man today.  Duncan had been turned into a shelter 3 1/2 years ago and Susan (who volunteers there) took him home.  He was given the best care he could have.   He was a tiny thing, at less than 5 pounds, but he did great with all his friends there.    He was about 15 1/2 years old and the last three years of his life were wonderful.   He is at peace now, probably running with his family who made it to the Rainbow Bridge before him.   I'm so sorry, Susan.  I still remember him in the front pack as you carried him around.   He was so loved.  


 Festus is the head dog at his house.   He share his house with cats and foster dogs.
 He has a big job showing them around, helping them feel safe.
 He keeps showing them the way to go up the ramp to the back door.
 He shows them where the water bowl is.
 He showed Norton where the beds were.
 Norton found his way up the ramp after Festus demonstrated the path.  Then, he curled up in his bed.  He even barked when Daisy-Dog bumped into him.   (Daisy is available for adoption.  Click here: Must Love Pekes: DAISY)  Norton is rolling over for belly rubs and his eyes are feeling better now that he is getting his eye drops.
 Rudy is doing great-- he curled up for a nap, too.  Going out in the yard is hard work, I guess.  He has fully recovered from his ear surgery.   His hair is back and he is a happy, adoring boy.
And of course, Joyful Grace-- she is on her special bed and has one of her cute outfits on.    Festus' home is a safe, happy place for those he is helping.  He takes his job seriously and he does it well!

Friday, February 26, 2016


 My Starlight has a seizure disorder.   Hers began shortly after I got her as a foster almost 8 years ago.
 The first seizure she had was significant and I rushed her to the vet.  She was still seizing when I arrived.   They ended up keeping her in ICU for 3 days to get her seizures under control.  They would stop and then begin again until her medication leveled out.   Most dogs do not have this major onset.
 Kiki belongs to Jen, a rescue friend.   Seizures can be seen as focal type (the dog begins to just stare), behavioral (begins chasing something, their tail or an imaginary object) or what most of us think of when they begin to shake.   Whatever it is, the dog needs to be seen by a vet and a chart needs to be kept on when these occur.   Starlight's and Kiki's beginning seizures were so bad that they had to immediately begin seizure medication.    Starlight is on phenobarbital, some also need other meds like potassium bromide.  
Seizures are not uncommon in Pekingese.  Seizures are in the top 20 of medical disorders they can have  (eyes, back, bladder being some others).    They are usually easily controlled by medication and the dog can live a happy life.    Here is a link to read more on this.  
Click here: Dog Seizure Disorders: Types, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Chip is a sweetheart!
In August, 2012, we were contacted by an SPCA and asked to help.   
 Chip was about 9 when we got him and he had a heart defect.   No one came to the shelter to adopt him and he's so adorable!   So, they asked rescue to step in.   We were glad to help.
 Chip is now about 12-13.   He was not crazy about the recent snow.    He walked back and forth, finally found a place to do his business and came inside!   He is no sled dog!  His mom calls his a Teacup Polar Bear.  Love it!
 Sometimes, he will just stop and stand still, recovering on his own from what his heart is doing.   But, he still keeps going.   He likes to go for walks, at his pace.  
He knows how to give a high 5!   He's such a great dog.   Special needs, maybe.   Full of love-- absolutely!  

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


 Norton came back into rescue on Sunday due to his owner's health.
 I took him to the vet on Monday along with Floyd (who needed a heart recheck).
 Norton has a bad case of dry eye.   His owner had taken him to the vet, but they just stated "dry eye" and did nothing about it.   (They also said he couldn't have a badly needed dental "for medical reasons"-- and there are none!   We are going to do that for him.   And even though the owner said he was urinating a lot, the vet did not advise a urinalysis.    This is a large chain vet (in a pet supply store) and I never recommend them just because of things like this.   Norton clearly has had these issues-- teeth, eyes and bladder-- for some time and nothing was done.    Owners, you must be proactive.   If you see an issue, do not leave without it being addressed.   These large chain vets want to save money-- theirs-- if you are on their yearly plan.   You need to demand treatment.   Norton is paying the price.
 He now has three eye medications and we hope some vision can return.
 He is scheduled for a dental and that will take care of his mouth/teeth problems (severe tartar).
 He has a raging bladder infection so he is on antibiotics and a new food.   He will feel better in no time.
 He acted like he was giving up when I got him-- but he began to wag his little tail after he was with me 24 hours.   Oh, my heart!  Be still!!  (He is now with Sherry, and Joyful Grace!   You know he's going to get great care there!)
 Floyd was there, too, and had his heart checked.  It is not worse (he has a severe heart murmur).   He had on his blue sweater and green harness-- ready for any weather!
 He was so patient while we waited for Norton's test results.  Both  Norton and Floyd were great!
 Don't worry, Norton-- we're going to get you better.
 He is a fluffy ball of about 16 pounds.    His records say he is almost 9 years old, but since he was a stray 3 1/2 years ago, we really don't know his age.   He acts older, but he also does not feel good-- yet!   He will soon!
 Rest is good for him.   And a food to help him with his bladder issues-- one of mine is on it.  Royal Canin S.O.   They love it!
 And Floyd waits.    "Can we go home now?"
Let's go, guys!    We're done!   Thank you, Acredale Animal Hospital and Dr. Alex.  I love my vet!