Thursday, October 25, 2018


 Puccini came into rescue in January. 
 I did a home check near me (I love those) and he found his forever home. 
 He loves his new mom!   And she loves him right back.
 Puccini is such a sweet boy, even with his snaggle grin.
 He plays hard though!
 So, a lot of pictures show him totally out.
 He has to rest up for the next play session. 
The couch will do for a quick nap, but so will the floor.
 A comfy chair works, too.
 Here he made a fort and laid down on the TV remote.   No TV for anyone else! LOL
I'm looking for a friend for Puccini because he would really like a playmate.   We will find you one!


LadyJicky said...

What a cute one Puccini is and I know you will find just the BEST friend for little Puccini !
The Maestro must have his Muse !!!

Lost Earring said...

What a cutie, Puccini is a firm believer in play and a whole lot of rest. He seems to echo the exact same advice that my doctor gives me ...REST and rest some more.

Kam Hitchcock said...

I have total confidence that you will find the perfect friend.