Sunday, July 31, 2011


Gracie Lu's mom, Jane, bought this really nice car seat for Gracie so she can see outside when they are driving. But..... Gracie saw another seat and she wants one of those, too. So, she sent this message to Jeanne to post on our facebook page, but I had to also share it with my blog readers. ;-), If you're not a "friend" of our facebook, just go to Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue and ask to be a friend. :-)

Dear Jeanne
Hi it's me Gracie Lu and I wanted to show you this new chair. I don't know why they put a Pug in it when a Peke would have been prettier. I want one and I bet your Pekes would too. My Mom don't know where to find one so I am asking you cause you know all about finding things especially Pekes. So I know you will know about Peke chairs. Please put this picture on FB like you do peke pictures. Maybe then we can find some. Aren't they cute? I look at your FB every day and get so excited when a little one like Louie finds a Mom to rescue. Thanks Jeanne you sure are nice. Love Gracie Lu
(We need to look into where we can get these. Gracie Lu wants one so she cane watch TV.)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


You know my house has dogs and kids-- grandkids. I love it! Life is full and busy. Some dog things are used for kids and some kid things are used for dogs. It works.

Kai Kai is vegging and thinking about what kid thing he can use. Just wait, Kai Kai!

I have playpens-- four of them in fact. And I use every one of them! One is downstairs for Beach Bit who in the playpen, Drill Bit is outside the playpen and Starlight is observing. (The other two are upstairs for babies who need naps.)

They are also good to use for recovering Pekes-- this is Sarah Blossom, who was at my house for awhile. I have a playpen in the living room for dogs. If a Peke is in it, then I move it to my study (the playpen has wheels) so they can see me when I'm working at the computer (which is hours a day!).

I have babygates to keep dogs in, kids out... But, Scooter has figured this one out-- he's escaping!

Starlight gets in the doggy playpen at night. She loves it! She won't sleep in our room like the rest of the gang. We've tried, but she likes her playpen.

I have crates at my house to use in transporting. I don't use them to crate dogs -- many of the dogs we get have been crated extensively and I just won't do it. They can sleep in playpens. But, sometimes, they like to climb into a crate to have a hidey-hole. This one was on the deck for cleaning and Drill Bit put his truck in it. It's now a garage.

And now, it's a baby playhouse. Like I said, dog things become kid things.....

We have swing sets.... but the dogs haven't used this yet.

Beach Bit is just fine with that.

And I have strollers-- single strollers and double strollers. They sure come in handy. But, I really didn't think a stroller would cross the line and become a dog thing.

Until I went to the vet last week. Kai Kai had to go see the vet and the baby was going to come to me at the vet since I had an early appointment. (His mom was going to work and just brought him to me at the vet.) So, I took the stroller in with me.

And I put Kai in it. He is thrilled, can you tell. One of my friends (I'm friends with everyone in the vet-- I'm there so much!) said, "I didn't know the baby arrived." And I turned the stroller around, and showed him Kai. He put his face on the counter and cracked up. I do what I can to keep them entertained.

Yes, Kai, the baby is coming and you can get out of the stroller. But, really, you look very cute in it!

Friday, July 29, 2011


This is Sassy Marie when we took her into rescue. She had a serious head tilt and the shelter said her owners turned her in for lack of money to care for her. It is happening a lot.

Sassy has to remain pretty quiet at Jeanne's and she has her own big playpen. Jeanne takes her outside and lets her walk around, and Sassy even tried to play with a toy. She has seen several vets and even a surgeon. She does have a neck injury. This is another reason I encourage people to use harnesses. We don't want to pull on a small dog's neck-- it can cause serious injury, and I suspect this may be what happened to Sassy Marie.

Sassy went to the specialist on Tuesday and she got all dressed up.

She gave us side poses, and showed us the dress she had ready for the vet visit.

George was checking her out. George is Jeanne's older boy, but he still is in charge. Sassy will stay on her meds for another three weeks and then we'll see how she is doing. She may need neck/cervical surgery to insure her spine is stable. She is so sweet, we are doing all we can for her.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Jonah came to us from a shelter where he had been turned in by a guardian angel. She found him by a convenience store in a crate-- I told you his story in another blog.

He came to my house for fostering-- what a sweet boy he was here. He had eye surgery, neuter and dental and of course, all the other things we do (bloodwork etc) to make sure they are healthy.

He had to wear the cone for awhile, but after 8 days I took it off and he was so glad! He didn't bother his stitches, so he got to leave it off.

I took him to meet his new owner-- I also had Ellie, so they could talk to each other on the way to Richmond. But, they must have decided to take a nap, because I didn't hear a word out of either of them all the way up.

Jonah "Jojo" was so good!

We went for a walk while we waited for his new family to arrive.

And here is Jojo meeting his new mom. I always have to give them lots of kisses, tell them they are going to be loved, and say a little prayer for them before I let them go. I also put a little cross on their foreheads and ask God to watch over them.

His new owners thought he was beautiful-- and he is!

Jojo got to meet his "grandboy" at his new home. I also found out that Jojo got to sleep in bed with his new owners-- he slept great, but his new dad said Jojo hogged the covers. :-)

I think Jojo has a wonderful home now-- I'm so thrilled for him!! It is what I want to each one of them. I love you, Jojo!! (We foster parents have the opportunity to love and be loved by so many Pekes-- what a blessing!)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm adding this picture today-- I just got it of Louie and his new mom. He is already giving her kisses! He should be home by noon-- and he will meet his new brother J Edgar Hoover!

Louie, the 9 month old puppy we took into rescue a week and a half ago is being adopted!! Louie was hit by a car, and his owner turned him into a shelter. We took him in to give him a chance to live. Lucky boy went to Paige's for fostering.

She and Danni fell in love with this sweet boy. He is so loving and playful in spite if his serious injury that caused his loss of sight and of his eyes.

He is joyful-- just look at that smile! He is moving on with his life, not living with loss and sadness, but moving on, playing, having fun with his Peke brothers and sisters.

Paige's vet did an incredible job with his surgery-- there was no way to save his eyes. But, he is showing us that even in adversity, life is still there to be lived well.

And he just has fun, chews on a chew stick....

And then totally relaxes for a nap. Louie is being adopted and will be on his way to his new home by the time you are reading this. We are so grateful to Paige for her care and love of this sweet boy and thankful to his new family for taking in this sweet one to live his life with them. WE LOVE YOU, LOUIE!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Precious was adopted by Charlie years ago when her owner could no longer care for her. She was in Virginia Beach and I was able to go meet them, and let Charlie know what they were like. She and her brother, Bear, weren't young then, but they lived many years with love and fun at Charlie's.

Tigger lives there, too. He has no eyes-- like Keller, and Louie. His loss was also due to neglect-- but with Charlie, he is the happiest boy! And he always wants to be first. :-)

Beautiful Leila was Charlie's "original" Peke in the gang he has now. She loved it when she was joined by the rest.

Bear is now 17-- and I think Precious was about the same.

Precious, I know your family is going to miss you so much. You decided it was your time to cross the Rainbow Bridge and I know you are waiting there for Charlie and your friends.

Precious and Bear were a pair and I know Bear will miss his girl-- but he will have lots of love from Charlie, Tigger and Leila. Rest in peace, sweet Precious.

Monday, July 25, 2011


How hot is it where you are? How does your dog cool down? Mine like the cool kitchen floor, but this dog likes a bed of ice! It's too hot for all of us!! (Except you, Melinda-- it's not hot in Australia!!)


Louie 2 wants to say thank you to Keller and his mom, Colleen, for saving him. Without her help in getting him out of the shelter and helping with transport, we couldn't have saved this little one.

Keller has no eyes either-- neglect of an owner, like Louie.

Keller likes to curl up in Alice the cat's play place. It's one of his hiding spots-- can you see him? :-)

He loves Ursula, Colleen's 12 year old Mastiff. Sometimes, they sleep together.....

They didn't even wait for the sheet's to be put back on. I love this pictures-- dogs of all sizes can be best friends.

Keller goes to work every day with his mom. She is a groomer-- and if she has time, she grooms, de-fleas and shaves down the ones she picks up for us. Many are so matted, there's no choice but to just start over on their hair. Thank you Colleen and Keller for all you do for our Pekes!!