Friday, March 31, 2017


 Maddox  came into rescue in early February.  He had been quite neglected and badly treated, but we knew with love, he could probably overcome that.
 Pekes have an amazing resilience to overcome things they have been through-- with the love and care of our foster homes, good medical care and good food, healing can come.
 Maddox' foster parents decided they wanted to keep him, so they have officially done just that!
 He loves his new family and has several other Pekes to run the house with.
 He is such a beautiful boy and so sweet!!
His name originally was Max, and we changed it to avoid confusion with all the other Max's who have come into rescue-- but his name is back to Maxx (with an extra "x") now.  Welcome home, Maxx!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2017


 Granger is my granddog-- he is usually getting into something-- boxes, digging holes, and getting into places he should not be.
 He does like hidey holes.
 He also likes to go driving when he gets a chance.
 Well, Granger has a new job-- see this puppy?  And my beautiful granddaughter, Lil Bit aka The Viking.
 No, my daughter did not get another dog-- she is puppy sitting.
 Granger has appointed himself as the puppy's guardian.
 He even slept in the xpen with the puppy so it would not cry!  He is just fascinated by this puppy!
And every so often, he takes a nap to regroup.  I understand, Granger!!  I could use one, too, after the Bits have been here all day. :-)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


 Furby came into rescue with Baby Girl and Rocky.
 He was born in December of 2004, so he is 12 years old.
 Furby was not cared for well-- he has a lot of skin issues (nothing contagious).
 Furby enjoys his buddies-- he has on a special e-collar to keep him from chewing.  (I later found that he could get around it.)
 He likes comfy places and being with Rocky is better.
 His left eye never developed, so it's a tiny one.  He had a bad right eye when he came to us last week, but with two types of drops, it is SO much better.  He is seeing enough to get around and likes to be where I am.  He will follow me everywhere.
 I don't know if Furby can hear.  I am still evaluating him.  He is not aggressive and just likes to hang out and enjoy the day.   He found Starlight's bouncy seat and climbed in.  I wonder what she thought of that!
If you have in your heart to save a senior who just needs a place to be, he just might be your little man.   You can see our adoption application on:  Click here: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt  This little boy (well, not so little at 20 pounds, but he's on smaller portions for awhile), has not had good care, but it sure did not effect his sweet temperament.
THIS MORNING:  Furby had a bounce in his step and was happy and excited.  I think this one is going to surprise us all!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


 Rocky came into rescue with his mom, Baby Girl, and his dad, Furby.  
 They love to be together, but we know it's hard to adopt multiple dogs, or a family.
 As long as Rocky has attention and someone around a lot, I think he will do fine.  
 Rocky is timid, and not a bit alpha.
 He met my Pekes and did fine.   (No, those are NOT all my dogs haha.)
 Hello, you sweet boy!!
 Are you winking with me?
 Rocky was exploring the Pekingese pathway- it will all be redone this summer.   (If you've read my blogs, you know about the Pekingese pathway.
 He saw his mom on my daughter's lap, so....
 He just had to get up there, too!
 This is a  sweet family and we are so glad we could help them.
 So is Rocky!
If you are interested in more information, or in adopting Rocky or his family members, please fill out an application on our web site:   Click here: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt  We require home visits and vet checks.   Previous Peke/dog history is a plus.

Monday, March 27, 2017


 Mr. Niles came into rescue in 2011.   We got him from a Maryland shelter for another group and they did not come through with a transport.   It happens-- most rescues are very good about helping each other.  
 Mr. Niles was in his foster home for awhile.  I don't know why he wasn't adopted, but his foster mom, Dani, really fell in love with him.   Paige loved him, too.  He was part of the family.
 He was about ten years old then, so he was going on 16 or so.
 His friend, Merit, was with him in this picture.
Mr. Niles was a beloved member of the family-- I know his moms will miss him so much.  Run free now, little one.


 I'll be doing blogs on each of the three we just took in to rescue.  
 They all spent a few days at the vet-- being checked over and having a good clean. ;-)  
 We took them from one owner, but as much as we would like to keep them together, we rarely find people who will adopt multiples.   We would like to keep them together, so even if they are not fostered together, someone can apply for two or three of them.
 I brought them all to my home to meet my crew.  It's was a Peke-fest!  Starlight, of course, did not participate haha.
 They all did great!   Rocky is looking at me-- he is timid, and so sweet.  He just wants to be held and loved on.   (If you met him in person, you would be drawn in to this sweet man!)
 Baby Girl explored the yard and checked things out.
 Baby Girl was born on in December of 2005, so she is 11 years old.  She is only 12 pounds, a little one.
 She needs a dental and also needs to be spayed to avoid pyometra.  This is a very serious, often fatal problem in unspayed females.   Click here: Pyometra & Uterus Infections in Dogs  Baby Girl does have a heart murmur, but does not need meds yet.
 Baby Girl was sitting on my daughter's lap and Rocky had to come over and join them.
 I love this picture of her.
 They are a sweet group, just need time for updating of dentals, etc.
Beach Bit came over to meet them and they did fine.  Sugar Bit, on the other hand, will be in the playroom-- she is "gentle" but still a toddler.   Baby Girl is now in a wonderful foster home and will be on medical hold until she is ready for adoption.   Stay tuned for updates!