Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I just "met" another Peke lover. I met her by email and phone-- not in person. That's how I know a lot of you and I'm privileged to have special Peke friends. Kathy has rescued some Pekes on her own and she loves them.
This is Opus-- he's 7 years old and was rescued when he was a year old. He had been chained to a tree in someone's yard and was underweight and has never been to the vet. I don't understand how people can do this- but I know it happens too often. Kathy adores this little one!

Kingston is eleven years old. He and his Peke friends all get along so well.

And Cruiser is 13 years old-- and so cute taking a nap! Oh, my! Kathy is interested in adding another Peke to her home and we hope to help her find one. We sure have some great dogs now! Her boys are so nice and I'm sure another one would fit right in.

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lady jicky said...

There is nothing like adding a peke!!