Tuesday, July 2, 2019


I have to put this blog in-- it's about the Fourth of July. That's a time of celebration for all of us, but not for the dogs! So many dogs are terrified when fireworks (or thunder) start, and many dogs escape from their homes and yards. Some find their way home, but some end up in shelters or worse. Here are some tips:
 1. Make sure you pet has a name tag on. ALL THE TIME. Some people remove collars when the dogs are inside.  Dogs can get out unexpectedly-- and with no name tag, no one knows how to help get them home. Keep a collar and name tag on your pet all the time. (I take them off when they get a bath, but they go right back on.)  (Mine are never outside alone, but I will be especially careful when there are fireworks.)
 2. All my pets are microchipped-- this is in addition to the collar, it's not a replacement for a collar/name tag. There are pets whose owners get them back because of microchipping. Sometimes, a collar can come off, and a microchip helps. But, it only helps if someone will have the dog checked for one.   You want your precious pet back if it's lost.  The Peters' Pekes are ready!
 3. When the fireworks begin, make sure your pets are INSIDE. Do not leave them unattended in the yard, because they can just be so afraid that they somehow get out of your fence. Dogs that are afraid of fireworks (thunder,too) are not "thinking" and just want to get away from the sound.   Leigh's pups are ready! 
  4. Some dogs have to be sedated before a thunderstorm.  That means these dogs need to be sedated before the fireworks begin. Your vet can help you with this.  You can also use a thundershirt and a small area to keep them safe.  The Klein pups will be well cared for and ready for the Fourth.

5. Use "white noise" to block the sound of fireworks. I have a mega-fan and it makes some big white noise. This helps keep them calm. You can also have a TV or radio on louder than normal to block outside noises.
Check your fence line to make sure there are no loose boards that your dog can get out through.   Just keep them inside and be safe.  
Have a Happy Fourth of July!


Lost Earring said...

Thank you for this subject. It is so important. I wish everyone realized the pain of a lost pet who ran because of their fear of fireworks and idiots who think the 4th of July is a good day/night to shoot their guns straight up into the air.

I have no patience for idiots when it comes to Fur Babies. In fact, I have no patience for idiots any day of the year. Oh well, my Fur Kids and Husband love me.

LadyJicky said...

Happy 4th of July but .... keep your "babies" inside and safe !!!