Thursday, July 4, 2019


One of my daughter's sweetest friends (and one of my friends, too) lost her sweet Nala this week. 
Nala was part of her life before she ever had her children.
She loved "her" boys, and the other dogs in the home, too.
She watched over them like a Nanny dog.
Her mom would dress her up like the little princess she was.
They all matched!
Her mom absolutely adored her. 
Nala celebrated holidays with her mom.  She was the first love in her mom's adult life, but the addition of a husband and children just made it better.
Nala didn't mind sharing her mom with others-- and the bed, too.
Nala had health issues.  She had bladder issues, which her mom took care of.  She had special food and everything was done that she needed.
Nala then developed kidney issues, like my Max and Kai Kai.  It makes it really hard.
Her mom made special food for her, but kidney disease is not something that can be cured.  You just try to manage it and slow down the damage.
Nala lost weight but she kept on going.  She loved her family.
Her mom began to notice things were not well with Nala.  It was time.
So she lovingly took her in and let her go.  It's the hardest thing to let go of a precious friend who has been part of your life for so long and through so many things.  My heart goes out to her mom.  She loved her Nala-- Nala is now free of the disease.  I like to think my Nala and BeeBee met her to welcome her.  Run free now, little girl.  💗💜

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LadyJicky said...

Oh it is the hardest thing to do but ... the most loving and kind.

What a sweetie little Nala was and she will be SO missed.