Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Sir Jenkins has lost his three siblings.  He was used to having them.   Do pets grieve?   I think they do.  
The Peke Palace Pekes lost their Harry.   Machi had joined their group, but one was still missing. (Two really, since their dad died this year, too.)
We lost many here this year-- Max, Kai Kai, Clara...  I have quite a few here, so there are still others around, but Minnie has become more attentive to me.  Is she grieving?  
I think when there are just two dogs, the loss is felt more.   You go from having a friend to no friend.   We haven't had just two for a long time, so when one leaves, the group dynamics may change a little here.  But, there's another friend here to find and join.
Gigi lost her Shark.  Her parents feel his loss a lot, but Gigi seems to have done okay.   He had been sick, and she had begun to distance herself from him already.  That can happen.   
Dogs (and other pets) may stop eating, isolate themselves, cry (whine, moan), hide, sleep more, eat less.  They may want more attention, seeking you out more.   Like us, it takes time to adjust to  losing a friend.  
Most of us having experienced this loss with our pets.  Give them time and love and they will get better-- and so will we.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Paddington decided to help w school this morning. 
He wanted to sit on my lap and help Sugar Bit w her lessons. 

He had to give me—and Sugar Bit —a kiss for encouragement.   We all slept in so he helped wake us up!  


Monday, September 28, 2020


A friend of mine, Retha, sent me some information on what helped her little Bonnie to eat more.  Bonnie is 15 and didn't want to eat.  
We've all had dogs who didn't want to eat.   Applesauce told her new mom that she had to put two pieces of food BY his plate and then he would eat and move on to the rest of his food.  
Granger has never had trouble eating-- he even ate through a door once.  LOL   My daughter was moving, and put him in the bathroom to keep him safe.  He was having none of that!   (Years ago.)  Was it tasty?!
Callie lives to eat-- she was so overweight when my daughter adopted her.  She was an outside dog and probably ate whatever was put in her pen.   Now, she still gets so excited when it's meal time.  The neighbors know when it's meal time!   Callie makes sure they know!
Retha said she tried soaking the food.   (Zoey here has to have her a little moist, too, since she has no teeth.   It helped for awhile, but then Bonnie stopped eating it.
Retha's little Chin was not eating, though, even when she soaked her food completely.  So, she came up with an idea and said I could share it.  (Thank you!)   She soaked the food and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.    Then, in the morning, she used a potato masher (or smasher as I call it haha)  It came out as tiny pieces, looking like hamburger.    Since her dog was a "licker" this made it easier to pick up with her tongue.  
It was soft and moist, but not sticky.  She heated it a little in the microwave to bring out the flavor. Her little Bonnie was eating better.  Sometimes, it would be several dinners and breakfasts, spread out over a few hours.  The water content meant it filled her tummy, and then a little later, she wanted more.  VICTORY!!  
All our dogs are different.  Some inhale their food (slow feeder bowls are so helpful).  Some take their time, like Zoey.  
Zoey with her softer food (no teeth), loves her food,
Minnie just takes her time, enjoying it all. She lets me know if it is not prepared correctly, with the right amount of canned food and maybe a little chicken in it. They are all different.
Do you have any tips that have helped you with picky eaters?

Sunday, September 27, 2020


 Biscuit was adopted over two years ago.  He was just a year old and he is now the BEST friend of his girl.  She dressed him up like a pack of French fries.  🤣. He is such a good sport and so loved!   HAPPY SUNDAY!  

Saturday, September 26, 2020


Maddy came into rescue in 2012.   
There was a family illness and he needed to have rescue help.
He was 8 years old at the time.   
Maddy still has a playful spirit.  
He loves his ball.
Naps are awesome, too.  
Maddy just turned 17 years old!!  I think naps are VERY acceptable.
He's a good sport when it's a holiday.  
His mom and dad came to our picnic in 2012 and saw him.  They had already been approved to adopt and they fell in love with him.

He may be a little slower, but he's still demanding-- he is a Peke after all!   He can still bark loudly-- is he barking for Birthday Cake!?    I'm sure he is.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MADDY!!!🎂💓

Friday, September 25, 2020


Sophie is her moms assistant.  On days where we are home teaching or working, it can be stressful.  

Some days, we just want to take a rest.  

My daughters are teachers.  Granger is helping.   Sure he is. 
Taz said navigating on a trip is a job.  These humans need help!
Oshie and Allie Marie are helping mom cook.  That has  to be done and they are encouraging her. 
Sunny wants his mom to know that his ball and playtime and more important than working. 
Gigi, my granddog, just naps as her mom and human siblings do virtual teaching and learning. 
At my house, we have two study areas.  The dogs are usually where I am.  It gets crowded. 🤣
Zoey says she doesn’t take much space. 
Paddington protects us from anything outside.  Good boy!! This new life is a challenge!

Thursday, September 24, 2020


Almost three years ago, we were asked to help a senior.  Could you resist this face?  
She went to Robin for fostering.  And she never left. 
She has a brother named Finley.  He was a foster that she adopted this past year. 
Chi Chi (pronounces w a long I) is so sweet.  Her tail wags all the time.  She is totally blind now but it doesn’t get in her way. 
Her health and appetite are amazing.  Her birthday was September 20   She just turned 18!!   Let’s all celebrate! 🎂❤️

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Autumn has arrived in Virginia.  I love when the leaves change.  We have a lot of trees, so it does mean a lot of raking.  That’s okay.  We usually put out over 100 bags of leaves each year.  At least. 
Cooler temperatures mean naps feel good. 
I put out colorful flags.. 
And wreaths.  We change decorative pillows and bring out the afghans.  
When the temperatures drop, some of the dogs need an extra layer.  I had to try the Love shirt on Zoey.
Granger loves naps any time of the year, but it's fun to snuggle and get warm with a friend.
Chumley is ready for fall-- his coat is a little longer and it will stay that way to keep him warm.  Of course, we have a LOT of sweaters and jackets here.

Penny is being silly and practicing her skeleton pose.   I know so many of you love to dress up your dogs, so share your pictures.  We still have over a month before Halloween, but it will be here before you know it!