Thursday, February 25, 2016


Chip is a sweetheart!
In August, 2012, we were contacted by an SPCA and asked to help.   
 Chip was about 9 when we got him and he had a heart defect.   No one came to the shelter to adopt him and he's so adorable!   So, they asked rescue to step in.   We were glad to help.
 Chip is now about 12-13.   He was not crazy about the recent snow.    He walked back and forth, finally found a place to do his business and came inside!   He is no sled dog!  His mom calls his a Teacup Polar Bear.  Love it!
 Sometimes, he will just stop and stand still, recovering on his own from what his heart is doing.   But, he still keeps going.   He likes to go for walks, at his pace.  
He knows how to give a high 5!   He's such a great dog.   Special needs, maybe.   Full of love-- absolutely!  

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lady jicky said...

What a lovely boy Chip is .... a teacup polar bear - yep, that he is! LOL