Sunday, February 19, 2012


I just got this picture of Gizmo, napping in his temporary foster home. His transport was delayed due to the snow storm hitting the N.Va. area. He'll go tomorrow-- but for now, he is VERY happy with Camden and Brandy. Thanks for sharing your home guys.

Gizmo is an older boy we were asked to help. His family was losing their home and asked if we could take him. You all know I love the seniors and want them to end their lives well. We didn't have a foster space for him, but I knew someone who just might be able to help-- and she said YES. Thank you, Peggy!

Gizmo doesn't hear well and his eyes are so scarred that he can't see now. But, he loves to be held and petted. And he even leaned his head back and howled. :-)

He may be old, but he still has life in him and he deserved to be loved. He'll be loved a lot at Peggy's.

He had a special bath and his hair became soft and shiny. He received antibiotics for his skin and soon he'll have smooth healthy skin, too. He received special eye drops to help his eyes, even though we can't bring his sight back.

He's now beginning a new part of his life-- and we know it will be full of love. Thank you Peggy for taking him in, and thank you Mary Elizabeth and Tino for helping to transport him. If you want to help with his care, just make a contribution on our paypal account (


lady jicky said...

I am so glad to hear that this sweet Old Man Peke has a lovely home to take care of him!!

Toni Davis said...

He is a gorgeous boy. I am so glad someone was there for him to give him the love and care he needs during his journey. Thank you for caring!