Tuesday, July 30, 2019


 Bigsby came into rescue in the spring, and had been in the same shelter twice. 
 He was only 7 years old and we don't know his history before that-- but he needed help.
 His foster mom just took in three sweet dogs from a friend who passed away.  Sampson...
 and Delilah...
and Lootie.
 Hannah and Phoebe were both PVPC alumni, and Phoebe is so sweet.   Hannah is the bossy one. 😉
 Bigsby is SO super sweet.  He gets along with everyone, even Hannah.
 I guess they all took a vote.  The three new ones are seniors, and even they decided that Bigsby should stay right where he was.
 Phoebe was asleep, but she thought he should stay, too.  Of course, their mom and dad voted YES!
Welcome home, Bigsby.  You are loved!

Monday, July 29, 2019


Granger came back to visit w his family.   He loves being w Piper and Paddington.   They run in the yard and are a happy trio. 

But, sometimes, the dogs just have to stay out if the kitchen when there are so many dogs and people sharing the same space.  Granger just doesn’t understand.  “ Let me in,”. 😩🤣. So mistreated.  You’ll be just fine. ❤️

Sunday, July 28, 2019


Emma came to us in 2006, a younger (no more than 2), small (11 pounds) Peke. 
She was with me awhile, and we had a wonderful application where she could be the only dog.
She absolutely blossomed there and loved her mom and dad. 
She quickly became the queen.
She had to be cut down when she came into rescue, but her coat began to grow out beautifully.
She had toys....
and a mom who adored her. 
She quietly ruled her kingdom, keeping an eye on everything.
Her mom called me the other day to ask me some questions.   It was a sad call, because Emma obviously had not been doing well for awhile and she had many health issues. 
Her mom and dad knew they needed to make the decision every pet owner dreads.   It was time to let her go.   Emma had 13 incredible, glorious, and loving years with Kathy and Tom.   They are wonderful owners, and when it came time to let go, they loved on her to make it easier.
Emma is now seeing and hearing, running and playing and having fun with all those who went before her.   Farewell, sweet girl-- you will be so missed.  💜


Zeb is checking out his new best friend, Norbert.  Norbert really wants to play but Zeb is not too sure what to do w this gentle giant. 🤣🥰.  Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 27, 2019


 Chloe came to us in 2014, five years ago this month.
 She was a little 12 pounder who had been turned into the shelter by her owner.
 She was so good at the vet, good with other dogs, sweet-- we weren't sure why she had been turned in. 
She ate like she was a large dog!  😉
 She just needed the right home.
 And she found it.   She goes all over with her new family.  Is that a tent? 
 She loves to travel and is a joy to her family.  She goes camping, to the beach, wherever they go.  She's quite an expert at it now.
She found the perfect home.  She is adored and loved and given all she needs.  It's what we want for each of them.   I love getting updates!!💜  Happy Saturday, sweet girl.

Friday, July 26, 2019


Sir Gizzie came to us in May as a very sick Peke.  His foster mom wrote his farewell, since she wanted to be the one to do it. 
"Gizmo – now Sir Gizzie – came to us in May from a Baltimore shelter. Ida did the ‘jail break’ for Gizzie and them met his new foster mom and made the exchange.
Gizzie had been treated for fleas at the shelter but he was in bad shape.
His coat was overgrown and matted, his eyes were dry and matted, his mouth was a disaster, he had not been neutered, he was under weight, he had an awful wracking cough and he was so very weak. 
His foster moms gave him food and water via a syringe for many days trying to get him strong enough for a dental. 
It was finally decided to take the risk of having the dental done.
The vet was extra diligent monitoring him and he came through.
He began to eat small amounts of soft food the next day and, after adding puppy food to his diet, he began to gain some ounces. 
The cough that he had was a respiratory virus which was not Bordetella. After many, many different anti-biotics, the cough began to disappear.
As his physical health improved, bits of his personality began to come out.
 He could be very lovable and sweet while he also began to show a vicious, aggressive side.
Despite a combination of anti-anxiety and pain meds, the aggressive behavior became more frequent and more severe. 
The risks to the foster moms and the other pets were increasing significantly. After much discussion with the vet, it was decided that those risks were too many and great.
 Despite all that you do for a rescued dog to heal them physically, it is not always possible to heal their emotional spirit. They have scars that are too many and too deep."

Sherry wrote Sir Gizzie's farewell.  It was hard to do.  She spent many visits and calls with the vet trying to help Sir Gizzie, but his mood swings were not safe.   It was the advice of the vet to gently let him go.   We rely so much on our vets because when these decisions are made, it is so hard and so emotional.  We have so much of our foster heart involved and wish we could just fix them.  It's not always possible.  So, with great sadness, she let him go-- free of pain, free of confusion, and free to run and play.  Farewell, little one.  We are so sorry.   


I took Minnie and Max and Mizmo to the vet yesterday.  I'm Maxwell, and the dr is Dr. Meador-- we had a lot of "m's" in that room!!
Mizmo saw Kara, the vet tech who takes his blood, trims his nails and he still loves her.
He wore his fancy tie!
When he saw Kara, his tail began to wag-- not something that happens a lot.
He looked adoringly at her.  💙
Mizmo's tests came back-- and it's basically ALLERGIES.  No horrible bacteria or MRSA.   So, we got a new shampoo to help get the bad layers off his skin.  His hair has grown back in many areas and he is so good about his baths.  He is on an allergy food and he takes half a Zyrtec twice a day.  He has a Cytopoint shot once a month for allergies and gets eye drops twice a day.  It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't.   He just needs time to continue healing.   So, good news all around and he will be ready for a forever home soon!  (He is housetrained and gets along with all the dogs here except Paddington, who gets along with all the dogs here except Mizmo-- a mystery!)