Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Dash came into rescue in 2018.   His owners loved him.but they had to move overseas, and the move/transport would have been too difficult for him.  (I talked to them a lot and it was a heart wrenching decision.)
He came to me since I was close.  
He was so precious!   He was 13 years old and I thought of a perfect home for him.
I asked Poncho and ChaCha's mom and dad if they would consider having him join their family.   
They fell in love with Dash-- and so did Poncho and ChaCha.
They love lining up for apple treats.
Poncho loves his brother-- Dash has been there over two years now.
ChaCha is happy he came, too.  
They are a wonderful Peke family!! 💓

Monday, September 21, 2020


Bellamy came into rescue in 2018.  He was a full-energy, on the run boy who had so much personality.  He was only a year old, so he's three now.  

He had already been in several homes.   He was adopted several times with us, and returned.  The first was no fault of his own.   The second-- well, let's say the owner wasn't as fast as he was.  LOL   Then, the perfect home came.  They were the perfect fit.   His mom said, " we are this handsome little man’s 6th and final family. There isn’t a day I’m not thankful for his ridiculous presence in our lives. I’ll never understand how he scared off so many people, must be his ferocious bark!"
He has siblings there...
so plenty of energy to go around.    
Summertime brought lounging on floats in the pool and hanging out with his mom.   
His teacher is an art teacher in high school.   

His mom is working from home, like so many of us.  It's a challenge for all of us, but she has a helper.

She said, "Bellamy is hilarious during class and meetings, for some reason he has taken a huge disliking to my principal and barks through any meeting he is leading. 😂"   
Pekingese are such great helpers!   Post pictures of your dogs helping with your work from home. :-)  

Sunday, September 20, 2020


Mika came into rescue with her mom, Abby about 14 years ago.   They were kept in a garage and we took both of them into rescue.   I had them both here, and even as a puppy, Mika was a pistol!  LOL
She was adopted and after several years, her owner asked if we could take her back.  She had children and was having to move and really needed help.  We gladly took her back.
Laura said she would foster her.   
Mika was such a joy to her mom, even with her bossy personality.  (She is part Peke after all.)
She had three siblings who look like a doggy pinwheel here.   All but Sir Jenkins (the black one) are gone now.  Going from four to one is a sad transition, but each was so loved.
Mika was 14 years old.  She had some gastric issues and began supportive therapy, but she stopped eating.  
Her mom did all she could, but it was time to say good bye.
Mika was with her mom for 8 years and required special care.   That made her even more special to her mom.
The bond they had won't stop-- just continue in a new way.   Run free now, sweet girl.   
 Your mom will miss you so much.  💜


Little Bit “Bitty” loves to be on a lap. It’s his favorite spot.  
Unless he’s jamming of course. “Bitty, do you hear the music?   What kind do you like? “ Do your dogs like music?  What kind?   Most of my dogs are deaf and Piper and Paddington are too busy guarding the house.   What music is your dog’s preference?  🤣


Saturday, September 19, 2020


 Jay Jay came into rescue after his older owner could no longer care for him.  He was a feisty boy and his mom was diligent and caring.   She was his foster mom, but she kept him when no one adopted him.   It happens.  I've ended up with several who were never adopted.  
He is older, and has limited sight and hearing-- not unusual for the seniors.
His sister, Penny, is his friend.  
Jay Jay is a beautiful boy-- here he was when he was younger.  As they age, things wear out-- just like with us.
His mom takes him for acupuncture to help his mobility.  She says it makes a difference.   This was Jay's first acupuncture appointment for his back. He was such a good boy the whole time.

I'm not sure this link will work, but he's doing his water therapy.  He's doing great and if his Peke legs were longer, he could go faster.   But, since he's a Peke, they will keep the speed slow. :-) 
He hurt his back recently, but he's doing better.   We hope he continues to heal and feel better!  

(There are pet chiropractors, acupuncturists, and therapy specialists.  It's amazing how many ways we can help our pets!)

Friday, September 18, 2020


In 2014, we received a request to take in 8 year old Lulu Bea. 
It was a truly sad story. The owner had lost just about everything in his life.  But, he wanted the best for Lulu. 
After we got her (her owner was so upset),  Lulu drooled for hours.  She and her dad were very bonded.  
I stayed in touch w the owner to assure him that Lulu was doing well later.  He needed to know that.  I didn’t keep Lulu in my home. She didn’t like me  😩. She was a mans dog.   (I may have reminded her of other people in her life.) 
We found her a new daddy!!  
Lulu is 14 now and she loves her home.  She adores her dad, Charlie.  And he adores her. 
They went to visit the horses recently and she was so good.   She is definitely a man’s Peke and it has been a perfect fit. We couldn’t fix her old life but we could find her a new one.  
Lulu Bea is loved and cherished.  Her life was saved and more love was found.  I was honored to be a small part of her journey. ❤️❤️

Thursday, September 17, 2020


Yin Boo has been w his family almost a year now. 
He came into rescue in October and his foster family fell in love w him. 
They just couldn’t let this sweet boy leave. 
He has a Pekingese brother named Min Chow.  They are so cute together. 
He is good w all the animals- and uses a friend’s dog for a pillow. ❤️  
Yin Boo fit in right away— sometimes they do that and they decide themselves that they have found their forever home.  
He is very loved there!! ❤️

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Bailey came into rescue in 2013.  I was surprised when I realized it was that long ago.
His owner asked us to take him.   
He was a sweet dog, but he had a dog son who wasn't getting along with him, so the owner asked us to take him.   
His foster mom worked with some of his separation issues and he was the sweetest boy.  
He was about four then, so he's 11 now!   His foster mom couldn't let him go and kept him and he has brought such joy to her life.   Look at that smile!  I think she brought joy to his life, too.   💙💛