Wednesday, October 31, 2018


 Taz is showing off his costume for tonight.
 Yum Yum in Australia is trying to be a scary witch-- but he doesn't look scary at all.
 Buffy is pretending to be laundry LOL.   Cute.
 My gang will NOT be this close to the front door.  Strange people in scary costumes, making funny noises, are not good for your dogs.  They could bolt out the door, no matter how careful you are.  Please put your dogs in a safe area, or keep a leash on them if you want them near the door. 
Pudgie, Schmoo and Snuffles dressed up last Halloween, and I'm sure Mark will post a new picture today of them.  
 My facebook friend, Gayle, posts the BEST pictures of her dogs in costumes. 
 I just want to reach through the computer screen and kiss them.
 Each outfit is beautiful....
 with accessories, like wigs...
 or really silly...
 and adorable!
 This one is scary-- watch out for tickets!
 If you're sick, just call them.
 I know there will be more pictures posted today.  I can't wait to see them all!
 Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


 Ellie was in a Maryland shelter. 
 We were able to pick her up and wow!
 She is so sweet!   At first, most are a little confused, but she snuggled right up to her transporters.
 Marji picked her up and stopped so she could have a little walk on her way to meet Robin. 
 She had a crate which is the safest way to transport unless you have a seatbelt. 
 Ellie walked around a bit when she met Robin to go to her home for a week.   She let them know that she did not want to be crated, so they let her sit next to them in front (with secure leash/seatbelt).
 She had water and when she got to Robin's, she had a nice dinner.
 She was sleepy after the long day.  She is a small Peke at about 12-13 pounds.  We are not sure how old she is, but will know more after she goes to the vet. 
She fell asleep, secure and safe and loved already.   Welcome to rescue, Ellie!  💜

Monday, October 29, 2018


 Granger, my granddog, is always busy.  Unless he's sleeping.
 Or hiding in a hamper.
 His family loves animals.   Bitty Bit the Viking has even brought snakes home from school for winter and summer breaks. 
 They all love to watch these special creatures.  Their parents are SO great about giving them so many opportunities.
 Bitty Bit the Viking found a baby rabbit once-- the mom came back to the nest.
 Their cat is loved- and kissed! LOL
 They volunteer a lot-- Habitat for Humanity, soup kitchens.  My grandbits are learning how important giving is.
 Granger is not all about giving-- unless it's giving a hard time.  😆 And yes, he tried to chew on the antique table-- nope!
 He loves helping with homework, too.  I'm sure he understands it all.
 He takes phone messages, although I'm not sure how accurate he is.
 He offers to help with dinner.
 He loves hanging out with his best girl, Gigi...
 or relaxing by himself.
 He is fine being catered to.
 He loves helping fluff the pillows.
 "Did you have to straighten it?!"
 He loves his family. 
 He loves helping with the dishes.
 He is fine if his dinner is served on the couch.
 He's thinking of ideas for Halloween.
 Most of all, he's just good at hanging out.
Or letting his girl carry him around in her back pack where he stayed ten minutes after she put it down.   Granger, you are one spoiled-- I mean loved-- Peke!

Sunday, October 28, 2018


Bugsy came into rescue when his owner could no longer take care of him.  He was loved a lot (was even in his wedding), but rough times had come and he needed help.  (His mohawk has grown out now haha.)
 Bugsy is an older Peke and needs eye drops, which he has gotten used to.
 He is doing well in his foster home, and found a cozy spot by the fire.  That looks like a great idea for a cool Sunday!
Bugsy is one of our senior Pekes (he is 13-14) and is available for adoption.    He says HAPPY SUNDAY!

Saturday, October 27, 2018


 Gayle dresses her dogs up and they are so cute!  This is a tough Biker.  LOL
 Who are you, sweetie?   I think you're adorable.  (I thought of Rapunzel with her long hair, but I kow that's not right.)
 Look out for this one-- it's a prisoner!  He looks very dangerous-- NOT!
 Ghenghis and Lucifer aka Papageno are about to visit a very scary place!
 Bandit, are you trying to be a leaf?  With all of them falling, you would be covered up in no time!
And Thursty, as a court jester, is just adorable!  I love seeing all your dressed up Pekes!!