Monday, February 13, 2017


 There was a lot of interest in Miss Suzy Q.   So, I wanted to tell you her story.   She turned 13 last August 2, and she is one amazing little girl.
 She was adopted from the New York Humane Society.   I had sent Anna the posting on her and she went to meet her.   Suzy was born in 2003, and has many helath issues, including autoimmune disease.    She has vision/eye issues, and lost both her eyes.   She adapted so well and taught her family about courage and acceptance.  
 Suzy puts up with a lot-- she thinks humans are so ridiculous though.  Why did they think it was funny to tie this kerchief on her?  haha  (Why DO we do this? LOL)
 She loves her brother Bink.   He shares his shoulder with her!  That's so nice!
 She went to the beach in South Carolina last year.   I think she liked it!
 Suzy Q is stuck between Willy and Bink.  Boys don't know what alone time is!   She is not doing as well, she is older now (13) and with her immune issues, she struggles.   She has lost a lot of mobility in her back legs and has to be carried (which her mom is happy to do!).   But, she holds her own with her brothers and sister, Muffy.   Her mom and dad cherish Suzy and love her to the moon and back!

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LadyJicky said...

Coco and I are so happy for Ms Suzy Q ... she has the BEST family !!!!!!!!!!!!