Wednesday, February 29, 2012


CoCo and MoiMoi are trying to stay cool in Australia. It's over 100 there! Here we are in coats and they are staying inside in the air conditioning.

CoCo is asking what's up with the heat?

Moi Moi is just over it!

"Has it cooled down yet?" I'm sure Melinda is saying the same thing.

Both girls had summer cuts, but they're growing out a little. Fall will soon be coming there (they hope!), so they'll be able to stay cool.

Don't worry girls-- just stay inside a bit longer. Autumn is coming. They also want to say Happy Leap Day!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


For those who saw the blog on Bitty Bit-- she broke her arm when she fell off her pony (Jazzie Girl took off). Things like this happen when you have horses. Judy P. knows all about this-- she and her husband both had injuries with their horses last week and we hope they heal as fast as Bitty Bit!

Bitty Bit-- with Drill Bit-- has her cast off. I bet her arm feels very light!

Here she is when it was first put on-- purple, her favorite color.

When they got home, their mom (my daughter) got busy giving a riding lesson to Lil Bit, the oldest. Horses are just part of their lives. Hold on, Lil Bit!


I want you to meet Rosebud of St. Louis. She was a puppy mill survivor who was saved two years ago. She is only 6 years old, and a little nine-pounder.

Rosebud loves to be carried out to the yard. She can navigate her way back up the deck and to the sliding door. You see, Rosebud is totally blind.

One eye is very small and the other is oversized-- she was given no care in the puppy mill-- one of the worst in the area. I hate to think of the pain she endured before she was rescued.

She loves to be on the pillow on the bed. She has lots of friends! If you click to enlarge this picture, you can see a tiny foster Pom in the middle of the pillows. I know her foster parents love each one so much. (Fostering gives you the opportunity to love so many!)

Rosebud is curled up for the night, snug between her mom and dad. She will be cherished for the rest of her life. Saving these wonderful dogs is heartbreaking at times, but the reward and love is priceless. (If you want to be part of helping us to save these dog by fostering, just email us at

Monday, February 27, 2012


This is a ticked-off Peke puppy. Is he getting in trouble? Or just not getting what he wants? Or is he flirting with us.

A friend sent me this picture of a pouty puppy. Yes, he's done something wrong, or he's trying to make us feel bad. It's working!

My grandson can give us the same look. He began doing this as a little one (he's 17 months now), but I laughed when he did it (of course) so he keeps on doing it. I crack up every time. He's not a Peke puppy, but he sure is cute!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Click here: Happiness Really Is a Warm Puppy
I just read this is today's Parade magazine (comes in our Sunday paper). It just made me smile as I read about Franklin, a Lab/Shih Tzu mix puppy. Read it-- it will make you smile, too.


Anna, our Peke friend in New York, has some very special dogs. They are special because they are hers, but they're also special because of health needs. Bucky, above, has many medical issues. He has diabetes, but his mom is very careful to keep him sugar levels right. He has some arthritis now, but his heart and lungs are doing great. He came in as a foster and never left-- it was the best place he could be. His parents also adopted a blind Peke, Suzy-Q, from a shelter in NY.

They adopted Butters (Scotty Butters) from us. Do you put sun screen on his nose before long summer walks? :-)

Anna sent me a picture of Bugz. His owner died and Anna asked her friend to foster him. They fell in love with him and he's home to stay. I think he knows it and is very comfortable there! He and Willy Wonton (Anna's other Peke) sometimes go for walks together. He was named this because of his big eyes, but he's sound asleep now, so we'll have to wait for another picture to see him. Sleep tight, little one!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Tinsley came into rescue recently. He's a BEAUTIFUL Peke!

He is only about 3 years old and was chained with this chain in his backyard for 2 years. Why would anyone do that? A neighbor brought food over for him and was finally able to rescue him.

He's now in his foster home and having a blast with Max, his Pomeranian friend. Max is about 7 pounds, and Tinsley is about 18-- but they are having so much fun.

They play tug of war.

Tinsley is very proud of himself. Look what I did with the paper! I hope his foster mom was done reading it!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Molly adopted Cole, a sweet older Pekingese. Her parents own Laurel Beth and when they visit, the two dogs play together so well.

Cole came into rescue from a shelter and was ten years old. She probably didn't understand why she was being given up. But, it was the best thing for her, because she got all her vet care and is now groomed and beautiful.

She is so HAPPY! Her mom adores her, and takes her for nice walks and out of the dock. Oh, I can see Cole is very happy about this.

Cole and her mom are a happy pair! (Thank you again to Kay and Claretta for helping us get this sweet girl.)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hugo, the Peke, and Elsie, when she was a puppy Boston Terrier, both passed away this past year. I just received their pictures, and I wanted to honor their memory here. Elsie was 13 years old when she died in September. Elsie was very piggy her mom said, and it comforted her to know Elsie loved treats up until the end.
Hugo was a beautiful puppy. Here he was with his dad.

He looked like he was ready for any picture taking session.

This past Christmas. They said he was the perfect Peke and beautiful inside and out. We can see how beautiful he is. Rest in peace, sweet Hugo and Elsie. You are missed so much.


If you foster animals, you may want to read this:

Click here: Are Animal Fostering Expenses Tax-Deductible - Tax Deductible Animal Rescue Expenses


Gracie Lu did well with her surgery for bladder stones and is now home recovering. Thank you to all for your prayers and thoughts for this sweet Peke.


When you have grandchildren, you have kid things. I have a wagon and Beach Bit loves to get into it. For fun, I put Starlight in it. She wasn't thrilled.

Then, I put Lolli-pop in it. they are similar colorings and size. Starlight can be a pill to anyone she doesn't know. Lolli-pop doesn't know a stranger.

I shut the door, and Starlight just sat there. Lolli-pop wanted to figure out how to get out so she could go play.

She's contemplating the jump.... Starlight sits.

And she's gone. "Where did you go, Lolli-pop?" Starlight doesn't move.

She'll wait for someone to rescue her. Getting out on her own is simply too much trouble. She's a diva!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Grace (formerly Glitter) had company. Her mom's friend was moving and her three Dachshunds and two cats came to visit.
They have come before and Ted loved them. They are new to Grace though. But, she likes them.

Nobody wanted to miss anything going on in the kitchen, so they had all their beds a short distance away. You can see Little Mike and Pearl and Ted...

But, Salty wouldn't cooperate. She's under the blanket. She loves to burrow under blankets to keep warm. Grace and Ted didn't understand this-- how can they breathe under a blanket?

Here's Pearl. The baby gates went up because they become ultra curious and want to go into places they shouldn't. Sounds like all of mine!

Ted sits with Pearl, who is wondering when her mom is coming to get her.

Grace is here with Junior, one of the "cat brothers" of the doxies. They are in the front window, the primo spot for watching out the window & guarding the house. Junior's name is ironic, given that he is bigger than Grace. He's only a year old and already weighs 16 lbs. (Grace only weighs 12.8 lbs.) He is a Maine Coon cat (yes, a show cat) and is at ease with the dogs....who are sometimes intimidated by his size! Grace, I like how you have your bed up on the ottoman.

Grace sometimes retreats outside to have "quiet time."

I see she has a Christmas toy that she loves.

Sometimes Ted will steal but he knows it's Grace's so he doesn't keep it long. Let me know when all your company needs Grace. :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Sullivan had heart surgery today-- but his little heart was not strong enough and he did not make it. We are all devastated by the news, especially his mom. She works at the clinic where Gilbert and Sullivan were staying and she loved him so much. Dr. Simon, his mom, did all she could for him. If you would like to send her a message, you can do it through this blog. Rest in peace, sweet sweet boy. We will all miss you.


Beth, our foster mom (and dad) in the Hampton Roads area, is beginning to do a blog on our area. Check it out! Click here: Still Waters--Notes from a Virginia Shire


Sullivan is having surgery today at Virginia Tech. He is having heart trouble and they are trying to help him. He may be getting a pacemaker. I've never heard of this for dogs before, so I'm very interested in this! Let's all pray for Sullivan to come through fine and be able to go home quickly.

Gracie Lu is having bladder stone surgery tomorrow. I know her mom will be on pins and needles the whole time, so pray for both of them. We want our sweet adopted dogs to be well soon!