Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Portia died this week. Her mom sent me more pictures and I wanted to share them. The two Japanese Chins in this picture were friends of Portia's. Dallas in the middle, died before Portia arrived. Kobi and Gizmo are the Chins.

Gizmo looks a lot like my Starlight. :-) A dainty little thing. I love it.

Here's Portia last Christmas. Portia died after heartworm treatment. It is VERY rare for this to happen and our hearts were broken. I asked my vet about it and they were so dismayed that Portia had died.

Her 'sister' let Portia sleep with her every night and she misses her dog so much.

Portia had a wonderful Christmas and even wore a Merry Christmas sign.

Portia loved to be with her girl outside-- I bet she got to get into the hammock, too.

She loved her beds and her human beds, too.

We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet girl!


emilyp said...

I am so heartbroken and shocked to see that Portia passed:( I cannot even begin to imagine the pain those who met her and lived with her are feeling. ((HUGS)) for everyone.

Toni Davis said...

These are such wonderful pics. It is very clear that Portia's last family loved her very much!

lady jicky said...

We send our thoughts and love to you at this sad time.