Saturday, February 18, 2012


Look at this little face. Could you resist this if you were called to a shelter and she needed help?

And her "brother" was there, too. They were found wandering down a street together and we were asked to help.

They were neutered/spayed at the shelter and then I took them to my vet. They were still drugged a bit from anesthesia, so they can had a ride. I love the dog strollers that Gloria gave me. They are GREAT!

Once they came to my house, where they were to be temporarily, I realized they had kennel cough. OH, NO. Well, they had to stay with me for awhile. It makes a FULL house here, but these two are so sweet!

Lolli-pop is a dollbaby and she loves to give kisses and give love.

Beau-Beau is a big boy at almost 19 pounds-- but it's all sugar. Lolli-pop is under 12 pounds, but I'm trying to put some weight on her.

They love to play together, rolling around and kissing each other. It's sad because they have to be separated soon to go to different foster homes. We have four pairs in rescue now, and we can't keep them together. We'd love for them to be adopted together, but the reality is that they won't. If I could keep them, I would. But, I've ended up with several Pekes who weren't adopted, and I just don't have room for more permanent members of our home. I sure wish I did.

These two are precious. They are doing better and the kennel cough is slowly leaving and so far, none of the other dogs have come down with it. I'm so glad.

Scooter, my Peke, loves all the newcomers. He wants to play, too.

For now, Lolli-pop and Beau-Beau are with me and I'm enjoying their company.

If you are interested in adopting these sweet pair, just let us know soon.


lady jicky said...

Oh how I wish I could put them on a plane to Australia!!

I would take them!!

I have to say Linda, that Beau Beau is very much like my Moi Moi - fatty one too! LOL

Toni Davis said...

They are both simply adorable! They make a great couple and should NOT be separated!