Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Darby lives in Richmond-- she is definitely a mama's girl. She's so cute-- and she knows it.
Being so cute is hard work though-- she's taking a nap on Macy's back.
Macy with her new "doo." She will not look at the camera when she has a fresh cut - her mom says she hates her hair being short.
Her mom says Darby is sporting her new "summer doo" with her new t- shirt on - she is defintely bad to the bone. :-)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I did a previous blog on Duchess. She is doing GREAT at Jeanne's house. She is with other dogs and not having any problems. She loves having the big yard to play in and peeking through the fence.
She enjoys sniffing the smells of spring and meandering along the paths in Jeanne's yard.
She has easily settled into Jeanne's pack. She tried to boss big George, the terrier at first, but he let her know gently that SHE was not the boss. I think she was surprised-- she has been thinking she IS the boss, but she is learning that she's not.
Actually, it's pretty nice not being the boss. It means you can just be a dog, laying on the deck, enjoying the weather. And that's just what she's going to do!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Pekingese Pathway Now that it's warming up, you can enjoy this video and not start shaking with cold haha. I wonder if Pekes could be taught to do this?!
Remember the Pekingese Pathway? Here it is last fall after the big storm-- leaves all over. That's Max and BB (now Phoebe) walking on it.
I took it all up today. I want to re-do it and I put the stones somewhere else.
The yard is a mess. The winter did a job on it-- along with Pekes and my daughter's lab running around. But, I'm going to get it back in shape. I took all the stones up-- the "Pekingese lounger" is in view under the flower hanger. It's a work in progress.
Starlight helped me a lot. She was directing.
Cranberry was helping, also. Can't you see how hard she's working?
Caleb WAS helping-- showing me where to lay the stones. He's a tough boss!
And now it has been re-laid on the other side. I may get more and make the stones closer, but for now, this is what it looks like. The dogs love having a sidewalk just for them. Now, we'll get grass seed and work on getting the grass to come back.
I also have a path going down to the lower part of the yard.
Ty and Caleb were watching from the lower yard-- but...
Ty came up for a closer look. Yes, You, sweet Ty-Ty. He's helping to USE it!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hurry Hurry!

I love male Pekes. I know they can mark, until they learn NOT to do that. It's okay outside, but not inside.
But, I think the males are so sweet and devoted. I know, I know, females can be, too. Like DiDi-- I had to put that in there for Jeanne. :-)
Oscar is a sweetheart! Look at those eyes!

I just received a picture-- I thought it was too funny not to share. It's not about Pekingese, it's about boy dogs. You know, the markers. And outside, they want to mark everything-- bushes, trees, fences. You name it, they'll mark it.
But, getting in line to mark??? :-) Somebody did a great job of posing these dogs-- or photoshopping!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sugar-- Of "The Four"

Sugar came into rescue last month. She was one of the "four" who I got from a shelter. They were all friends, but didn't need to stay together.
They went to the vet and still hung out in the crates-- even though the doors were open. Life was very confusing.
She was a little upset, so she hid behind a chair. But, when we came to my home, she showed her true, happy self. I put a video on a previous blog of her, but here it is again: Click here: YouTube - 100_5092.MOV
Sugar was adopted and now lives with Shark the Peke and his family. She is very happy there!
Look at her-- she is healthier and filling out some. (The Four were not in great shape, but all are doing much better.)
Sugar loves her boys! And they love her!
Look at this happy face. :-)
Sugar, You are HOME!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Scotty Butters wants to give us a kiss! He's a Peke that was adopted last year and now lives in New York. (His mom does our newsletter-- thanks Anna!) He is ready for spring, but it may be a little behind us in Va./Md.
Amy is asking DiDi where spring went. It was warm the other day, but it's cold again, and it rained.
Amy is hanging out in the doorway-- Is Spring here yet? I thought it was.
Jill is on the look-out, too. It better come quick because she's about to get her summer cut.
George has joined the ranks -- we're all watching for spring and warm weather!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mulch Warning

Ty is out on the deck. Look at that sweet face!
Now that spring is here, Max will be in his position on the deck steps. He loves to guard the yard from there.
Here are Cranberry and little Caleb. They love the deck, too.
They all like the Pekingese lounger (aka lawn chair). I pulled it out and Starlight and Scooter jumped right up there. The dogs will be in the yard more which is why we have to be extra careful of what is out there. I've put this warning on before, but I'll do it every year.
Cocoa mulch (might go under other names, so check the labels) is very dangerous for dogs. It's supposed to keep cats away from your flower beds, but dogs might like to sample it. It's not good for them. It can be highly toxic, so please don't use it anywhere. We have to keep these precious dogs safe! P.S. CAREY JUST TOLD ME CEDAR MULCH CAN BE TOXIC TOO. I DIDN'T KNOW THIS-- SO JUST BE CAREFUL.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Duchess-- She's Back!

Duchess is a little 13 pound Peke who came back to rescue. She was adopted, but she wasn't doing well there. They really loved her, but it just wasn't the right fit. That happens sometimes-- we do our best, but we occasionally find a dog needs a different home.
She's now in foster care at Jeanne's. Duchess needs a big yard to run in , and Jeanne has that! (Check my blogs from June of last year to see some of the yard she has at Jeanne's.)
She is posing for her picture here. She is so cute!
It was raining, but she still had to go outside to run some-- it made her ears crinkle. Most Pekes' ears have crimping in them. I remember someone asked me if I did that on my dog--" Of course, I said, Every morning-- NOT." I barely have time to get myself ready!
Duchess wants her own home-- with a big yard and someone to love her.
She's waiting!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Scrooge Desk

First, I want to tell you to SEND ME PICTURES. I've used all the pictures that you've sent me so far, so until I get more, you'll just see my dogs and my fosters. Of course, we know they are cute enough for a thousand blog posts, but you may get tired of them. So, send the pictures! :-)
I have this piece of furniture that I call The Scrooge Desk. I love this piece. I've had it for over 30 years. The top was probably a type-setter piece, and then later, someone mounted it on a stand. Most of the furniture in my house has a memory with it.
Starlight likes to get under it. It looks like she is sticking her tongue out at me! She probably is. :-)
She can also lounge in it. She would get into the bed there, and then bark at me, demanding for me to get her out. You got in, you get out Starlight.
Scooter likes it, too. It's soft and he figured he would try it out.
Ty got in there. He usually takes a toy in with him-- he must be sitting on it.
Douggy and Ty are in it together. It's big enough for 2-3 dogs. Come on in!
Scooter heard me and came on in-- I think Douggy is still there.
Oh, no, here comes Caleb! Ty is so stunned, he falls over. Well, maybe not.
He's gone now-- you can get up. :-)