Friday, March 16, 2018


 Jackie found this picture of her younger self with her first Peke, Puffy. 
The color of her Peke is why she loves my red Kai Kai so much.  We all have a soft spot for Kai Kai. 
 Jackie and Bill have a lot of our fosters there and they all get incredible care.   Duke (white) and Rocky are so content there.
 They have cats, goats, Pekes....
 It takes a long time for meals-- I know this because at my house, I get up, take all the dogs out (carrying at least 3 down the stairs), and we wander around outside.  Then, back inside and I make meals and I don't have as many as Jackie and Bill have at their home.   Then, give all the medication that is needed.  Of course, when they eat, they want to go back outside.  After almost 45 minutes to an hour, I can get my own breakfast.  (I cheat and carry coffee outside with me initially-- it's essential! haha)
 Princess is at Jackie's.  She came to us 7 months ago and was so critical.  We thought she just needed a place to die.  But, she has shown spunk and determination (like Floyd at my house), and she keeps on going.
 Princess has to visit the vet several times a week, and Jackie and Bill give her a soft, safe spot.   Others keep an eye on her.
 Rocky -- sweet Rocky-- goes along for the ride.
Home for treats and meals, and going outside, and loving, and playing.... Yes, Jackie and Bill give so much to rescue.   Thank you!


Lost Earring said...

What beautiful people we learn about in rescue. Jackie and Bill with 8 Pekes plus other animals to care for.

LadyJicky said...

Its morning here and I have only one dog and it takes me so much time in the morning too.
I have to take Coco out to toilet (sometimes she wants to be carried ) and then back for the food - it takes time !

I think I counted 7 Peke's in Jackie and Bill's kitchen and I know you have more than 1 Peke Linda :) !!

I think what takes the most time is the tablets our dogs take.

Coco was at the Vet last night - could not breath.
I think ( so does the Vet ) she has an allergic reaction as her nose and nostrils are swollen so much - I have seen her snapping at bee's and we now have European Wasps around in autumn.
Well that has added 1 and a half tablets to her bowl .
By the time you cut the tablet and make sure you add ALL the other tablets and powders she takes ..... I can only imagine how long that would take with a number of sick and elderly dogs!
When you finally get that done....... its dinner time!!! LOL

Unknown said...

We actually have 9 peke. Princess was napping during the group photo so she missed out on a treat.