Monday, March 27, 2017


 I'll be doing blogs on each of the three we just took in to rescue.  
 They all spent a few days at the vet-- being checked over and having a good clean. ;-)  
 We took them from one owner, but as much as we would like to keep them together, we rarely find people who will adopt multiples.   We would like to keep them together, so even if they are not fostered together, someone can apply for two or three of them.
 I brought them all to my home to meet my crew.  It's was a Peke-fest!  Starlight, of course, did not participate haha.
 They all did great!   Rocky is looking at me-- he is timid, and so sweet.  He just wants to be held and loved on.   (If you met him in person, you would be drawn in to this sweet man!)
 Baby Girl explored the yard and checked things out.
 Baby Girl was born on in December of 2005, so she is 11 years old.  She is only 12 pounds, a little one.
 She needs a dental and also needs to be spayed to avoid pyometra.  This is a very serious, often fatal problem in unspayed females.   Click here: Pyometra & Uterus Infections in Dogs  Baby Girl does have a heart murmur, but does not need meds yet.
 Baby Girl was sitting on my daughter's lap and Rocky had to come over and join them.
 I love this picture of her.
 They are a sweet group, just need time for updating of dentals, etc.
Beach Bit came over to meet them and they did fine.  Sugar Bit, on the other hand, will be in the playroom-- she is "gentle" but still a toddler.   Baby Girl is now in a wonderful foster home and will be on medical hold until she is ready for adoption.   Stay tuned for updates!

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LadyJicky said...

I have had 3 Peke's in my life ... my first was a puppy and I de-sexed her at a very early age ... Lulu lived to 16 with no health issues.
My last two where x breeding Peke's and I got them as they developed Pyometra .... they came to me de-sexed by the breeder.
Both have had many health issues.... I just have one left now and that is Coco who is not that healthy but we love them all and we did the best we could do for Moi Moi and Coco.
Please ..... if you adopt or buy a Pekingese girl and you are Not going to breed or show her ... get her de-sexed ... they live longer and a much better health life!