Saturday, March 31, 2018


 BG (aka Baby Girl when she came in) is doing great.  She is a forever foster, and lives with Kay and Claretta.  BG can be a bit bossy (Bossy Girl fits, too).   She wonders why Tina has her toy?  It must be HER toy.   All the toys are hers.
BG had her annual physical and everyone lived through the process haha.  She definitely has an opinion about those.   She had good results.  She still has a heart murmur, but it's holding.    Now, she is back to her watching the neighbors to be sure they are all behaving.   
BG is a little beauty-- and she knows it!

Friday, March 30, 2018


Many pets end up in shelters because when their owners die or go into care facilities, no plan has been made.   I found this form that you can give to your vet and/or friends so that your pets will be cared for. 

Pet Guardianship

In the unfortunate event you become incapacitated, please name the person(s) who should be contacted to become the guardian and take over the care of your pet(s) until care can be provided as arranged for in other legal documents prepared by you. We urge you to address care of your pet(s) when planning your estate.

Please be sure the named person(s) is/are aware you are appointing them as guardian(s) of your pet(s).

In the event of an emergency, which incapacitates me, I authorize _____________________
to turn my pet(s) over to:



Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

Work Phone:


Pet Owner Date 


❤️ Yesterday's blog was tough to write and probably tougher to read.  So, today, we'll do a happy blog.
 Chumley seems to be doing better.  He's eating well and his tummy seems better.  He's had HGE twice, and we hope it doesn't ever come back again!   HGE: Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in Dogs Explained
 And even though Nala has a tough diagnosis, she doesn't know it.
 She's our happy girl.  (This pink tongue is a previous picture, but we hope it looks like that again.)
 Kai Kai continues to heal from his stroke.  He is walking fine and his head tilt is getting better.  He is my heart and he wags his tail every time I am close or pick him up. 
 We have decided that Nala is the Peke version of Sugar Bit-- always happy!
 Yes, Sugar Bit is a happy girl!  She has decided that every room in our house is a play room and we let her.   How can we resist so much joy!
 She is always getting into adventures.   Like hiding Chumley's favorite toy in the world.
 He kept barking at the Grandfather (grandmother?) clock.   WHY??? 
 Turns out that Sugar Bit put ALL of his dumbell toys inside of it.  I don't even know how she opened the clock up to do it.
 Then, I found the toys in the bucket.   Poor Chumley is kept busy!  (And so am I! haha)
 My husband, "Poppy" continues to heal from his back surgery and Sugar Bit is his little entertainment.  Stories, lunch together, tossing toys back and forth.
 Sugar Bit adores Nala-- it's mutual.    Nala watched what I was doing today-- and that was BATHS.   She didn't realize that she and BeeBee had just had one, so they were good.
 But, Floyd needed one.   I pull the car out of the garage and blow them dry there. 
 Floyd isn't very stable, and so I decided to try the laundry basket to keep him in place-- it worked!!
 While I was busy doing dog baths (four of them), Sugar Bit continued to play with Poppy and my brother in law, who came to visit.  My sister, Nancy, and her husband live next door.  One of my daughters lives across the street-- we love our family being close! 
 She just giggled and laughed-- I could see them from the sink where I was washing Chumley.
 Nala tried to get in on the play, too.  She does not act sick-- which is great. 
 Kai Kai air dried a little and then on to the grooming table for brushing, nail trims and drying.   He's so good.  I do sometimes question if I am keeping him for ME, or if it's the best thing for him.   For now, I do not think he is in any pain.  I won't let him suffer.
 Chumley was less than thrilled about this process.   I have to let the vet tech trim his nails.  He will not let me do it.  But, I did put the e-collar on him and was able to trim the hair on his feet.   :-)
 After I was done, I went to work in my office.   The girls are wearing cute "diapers" because Nala is on pred, so she drinks more.   There have been some "accidents" so I just let them both wear one. 
It was a better day at Camp Runamuck.  ❤️

Thursday, March 29, 2018


 BeeBee and Nala came to me in mid-January.   Their owner had turned them into the shelter because they were having seizures.  At first, we thought it was just BeeBee.  But, it turned out that Nala also had seizures and they were much worse.   She had cluster seizures and had to be in the vet to get them under control. 
  Some of you remember Lexie, my foster girl who died in July 2015.  Can you see that her tongue is pale?   Lexie was very sick when I got her and she was diagnosed with IMHA-- Immune Mediated Hymolytic Anemia.   This is a blood disease where the body attacks its own blood cells and destroys them.   
We tried everything to save Lexie.  She was on a lot of medication.  She had three blood transfusions.   She would rally and then crash.  It was a hard 13 months of trying to save her life.   Many dogs with IMHA lose the battle.  Lexie was a little warrior, but she lost the battle.   Here is a link on this:  Canine Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA)
 Last Saturday, I noticed that Nala's tongue was a little pale.  After having Lexie, I notice things like this.   So, I took her to the vet just to get a quick iron level check. 
 Maybe she was just low on iron and needed supplements.  I waited while they ran the tests.   I said they could call me at home since it was probably nothing.  But, after checking with the vet, they put us in a room.   It was "not nothing." 
 Nala was sick and had to be admitted.   Not only did they suspect IMHA, but her red blood cells AND her white blood cells AND her platelet counts were extremely low.   She needed immediate attention.   I went to get her on Monday, when she could come home and be on oral meds.   They ran another blood test before we left and sent it to the pathologist.   Hoping that it came back better-- we had our fingers crossed.   
 The tests came back.   Nala has not only IMHA, but she also has ITP (Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia), which is a low platelet count.  (She can bleed very easily, but this hasn't happened yet.)  These two combined are called Evans Syndrome.   Her pathologist report said she was "non-regenerative" which meant her body could not make more cells.   For now, she is on meds.   After having Lexie, and fighting so hard, and watching her suffer, I knew a lot I would NOT do again.   I knew after Lexie I would never put another dog through all that Lexie went through.   Not only is it extremely expensive, but most dogs lose the battle.   So, Nala is here with her sister, BeeBee.   She is on medication (2) for her seizures, and she is now on medication for Evans Syndrome. 
She is the happiest dog.  She love love loves Sugar Bit.   She loves to be on my lap.  We will retest her blood next week and see if there are any changes.   I am committed to them both to keep them as happy as I can for as long as Nala has.   We have no idea how long she has, it could be short or long.   But, we will keep her comfortable.  For now, she acts like she is fine.   She is happy, she is loved. 
If you want to help with Nala's care, please put "Starlight Fund/Nala" on your donation.   I'll do everything I can to assure her is happy and loved.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Lolo has been in her new home for awhile now.  She came into rescue in November, 2017.
She is absolutely adorable and only about 10-11 pounds.   
She now lives in Richmond and lives with her mom and dad and two Peke brothers and one Peke sister.
She is LOVED!
She can go anywhere she wants to.   She is a princess, after all.
She loves her mom the most-- and she gets a little anxious when she leaves.  She is learning that her mom returns every time.
It's okay, sweet one, life is good now.
She posed with her brother, Melrose-- you can see how small she is.
What a face!
She is happy and content.   Her name was Khloe, and shortened to Lolo- but her new mom thinks that maybe she will call her Ginny.  So, for now, she is Ginny-Lolo.   She will get used to it.  Whatever she is called, she is adored!  And that is the most important thing of all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


 Chewy came into rescue in October 2017. 
 He had been with his family for his entire life and they turned him in.  I don't understand that, but we were there for him. 
 He is doing great in his new home and goes for walks every day and sleeps in bed with his new mom. 
He loves his new life!
You can now give all your love to your new mom and her friends.   WELCOME TO YOUR HOME!

Monday, March 26, 2018


 Our club has been having annual picnics in Herndon, Virginia for many years.  We are having another one this year!   We have so much fun there.  We have food and Pekes and a silent auction, and lots of fun.   (The price includes lunch and drinks.)
 I took Kai Kai one year, but since he is blind, the unusual place and sounds upset him.  He will probably stay home.   But, I would love everyone to meet my special boy.
I don't know if Nala and BeeBee will be there.   Here are the picnic details-- I hope you can come!!  RSVP is important.

Location:  Frying Pan Park, 2709 West Ox Road, Herndon, Va. 20171
When:  Saturday, May 5, 2018
Time:  10:00 a.m.
Fee:  Ages 13 years - Adult:  $15.00 per person
         Ages 6 years - 12 years:  $10.00
         Ages 5 years and younger - free
Payment:  at the door - cash/check
Lunch:  12:00  Food from Red Hot and Blue.  Please specify REGULAR vs VEGETARIAN
RSVP:   specify numbers in each age group and type of lunch
Silent Auction:  please donate items and join in the bidding fun.  All bids in by 1:00.
Please bring your pekes (on leash) and join us for food, fun and conversation.