Saturday, April 4, 2020


 Oliver came into rescue in November of 2017 with Khloe (now Ginny LoLo).   Both were so sweet, and even though they came in together, they didn't seem bonded. 
 So, they were both adopted to wonderful homes and..
 Oliver, Ollie, thought his was absolutely wonderful.   In fact, it was so wonderful that....
 he decided to share it with another needy pet.   Dobbie came to them, needing a safe place to call his own.
 She was named Dobbie because she looks like Dobbie the house elf from Harry Potter. 
They are both so happy there and now they have a best friend.  It's a great thing to have when times are rough.   They have each other and wonderful parents, too.  It doesn't get better than that!  ❤️

Friday, April 3, 2020


 I have a lot of helpers during our stay at home time.   Many of you are doing your job from home and I'm so glad you can.   You are helping to keep us going. 
Chumley helps me a lot by wagging his tail and encouraging me.
 Kallie and Phoebe are helping Amee while she works. 
 Louie-- oh the look!   "What are you doing at home?"  LOL  I know he loves it.
 Lucy is helping her mom.  Wake up, Lucy.  You need to help.
 Done!  There she is!
 Claire's precious Miyoko.   She loved her so much.
 Brandy and Camden are Pupalegals helping their lawyer mom. :-)
 Rocco is very intent on looking at the screen.  What are you doing?  What are you writing?
 Rocky is helping-- sure he is.  😉
 Sneaky Wu is helping in his mom's art studio.  She draws wonderful pictures of Pekes.
 Tuck and Mollie are helping keep the banks running.  It's a hard job!
And Yogi-- he was recently adopted and look at his happy face.    He loves his new home and they adore him.   We have adorable helpers! 

Thursday, April 2, 2020


 Mitsy has been here for almost three weeks.
 She has large brown eyes and I could tell her eyes needed help.  I immediately began drops for dry eye.  It has really helped.
 She played w a toy once.  Just once but her personality is coming out.  So hopefully, she will learn that toys are fun.
 She has discovered soft beds and has tried out most of them.
 She decided that she should sleep upstairs w everyone else.  Now she climbs under the bed and sleeps contentedly all night.
 I could tell she didn’t hear well. She hears but doesn’t always know the direction it’s coming from.   I wave my hands and she can find me.   I knew her eyes had a lot of pigment in them from the hair rubbing on them.  The ophthalmologist saw her yesterday.  Mitsy has so much pigment that she has little vision.  She can see shapes but that is it.   I would have never guessed.  That is because Mitsy has never run into anything.  She never runs into another dog.  She is just amazing.
She us getting several eye meds and she is good about them.   She follows me all the time and sniffs me to know it’s me.  Mitsy is only 10 years old we were told.  She has done a lot of walking w us in the yard and her legs are stronger.  She even runs some.  I’ve done rescue for almost 17 years and I’m still in awe of how these little ones can turn around w care and love.  They can overcome so much.  Their disabilities don’t get in the way of living and loving their lives.  We can learn from them.  We can learn from Mitsy. 🌸

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


(If I'm repeating some pictures here, please forgive me.  I'm homeschooling a grandson, so my brain is off kilter. LOL   I even took a dog to the vet for surgery yesterday, and it's not until next week.  Yes, life is different and at times overwhelming right.   Just one step at a time, and we will be good.)  
 There were so many great responses to my "what sign would you have?"   Cherry said her sign would be, "Royal Pekingese Territory.  Don't even consider treading here without PRIOR Royal Aproval.  Yes!!  THIS MEANS YOU!!"   Okay!  She has my attention!
 "Stealer of beds and souls."
 "Totally spoiled rotten to the core dog lives here!"   Hello, Lucy!!
 "Beward!  Great Squeaky Killer in residence."
 "My Peke is king!"  Sweet Tilt.
 "Medical coder at work."
 "Peekin" Pekes, Double Trouble."
Bradley and Mulan could have the same sign!  Hello there!
 "Guard Dog on Duty-- Unless You Have Food!"
 "St. Paddy's Guard Dog"
 "Cute Guard Dogs on Duty"
 With Pekes in the house, everyone should beware!
 This is a great sign to have.
"Beware..Great Squeaky Killer in Residence."
We would all qualify for this one!   Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


It's the last day of March.  How did that happen?   On to April and hopefully, things will get better, but we all know that this may take a while for "social distancing" to be unneeded.   None of us have experienced this, but we will walk through it day by day.  Keep up your HAPPY stories on facebook.  They keep us going.💜
In this time, we can still be HAPPY!   Just like Happy, our PVPC alumni. 
Happy loves his girl. 
Happy may look like he's seeing you, but he is blind.  His eyes look good because his family takes such good care of him.
His family has adopted three blind Pekes from us-- Berry (RIP), Happy and Stewart.
On cooler days, he loves to snuggle.
Or just "look around" at what is going on.
If you are having a bad day, just be HAPPY, like Happy.  There are so many things to be thankful for-- start a list.   We have so much more than we don't have.   #grateful  

Monday, March 30, 2020


“Precious Blind Pekingese Lives Here” (Sophie)
"My Pekes can chase a bear up a tree -- you shouldn't be a problem"
"Stay Away, Enter at your own risk.  Pekes present-- they are man eaters!"  (Clara)
 "Pekes Peeking BEWARE"
Max says, "A Handsome Pekingese prince lives here."
Annwyn Long- "Peke in charge.  Much love inside."
Bella and Simon:  "Beware of being overwhelmed by cuteness."
"Beware of Lions!!"
"Beware!  Entering Property, you will be Peked at!" (My friend does Boston Rescue.  They're not Pekes, but you get the picture!) 😃
"A blond bombshell lives here!"
 "Beware of one eye Yeti!"
"Do not touch the Emperors!"
"Laziest bad dog ever. He would attack, but that would take too much effort."
 "Bad dogs live here."  LOL
There are more-- get ready!  Did they make you smile?  I hope so! 😉