Saturday, July 27, 2019


 Chloe came to us in 2014, five years ago this month.
 She was a little 12 pounder who had been turned into the shelter by her owner.
 She was so good at the vet, good with other dogs, sweet-- we weren't sure why she had been turned in. 
She ate like she was a large dog!  😉
 She just needed the right home.
 And she found it.   She goes all over with her new family.  Is that a tent? 
 She loves to travel and is a joy to her family.  She goes camping, to the beach, wherever they go.  She's quite an expert at it now.
She found the perfect home.  She is adored and loved and given all she needs.  It's what we want for each of them.   I love getting updates!!💜  Happy Saturday, sweet girl.

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LadyJicky said...

Miss Chloe has just the best life now .... so happy for her!
She likes camping??? lol Wow!!!