Tuesday, February 28, 2017


 Justice just came into rescue.   He has a puppy cut, but when his hair grows out, he will be stunning.  
 Ida picked him up and said he was so sweet!  His foster mom, Lisa, said he will go fast because he is a charmer!
 He is a little confused right now, but it didn't stop him from playing with one of his new foster friends.   Justice is five years old and already has some interest just from his picture on facebook!!  (He looks pretty big in this picture, but he's not that big. haha)
Once he is neutered and has his medical updated, he will be available for adoption.  See our web site for the application.  www.potomacpekes.org  

Monday, February 27, 2017


 Triple came into rescue last summer.  He was in bad shape with a large tumor on his foot.   There was nothing we could do but amputate his leg.
 He did GREAT!   We knew a special person would be needed to adopt him--
 And those people lived near where he was being fostered!  How cool is that!
 Maggie the Pug welcomed Triple and they are inseparable.
 His mom and dad do so much to strengthen Triple who lost one of his back legs.  He has had laser treatment and also does swim therapy.
 After they both have been in the pool, they are zonked!
 Triple could not have found a better home.  When we find homes like this for our fosters, we are shouting with joy!
Yes, I think this boy found a lot of love!

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Maddox is being fostered at Paula's home with her Pekes.
Paula has become a good friend who shares my love for Pekes-- and she lives close by!  She came to visit and Starlight loved her.  Starlight even jumped on the stool to be closer-- Starlight NEVER JUMPS on anything!
Maddox is thriving at Paula's.
Lu (Lieutenant) welcomed Maddox to their home.
Cooper (am I right-- I'm always getting them mixed up) was vegging out while we watched a game on TV.
He's a sweetheart.
CJ has the prettiest coloring.   And he's very sweet, too.
Oh, my, Chief is so cute.  He looks like a puff ball.
Yes, you are a sweetheart!
They are all teaching Maddox how is feels to be loved and safe, something he didn't have before.   If you are interested in adopting Maddox, go to www.potomacpekes.org and fill out an application.  See his blog later this week.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


 Arby came to us in the Bristol 18 group in August of 2010.  I'm not posting the original pictures-- she was in rough shape.   This is after she had had time to heal and realize life was good.
 She was heartworm positive when we got her, but after treatment and time to heal, she was adopted by a wonderful couple.
 Her coat became thick and glorious.  And she adored her mom and dad!
 This is one of my favorite pictures of her-- taken while she was still in foster care at Jeanne's home.
 Carter, one of the Bristol puppies, gave her a huge kiss.
 Arby became a real beauty.
 Look at her at last year's picnic!   (We're about ready to announce the date for this year's picnic!)
Arby is going on 15 now-- and she loves pamper time with her dad as he brushes her every night.   She came a long way from the back yard breeder who didn't take care of her.   Now she is living like a princess!

Friday, February 24, 2017


 Brewster was one of Robin's beloved Pekes.   He was a senior and so sweet.
 Yogi and Brewster would share a bed.   Brewster was so good natured.
 He lived with Yogi....
 and crazy Corkey.   (Corkey kept us laughing at meetings at Robin's house.)
 Brewster and his brother, Boomer (who died in 2013) were the best boys-- they were always ready to be gentle, loving and friendly.   Brewster had a littermate name Bethoven, who died suddenly in 2009 when he was 7.
 Robin's crew are all seniors and it's so difficult to lose them.  Robin has had Brewster since he was a puppy and he was one of her own Pekes-- not a former foster.   I have known Robin for over 11 years and know she adores the Pekingese breed.
Losing Brewster yesterday was devastating.  
He is now with his brother, Bethoven (above as puppies) and with Boomer, running free.   I'm so sorry for your loss, Robin.  I know you will miss him so much.   Our hearts are with you.


Granger has fit right into the farm life. 
 He loves it there-- so many things to do and see (and he loves to dig holes!).
 Granger loves the horses.  This is Jasmine-- the pony there.   The horses were so close that Granger was able to visit with them.  He was in heaven.
"Can I get up there?"
 Annie has been with my daughter since she was in college-- Annie is about 25 now.  
 My daughter and her family have lived at the farm for awhile now-- but they are moving. :-(
 The house is over 100 years old, and they are getting it ready to sell.  Everyone helps.
 They are moving closer to me-- yahoo!!  But, they will miss having the farm and the horses right there in front in the pasture.  
I think Granger will miss the horses, too.  (The horses will be close, but not in the front yard-- don't worry, they aren't giving them up.)   I love the farm.  It's a peaceful place to walk in the woods and the fields.  But, I will LOVE having them closer to me.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


 Coltrane came into rescue almost 3 years ago.  He looks like a mini St. Bernard.
 He is so cute!  Here he is with Chance, his foster brother while he was still in foster care.  Chance was a great "big brother."   (He is very long suffering haha.)
 Coltrane hurt his back and had surgery and he's doing great.
 Norton went to be Coltrane's foster brother, so now Coltrane is the big brother.  He was giving Norton advice here and letting him know he was safe and loved.
 Norton relaxed and fell asleep-- so he must have believed Coltrane.
 Yes, Norton is a happy boy!
 Thank you, Coltrane (and your mom and dad of course) for being such a good big brother (even if you are the younger one).
Coltrane and Norton are enjoying a warm winter day-- we are having a lot of those and loving it!